Falling Apart, Falling Together: A review of Hattie Kauffman’s Memoir, FALLING INTO PLACE

Posted By PowWows.com October 7th, 2014 Last Updated on: October 7th, 2014

Domestic Violence. Poverty. Addiction. These issues are some of the hardest hitting headlines in today's breaking news.  For News Anchor Hattie Kauffman, these  problems weren't just the stories she covered during her adventurous journalism career, they were also the driving forces that challenged her personal life.  As the first Native American Journalist to appear on a national network evening news broadcast, this stunning Nez Perce reporter showed excellence and intelligence to her television audience.

Her coverage of Presidents, Olympic Athletes, Astronauts and Newsmakers made history. Yet, “Hattie's story of how she ‘made it' is the quintessential American Success Story,” “Inside Edition” Anchor Deborah Norville reflects, “only her childhood was so impoverished she couldn't afford the bootstraps to pull herself up with.” Hattie Kauffman's childhood contains the dull ache in the soul evoked by constant, unrelenting poverty and lack. Falling Into Place, her “Memoir of Overcoming”, is a recent paperback release.

hattie kauffmanGrowing up amidst addiction and family turmoil eroded the hopes of the young Hattie, until she realized the inner determination and confidence that inspired her to use her innate wisdom, wit and professionalism to begin an on-camera career that has spanned more than 20 years.  “The literal hunger for food that I had experienced in childhood had created in me a hypervigilance for sustenance and safety,” Kauffman confides, “It probably propelled me throughout my career to do more, work harder, make sure I had every base covered.” Through her hunger and hard work, Hattie Kauffman rose to prominence as a News Anchor for CBS and ABC.

Tragically, her personal life shattered. Domestic violence, Divorce and Dishonesty each threatened her happiness in her home and in her future. Hattie Kauffman became a role model to Native America and aspiring journalists of all ethnicities, yet she experienced loneliness, isolation and abandonment.  Motivated  by the pain in her life, Hattie Kauffman yearned for spiritual comfort, which she encountered as she turned to her Higher Power.  This book resists the tendency of similar memoirs to revel in “poverty porn” by balancing accurate, realistic tales of Kauffman's childhood suffering with insightful chronicles of  her process of passing from pain to power.  Falling Into Place celebrates the dynamic reporter's heart-felt transformation in an uplifting, encouraging autobiography.


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