Enter to Win a Pendleton Blanket – Watching Gathering of Nations Live

Posted By Paul G March 12th, 2017 Blog

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2017 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
April 28-29, 2017

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To help spread the word of our lives stream of Gathering of Nations, we are holding an online contest!  Enter to win below.

The more you enter, the more chances you have to win!  Some entries allow daily entries.

Enter to win a Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket

During our live stream of the Pow Wow, we will show special codes you can use below to get even more entries for the blanket!

Watch 2017 Gathering of Nations Live

17 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Pendleton Blanket – Watching Gathering of Nations Live

  1. Hello I’m Gary,I am 68 as of August 19th.1948, I am 5 ‘ 4 in. tall and about 160 lbs. I do not have any University or Collage Degrees. I learned all my jobs on the job. I am a Catholic – Christian. I hope no one minds I am in a Wheelchair ??? I hope we could be Friends any way ????? I live in Edmonton AB. at St. Thomas Health Care Center. I am also a Widower. I also Collect World Wide Stamps up to 1959. – I ONLY speak ENGLISH — I do not drive any more!!!!
    I am NOT here for sex !!!!!!! — I am here for friendship ONLY !!!!!!!

    • I’ll be your friend my name is Linda Kaman I live in Clyde Ohio in the USA I’m 60 years young , I collect a lot of different things that other people say I’m crazy , I have a pet parrot who’s my best friend

  2. Maeve ThunderChild says:

    I already subscribe to your newsletter, although I have not seen one recently. It is a great way for people to either stay or become connected in the first place. And for those who have never been to a powwow…there is nothing better than drifting off to sleep with the sound of the drum…& then waking to it again the next morning!

  3. Maria Sotelo says:

    I’ve never been to an American pow-wow but I have been to big festivals in Mexico where the indigenous Indians of Mexico with come down and perform ceremonies in dance in the streets a parade I’ve been to several of them throughout my life and I collect Mexican serapis and I have an antique beautiful woman blanket with monarch butterflies and a hawk that my grandmother gave me and I have an antique woven American blanket from the twenties I love my blankets and I would love to have this one as an addition to decorate my house along with my antique ones and I would love to come to one of the powers and participate in the ceremony I have four types of indigenous blood in me and I’m very proud of it like I said I used to dance in the streets with the Indians that would come down from the mountains to celebrate in Mexico. This blanket is a beautiful piece of artwork.

  4. Jeanette LittleHall says:

    I love pendleton Blankets . I had one , but my ex took it when he left. I got it in Pendleton ,Oregon for 180.00. Sure hope any one who wins knows how lucky they are ..

  5. Pammy Jimenez says:

    Pammy Jimenez children’s are Jidum and Hoka, Lupon, Lil Hawk, Crazy Horse
    April 6, 2017

    I would love to win this Chief Joseph Pendleton Blankets so we can use this for our Prayer for The 50th Annual Native American Day for this year in September that we are having in Sacramento, CA 95814. It is so beautiful piece of work and so much color of beauty and our Elderly will love to see this peace of work that our Nation our cultural how much work our Tribal of work of our land that we can share of all the world. The state Water Resource Control Board we love this artwork can see our Native cultural art we have is so beautiful! 1001 I Street 15th floor Sacramento, ca. 95814

  6. ITS Beautiful! I visualize the blanket wrapped around me. thank you powwow.com

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