Donald Trump Pinata’s Selling Like Hotcakes

Posted By Paul G September 17th, 2015 Last Updated on: September 17th, 2015

The Mission District in San Francisco has always been the predominant
Hispanic area in San Francisco with flourishing Meso-American cultures
from Mexico, Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and other Central
America countries.

This afternoon Bay Area news channel ABC 7 News picked up a local story
that Donald Trump piñata's are selling like hot cakes in the Mission
District. The retail price of these collectables are $15 – $25 from
“Discount City” , a local retailer in the Mission. Other Donald Trump
pinata's can be found online up to $40. So far “Discount City” , has
been selling up to Donald Trump 30 piñata's a day!

A Hispanic father stopped by to pick up the last Trump piñata's in stock
and he was interviewed by Univision's Channel 14, he was asked why he
bought one and he said, “my son is too young to realize the political
significance of the Trump piñata but he will enjoy the candy coming out”.

Another couple of Caucasian decent saw the news clip and rushed down to
get one, they said, “we like Donald Trump and got one for a collectable” .

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, Trump has found a way to stimulate
the Hispanic economy.


Trump Piñata stick sold separately.

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