Depp wants to buy historical Native American landmark

Depp wants to buy historical Native American landmark

Posted By Tammy Scism July 11th, 2013 Blog

According to news sources, Johnny Depp wants to buy historical site, Wounded Knee and return it to the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


You remember Wounded Knee. Twice, it has been the location of historical conflicts between the Lakota people and the US Government. The first time was on December 29, 1890 when the US 7th Calvary massacred about 150 Lakota, most of them women and children. The second time occurred on February, 27 1973 when the American Indian Movement (AIM) and other Lakota people occupied the site for 71 days to protest living conditions on the reservation.800px-Wounded_Knee_aftermath5

The owner of the site, James Czywczynski, originally put the sacred site up for sale at $4.9M, much to the outrage of the Oglala Lakota who are one of the poorest peoples with the lowest per capita income and an estimated 70 percent unemployment rate in the country.

Occupy Wounded KneeDepp, who has always been a proponent of the Native American plight, became outraged when he heard what Czywczynski has planned and decided to spend millions of his own money to buy the land and give it back to the Oglala Lakota of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

It's very sacred ground and many atrocities were committed against the Sioux there.  And in the 1970s there was a stand-off between the Feds and the people who should own that land.  This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back.  Why doesn't the government do that? – Johnny Depp

Mr. Depp, you raise a valid point.

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57 thoughts on “Depp wants to buy historical Native American landmark

  1. beppe rubino says:

    thank mstr.deep i are go in visitors with 20 bois to italy,in vacation ,the tripfantastic in pine ridge end another country,montana, wioming,end black Hills little big horn museum hill city,sturgis for Harleymotorcicle wuorld,end woudneed kneed,i hope that this visit you do think another artist for condicion of nativi americans end sud americans,thank jhonny deep.

  2. Silverbirch says:

    What this tells me is that this wasichu bought the land from the government, thinking he could resell it for a major profit as a famous landmark, not realizing it was essentially “un-sellable”. Now he holds paper on a piece of property he will never truly own and can neither profit by nor recoup his costs on. Oh, Karma… You can be a twisted bitch. 😀 I love it.

    • Silverbirch says:

      Oh, and the government isn’t going to declare Imminent Domain and give it back to the People. As long as he owns it, he has to pay taxes on it. hahahahahaha 😀

  3. @Paul
    I understand reposting old article’s. As administrator of my own page and blogs I will often repost certain article’s to raise awareness and to remake a point regarding certain issue’s. Even in these case’s I am careful to make sure that I make it clear that they are repost’s so there is no misleading or misunderstanding in any way about whether it’s a current or past issue. I applaud that you posted about this at the time it was happening. Support was needed but the comments both here and on your fb page clearly show that people are seeing this as a current event. Yes, people need and can research but as an administrator of a website or a social page such as FB, it’s your job to make it known that it’s a “republished/reposted article. Doing this protects you from people like me who don’t like seeing our people mislead. However, in your defense, if our people stayed more informed and up to date on issue’s in Native Country, they wouldn’t be so easily mislead. With that being said Wounded Knee is still owned by a Wasichu. Johnny Depp did nothing and honestly he shouldn’t have too. We should need no help in purchasing anything. If our Tribal Nation’s came together as one to help, as it should be, Wounded Knee would be back in the hands of the people. Outside help would not be needed nor necessary. Wounded Knee is worthless to the owner. He cannot sell it because it is protected/sourounded by the Sioux Nation literally. If anyone bought it they would have no way of accessing it unless by parachute…. Lol. Seriously though. It’s the truth. I like to think of it as a way that our ancestor’s are still watching and protecting this sacred place. Have a great evening…

    • Thanks for the feedback. I actually thought about making the headline of the repost – It’s been a year, has anything happened?

      • No. Everything remains the same. But as I said the land is worthless to him. The Lakota Nation is caretakers of Wounded Knee and always will be and no deed of ownership by any non Native will ever change that.

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