Flawless: Interview with Native Makeup Artist Isaac Meyers

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Meet Isaac Meyers, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert. He's worked with stars such as Etta James, Rihanna, Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta, yet he remains down to earth. How did this Native man become top in his field? In this short Q&A we find out a little bit more about Meyers.

Isaac with his mom, Kathleen

Isaac with his mom, Kathleen

PowWows.com: Can you tell me a little bit more about your background and where you grew up?

Isaac Meyers: I am Kodiak Native from Alaska & Oglala Lakota from South Dakota. My mom was adopted and I grew up in Salt Lake City until age 18.

PW: So how did you get into makeup? Did it evolve out of a love of art and beauty? It sounds like your mother was a big influence on you too.

Isaac: I have been drawing and painting since a very young age and found makeup through movies and fashion editorials that inspired me. Yes, my mom was a huge influence. I would watch her do her hair and makeup. I would always think as a kid, “Wow, she is so good at it!”


PW: What's been one of your favorite gigs so far? I see you've worked with many celebrities at many high profile events. Do you find yourself amazed at all the people you've met in your career?

Isaac: My favorite gig of all time would have to be working with L'Oréal Paris on the Hollywood walk of fame. They celebrated 100 years of beauty and I was Key Makeup Artist for the entire event. Plus it lead to more successful campaigns with L'Oréal Paris and Maybelline NY. My clients are everything to me. I am always prepared for anything. You never know what adjustments they will want.


PW: You're also an entrepreneur. I see you have your own eyelash line now. How did that come about?

Isaac: I started www.imlashes.com about 2 years ago. As a makeup artist no look is complete without a set of lashes. I wanted to create my own signature looks that would describe all types of women. I thought the Hollywood collection would be a great concept since each lash is named after a iconic actresses. I used 10 present and 10 past actresses to name the collection. The line is doing well and we were featured at the last New York Fashion Week for the Kevin Shahroozi Show. We also had a write up in Seventeen magazine.


PW: I saw on your blog that you did makeup for some of the girls at the Utah State Pow Wow. How often do you get to hit the pow wow trail with your busy schedule?

Isaac: I don't get to hit the pow wow trail like I was last year. Last year we made it to over 20 big powwows. This years schedule has been so busy. I am starting this new year and will hit all the big ones like Gathering, Ft. Hall, Crow Fair, Red Earth and Navajo Nation.

I have a booth where I provide all the dancers with makeup. The girls can get their makeup and lashes done. I have a bunch of different glitters I am known for. The girls like them because they reflect the beading in their regalia. For the boys I have over 40 different traditional war paint styles I can custom airbrush. All styles and all types of tribes meanings.




PW: Can you give us any tips for pow wow make up?

Isaac: For pow wow makeup I think the dancers should go all out! These are the designs and meanings of our people that live within us. I love when I see boy dancers that have taken the time to paint their face. It makes you stand out from the others. Plus, I love seeing the girl dancers with flawless makeup and lashes. It's all about presentation!

PW: I saw that you give back to the Native community in your spare time. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Isaac: I think giving back to our people is key for our growth as natives. We have to remember how hard it was before all of the success. Our children need more positive role models and public figures to give hope and inspiration. I have been working with a couple at risk teenagers that are magnificent artists and could be any type of artists they want to be. I am currently working on a scholarship I will offer to Aspiring Native Makeup Artists. This scholarship would give the right person a chance to learn from me and start making a name for themselves in the makeup industry. This business needs more native artists!

PW: Is there anything else special you're working on?

Isaac: The next job is in Alaska and parts of Canada. I am Key Makeup & Hair for few new commercials.

From a photoshoot of a woman dressed to look like a man

Isaac did makeup on this photoshoot of a woman dressed to look like a man. Amazing!

Thank you so much for taking time to speak with us Isaac. We can't wait to see what comes out of all of this, for you and the people you are inspiring. Make sure you stop by his makeup booth at the next big pow wow!

For more information on Isaac Meyers, please check out his website http://www.immakeup.com/. Also be sure to stop by IM Lashes if you're looking for a new set. All natural and cruelty free!

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