Double Blessing: A visit with Iceis Rain

Posted By PowWows.com November 4th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 4th, 2014

Unique and Talented Iceis Rain!

Unique and Talented Iceis Rain!

Iceis Rain is a truly unique talent! Brave and courageous, this skillful star dazzles audiences with poise and power.  Fresh from a triumph at the APCMA, this spectacular star shared a gripping story with Powwows.com!

Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, PhD, Native American Culture Editor

Q) Who is Iceis Rain?

A) Hello, My name is Iceis Rain, the second spirit of Massey Whiteknife from the Mikisew Cree First Nation in Fort Chipewyan Alberta Canada. I own Iceis Media, which produces my music, and currently we are in the final stages of completing my documentary about my life, called “Me and Massey”. It’s a documentary about how Massey and I came to be and how Massey overcame abuse and became a successful businessman and also created me (Iceis Rain) and how I also became a recording artist, director and producer.

Q) Music is an important part of your multi-talented life! How did music become so prominent in your identity?

A) I use to listen to music and sing and dance in the basement of my home growing up and loved to write my own music off of feelings. I felt like I came take myself off to another world when I was singing. I loved country, rock and traditional music would influence me to make my own sound and not to put myself in to one genre. I always wanted to and continue to make music that is positive and can relate to all.
Q) How did you start performing? What are some of your favorite accomplishments? Please give us the highlight reel!

A) Massey and I made a deal that if I helped him overcome his fears and use one another to lean on that he would let me go after my dreams and become a recording artist. When he won Youth Entertainer of Alberta in 2011, he said it was my turn and I started to write music and perform and I found people who believed in me and together we produced the album “The Queen”.  To date, my biggest accomplishments are working with Brian Adams' team in Vancouver, making an album of all my original music and being nominated and performing at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards. All these things happened within 12 months of me starting the process.

Q)How does being Native impact your life and music?

Iceis Rain is a masterful stage presence!

Iceis Rain is a masterful stage presence!


A) I believe in the creator very much. I believe Mother Nature is what connects us all and that she is hurting right now.  If we don’t care for her she will cleanse herself.   I try to incorporate our cultural sounds to my music in subtle ways to showcase our culture but also wanting the music to be universal, like the song “The Warrior” that I wrote thinking people would listen to it while driving to a pow-wow and a girl was looking for her warrior!


Q) What do you hope your music does in the lives of your listeners?

A) I hope that when they listen to my music they feel a sense of strength , courage and love. The song “Shame On Me” is about forgiveness and how I learned that I was going down a wrong path and I didn't want to be a follower and I asked the Creator to help guide me out of the darkness and to move past the shame and guilt and forgive myself and be a better person. There is a message in the song about someone living with addiction and feeling shame and wanting forgiveness from his family and that they will be ok and that their new path will be a positive one. Everyone lives with some sort of craving, addiction or  insecurity.  If they can overcome those, there is no stopping them.

Q) You're making courageous statements in your own life! How do you encourage our beautiful youth to follow a good path?

A) I  100% am a big advocate for anti-bullying in our community and every year I put on an anti-bully show and bring performers from all around Canada to bring awareness that bullying is happening everywhere, in our homes,schools, boardrooms and around the world . I donate all the proceeds to organizations that help our people to empower them. I try to speak to the youth and inspire them to follow their  dreams and let them know that anyone can change their path, they first have to believe in themself.

Growing up I suffered sexual and physical abuse for many years and in my early teens I was rebellious, it was a dark time in my life and I felt broken. But through counseling and prayer to the Creator, I overcame them and fought back through education and self help. I motivated myself to become who I am today.

Q) What are the most important qualities of a performer?

A) Take pride in your art, don’t settle , be strong and work hard. Do your research, don’t give up, love your music and practice. Nothing comes free

Q) What are the most destructive?

A) Not taking advice seriously, being egotistical, having your hand out instead of up, thinking your all that and a bag of chips…haha! Don’t be rude, don’t sign a contract just because you think you are gonna get money up front, don’t rush!

Q) Haha! Good words! Who are some of the musicians that you consider influential? Why?

A) Patti Labelle, George Jones, Mary J  Blige.  They all were what I grew up with and I love their voices and the soulfulness that they put in to their music. Plus, they were the songs I'd sing. Plus, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson because they were my go to albums… haha!

Q) What would you like us to know that we don't already know about you?|

A) That I and Massey are one person with two spirits and that I, Iceis Rain, want to be looked at as a two spirit artist.
Q) Thanks so much for sharing with us. We sure do appreciate you!

A) Thank You!

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