First Nation Man Creates ‘Sober Is Sexi’ Campaign

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown April 28th, 2014 Last Updated on: April 28th, 2014

Michael Scott is a 25 year old from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation who has over come many obstacles in his lifetime. He was raised in what many would call dysfunctional settings. Being placed from foster home to foster home for many of his younger years. Mike suffered with alcohol and drug abuse for most of his teen years and over dosed on cocaine at the age of 17. He became a father at the age of 19 and was a single parent and on his own at those times in his life. Mike tragically lost his mother to a lifetime of substance abuse and gave up all hope and turned to that bottle for comfort. It wasn’t until his daughter opened up his eyes and made him realize the true meaning of life that he was then able to begin his healing journey.


Mike has been sober since August 8th 2012 and has made a complete transformation of his life and surroundings. He now shares his testimony as a way of encouraging not only youth but also adults of all communities to live a clean and healthy life style. Mike is on the path less traveled and his goals and dreams are to inspire and motivate the people who are still caught up in the cycles of abuse.

He recently sat down with The Morning Edition on CBC Radio to talk about his campaign “Sober is Sexi”.

If you'd like to find out more about Mike Scott and his mission, visit his website SoberIsSexi.com.

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Roscoe Albert

Mike if you see this please contact me id like to discuss a possible workshop if your interested. [email protected]
(519)289-2957 ext 227 my name is Roscoe


Kudos and commendations to the young man….
I do wish he had used proper spelling for the shirt.
Why propagate the idea that we’re as ghetto as, well, the ghetto? We are capable of using proper english and spelling our words properly, so why come across as illiterate?

Dah Truth

So apparently hes drinking again….sad

John Brown

i would just like to say that being sober is very enjoying to me cuz I can do things that I want to do and buy things without worrying when to get a fix or where to borrow etc,etc..I have been sober about 5 or 6 years now and now I have a full time job and grand kids that make my day and my partner, who never gives up and offers encouragement. Good luck to your soberiety and never give up..


There is a brand called Sober Is Sexy you can find their Facebook page @soberisexy This guy is totally copying Lol

Laurelei Thomas

Which Sturgeon Lake are you from Alberta or Sask if Alberta which family are you from

Sarah Tun

Courage, creativity inspiring hope for others. Congrats on a dry life and God bless for every day to come. Blessings on your little girl! Children are such a blessing.

Mary Godowa - Cristy

Your story is very inspiring to say the least!! You’ve had a rough life but overall, it’s brought you to the place of AWESOME SOBERITY that you have now!! I’m an Klamath elder of our s.OR tribe & like you I’ve gone thru the ‘valley of death’but it wasn’t going to have the last word in my life!! I’m going on my 5th yr of soberity am SUPER THANKFUL to say!! If The good Lord hadn’t delivered me from alcohol I know for a FACT I wouldn’t be here today! I was adopted by a non native family & so raised more non native than tribal. I’ve been backtracking my blood family which is being a wonderful BLESSING to say the very least! So you keep on keeping onn w/ your message as way too many of our younger generation DESPERATELY NEED to hear it!! KLAMATH LOVE/BLESSINGS & PRAYERS – Mary P.S.What an POSITIVE example you’re setting for your tribe – SOOO PROUD of you!!!!

King Kendrik LAMAR

Sober is.aiiiiiiiiiight


Thanks for sharing your story Mike. Our youth need to hear that message, yes, it is their choice/s. It is not in our genes/hereditary, that we become how our parents were. That is now what is being told to our youth because of our Ancestors history (residential school/foster care…etc),I chose not to drink alcohol when I had children. Children are all grown up now. I made that promise to myself (when I grow up, I will not drink alcohol as I did not want my children to see like that ever)as I saw my parents drinking and fighting. I kept my promise to myself. I still do not drink, I don’t want to be like that out of control and not know my own mind. I do follow the aboriginal spirituality and do believe in Jesus’ teachings. I commend you sharing your story. Sending blessings and safe journey Mike. Miiqwetch!!

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