Fancy Feather vs Fancy Shawl Finals – PowWows.com Special

Posted By Paul G September 29th, 2013 Last Updated on: September 29th, 2013

During the 2013 Morongo Pow Wow, PowWows.com sponsored a special dance contest.

Fancy Shawl vs Fancy Feather

Watch the finals below.

1st Place – Amos Yazzie IV – MacBook Air
2nd Place – Desirae Redhouse – iPad
3rd Place – Latrisha Scabbyrobe – iPad Mini

Consolation Prizes
Kenny Pratt, Jr.
Spike Draper
Star White Eye


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Maria Gifford


Diana Jo Sullivan

Thank you Morongo tribe for a wonderful experience, spiritual energy I’ve needed desperately and great entertainment! I’ve enjoyed it immensely from my home in Yuma, Arizona and hope to attend the 24th!

P.S. I was born in Hemet, Ca. & my mom talks of my Godfather, whose last name was Morongo. Since I was very little she has spoken of him and said he’s a Morongo Indian. Are there any people around there with the last name “Morongo”?

P.S.S. Though everyone was great…the elders touched my spirit to tears!

Thanks again,
Diana Jo

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