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Category Name Place
JR. Girl's Fancy Tayli Yellowbird 1
JR. Girl's Fancy Tshalla Badger 2
JR. Girl's Fancy Kalaiga Buffalo 3
JR. Girl's Fancy Breanna Tootoosis 4
JR. Girl's Fancy Sara Mackinaw 5
JR. Girl's Jingle Kaylie Nepoose 1
JR. Girl's Jingle Mikah Morn 2
JR. Girl's Jingle Tashina Green 3
JR. Girl's Jingle Shrley Atkinson 4
JR. Girl's Jingle Azra Johnson 5
JR. Girl's Traditional Pisim YellowBird 1
JR. Girl's Traditional Mylee YellowBird 2
JR. Girl's Traditional Daisy Small Boy 3
JR. Girl's Traditional Ryland Small 4
JR. Girl's Traditional Eilayiah Little Popala 5
JR. Boy's Fancy Nathan LittleChild 1
JR. Boy's Fancy Keegan Buffalo 2
JR. Boy's Fancy Xaver Buffalo 3
JR. Boy's Fancy Nathanial Swiftwolfe 4
JR. Boy's Fancy Kayne Buffalo 5
JR. Boy's Grass Laz Nepoose 1
JR. Boy's Grass Jerae Raine 2
JR. Boy's Grass Shalon Badger 3
JR. Boy's Grass Kian Littlechild 4
JR. Boy's Grass Maxim Roan 5
JR. Boy's Traditional Vernon Wesley 1
JR. Boy's Traditional Jayden Johnston 2
JR. Boy's Traditional Storm Mackinaw 3
JR. Boy's Traditional Matayaz Mark 4
JR. Boy's Traditional Damian Omeasoo 5
JR. Boy's Chicken Deo Topsky 1
JR. Boy's Chicken Oshyn Raine 2
JR. Boy's Chicken Ashtan Janvier 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Charlen Favel 4
JR. Boy's Chicken Willard Saddleback 5
Women's Golden Age Sharon Buffalo 1
Women's Golden Age Myrna Yellowbird 2
Women's Golden Age Julia (Cryer) Matoosk 3
Women's Golden Age Ivy Raine 4
Women's Golden Age Gloria Mandamin 5
Men's Golden Age Ronald Crane 1
Men's Golden Age Elvin Nocotine 2
Men's Golden Age Tobas Provost 3
Men's Golden Age Peter Johnson 4
Men's Golden Age Alberta Yellow Bird 5
Teen Girl's Fancy Shenoa Snow 1
Teen Girl's Fancy Tyshae Badger 2
Teen Girl's Fancy Kalani Cutknife 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Tianna John 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Jalen Wells 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Lauren Mcnabb 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Dalen Cardinal 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Cherokee EagleTail 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Rachel Lewis 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Sherisee Crookedneck 5
Teen Girl's Traditional Tanisha Daniels 1
Teen Girl's Traditional Carlie Neepoose 2
Teen Girl's Traditional Kayleight Starblanket 3
Teen Girl's Traditional Coralie Neepoose 4
Teen Girl's Traditional Misty Dawn Bird 5
Teen Boy's Grass Dale Gadwa JR 1
Teen Boy's Grass Treian Whitehead 2
Teen Boy's Grass Cj Kaiswa Tum 3
Teen Boy's Grass Tristen Nard 4
Teen Boy's Grass Issacc Bitternose 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Ty Carter 1
Teen Boy's Traditional Farren Bull 2
Teen Boy's Traditional Takota Stonechild 3
Teen Boy's Traditional Kelsey Starblanker JR 4
Teen Boy's Traditional Tical Rowan 5
Teen Boy's Chicken Chance White 1
Teen Boy's Chicken Breyson Dechamps 2
Teen Boy's Chicken Farren Rattlesnake 3
Teen Boy's Chicken Isaias Cross 4
Teen Boy's Chicken Shaylene Saddleback 5
Women's Fancy Karlene Cut knife 1
Women's Fancy Shamaray Yazzie 2
Women's Fancy Rianna Chief 3
Women's Fancy Felicia Badger 4
Women's Fancy Krissie Snow 5
Women's Jingle Connie Starblanket 1
Women's Jingle Monica Bear 2
Women's Jingle Ruby Metchewais 3
Women's Jingle Chayla Delorme 4
Women's Jingle Brianna Buffalo 5
womens Traditional Charity Nepoose 1
womens Traditional Juliann YellowBird 2
womens Traditional Gena Top Sky 3
womens Traditional Myra Lafrance – Villeneuve 4
womens Traditional Flower Dion 5
Mens Fancy Larson YellowBird 1
Mens Fancy Harlan Wells 2
Mens Fancy Shaun SmallBoy 3
Mens Fancy Lydall Yazzie 4
Mens Fancy Craig Firstrider 5
Mens Traditional Dwayne Wesley 1
Mens Traditional Charlie Favel 2
Mens Traditional Denzel Chief 3
Mens Traditional Eddie Wolfchild 4
Mens Traditional Patrick Mcnab 5
Mens Chicken Sheldon Scalplock 1
Mens Chicken Charles Favel. JR 2
Mens Chicken Melvin Nadeaua 3
Mens Chicken Jooy Littlechild 4
Mens Chicken Nat Iron Heart 5
Buckskin Henry Pitchow 1
Buckskin Robin Sims 2
Buckskin Kirk Buffalo 3

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