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Category Name Place


JR. Girl's Fancy Landis Roan 1


JR. Girl's Fancy Kaydence Stanely 2


JR. Girl's Fancy Taley Fineday 3


JR. Girl's Fancy Tanyah Eashappie 4


JR. Girl's Fancy Junay Tootoosis 5


JR. Girl's Jingle Auralena Cardnal 1


JR. Girl's Jingle Omitisow Warren 2


JR. Girl's Jingle Lyrik Albert 3


JR. Girl's Jingle Dalayne Morn 4


JR. Girl's Jingle Tosha Mcloud 5


JR. Girl's Traditional Jazelyn Tootoosis 1


JR. Girl's Traditional Kelani Mei Windyboy 2


JR. Girl's Traditional Shanal Onepennee 3


JR. Girl's Traditional Mckenna Tsatoke 4


JR. Girl's Traditional Shanal Onepennee 5


JR. Boy's Fancy Odalis Draper 1


JR. Boy's Fancy Vincent Obey 2


JR. Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan 3


JR. Boy's Fancy Dawson Gamble 4


JR. Boy's Fancy Elijah Halfe 5


JR. Boy's Grass Raynen Mcnab 1


JR. Boy's Grass Dj Wajunta 2


JR. Boy's Grass Khew Goodwill 3


JR. Boy's Grass Brook Mcledo 4


JR. Boy's Grass Nathan Koch 5


JR. Boy's Traditional Darren Bird JR. 1


JR. Boy's Traditional Isaiah Monab 2


JR. Boy's Traditional Kyler Peechow 3


JR. Boy's Traditional Merrick Carrier 4


JR. Boy's Traditional Blazing Sky Carrier 5


JR. Boy's Chicken Deo Topsky 1


JR. Boy's Chicken Jon Moreno 2


JR. Boy's Chicken Isaiah Kaiswatum 3


JR. Boy's Chicken Rzen River Walking bear 4


JR. Boy's Chicken Makiya Denny 5


Women's Golden Age Donna Pratt 1


Women's Golden Age Sharon Roberts 2


Women's Golden Age Beverly Yuzicappi 3


Women's Golden Age Florance Thomas 4


Women's Golden Age Louise Ratt 5


Men's Golden Age Tommy Draper 1


Men's Golden Age Roy Bison 2


Men's Golden Age Dennis Francis 3


Men's Golden Age Wilson Roberts 4


Men's Golden Age Cecil Nepoose 5


Teen Girl's Fancy Jayda Gadwa 1


Teen Girl's Fancy Kenicia Tooyoosis 2


Teen Girl's Fancy Madison Baptiste 3


Teen Girl's Fancy Tatiyana Brown 4


Teen Girl's Fancy Cheyenne Finday 5


Teen Girl's Jingle Kia Mcloud 1


Teen Girl's Jingle Tabisha Beetso 2


Teen Girl's Jingle Shandin Horton 3


Teen Girl's Jingle Taylor Fineday 4


Teen Girl's Jingle Kyla Henry 5


Teen Girl's Tarditional Tatyana Bull 1


Teen Girl's Tarditional Alexis Isnana 2


Teen Girl's Tarditional Faith Goodstriker 3


Teen Girl's Tarditional Jesse Kaiswatum 4


Teen Girl's Tarditional Daneta Brown 5


Teen Boy's Fancy Darrell Brertton JR. 1


Teen Boy's Fancy Mitchell Baker 2


Teen Boy's Fancy Darian Brown 3


Teen Boy's Fancy Asa King 4


Teen Boy's Fancy Aj Akachuk 5


Teen Boy's Grass Therian Paskemin 1


Teen Boy's Grass Dallon Yuzicapi 2


Teen Boy's Grass Jakobi Omeasco 3


Teen Boy's Grass Aden Daniels 4


Teen Boy's Grass Treian Whitehead 5


Teen Boy's Traditional Talon White Eye 1


Teen Boy's Traditional Teddy Yuzicappi 2


Teen Boy's Traditional Takota StoneChild 3


Teen Boy's Traditional Dane Sutherland 4


Teen Boy's Traditional Ty Carter 5


Teen Boy's Chicken Wyatt King 1


Teen Boy's Chicken Skyler Yellowhar 2


Teen Boy's Chicken Wayland Monab 3


Teen Boy's Chicken Kris Gadwa 4


Teen Boy's Chicken Raydon Gadwa 5


JR. Women's Fancy Laryn Oakes 1


JR. Women's Fancy Urseloria Kanuho 2


JR. Women's Fancy Bobbi liyn Frederick 3


JR. Women's Fancy Tishaba Baptise 4


JR. Women's Fancy Jocy Bird 5


JR. Women's Jingle Leah Omeaso 1


JR. Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 2


JR. Women's Jingle Dabney Warren 3


JR. Women's Jingle Mallory Oakes 4


JR. Women's Jingle Elisa Gadwa 5


JR. Women's Traditional Tierra Label 1


JR. Women's Traditional Randy Bird 2


JR. Women's Traditional Thea Mcloud 3


JR. Women's Traditional Patti Mcarthur-Isanana 4


JR. Women's Traditional Amanda Harris 5


JR. Men's Fancy Amoz Yassie The 4th 1


JR. Men's Fancy Quannah Henry 2


JR. Men's Fancy Thunder Lovette 3


JR. Men's Fancy Nigel Skyler 4


JR. Men's Fancy Lance Yazzie 5


JR. Men's Grass Colton Tohanne 1


JR. Men's Grass Nathan Mtsuing 2


JR. Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 3


JR. Men's Grass Clifton Goodwill 4


JR. Men's Grass Austins Summers 5


JR. Men's Traditional Ardel Scalplock 1


JR. Men's Traditional Kethi Tacan 2


JR. Men's Traditional Russel Mcloud 3


JR. Men's Traditional Eli Snow 4


JR. Men's Traditional Darius Isnana 5


JR. Men's Chicken Rooster Topsky 1


JR. Men's Chicken Tj Warren 2


JR. Men's Chicken Colin Raine 3


JR. Men's Chicken Sheldon Scalplock JR 4


JR. Men's Chicken Jamon Paskemin 5


Sr Women Fancy Irene Oakes 1


Sr Women Fancy Lisa Ewack 2


Sr Women Fancy Shrley Hill 3


Sr Women Fancy Gina Redhouse 4


Sr Women Fancy Suzette Bull 5


Sr Womens Jingle Melissa Wuttunee 1


Sr Womens Jingle Melinda Goodwill 2


Sr Womens Jingle Cindy Wood 3


Sr Womens Jingle Lillian Gadwa 4


Sr Womans Traditional Danita Goodwill 1


Sr Womans Traditional Deanna Ledoux 2


Sr Womans Traditional Andrea Redman 3


Sr Womans Traditional Linda Standing 4


Sr Womans Traditional Celeste Tootoosis 5


Sr. Mens Fancy Jason Whitehouse 1


Sr. Mens Fancy Luke Whiteman 2


Sr. Mens Fancy Rod Belanger 3


Sr. Mens Fancy Pete Chief 4


Sr. Mens Fancy Arnold Akachiuk 5


Sr. Mens Grass Randal Paskimin 1


Sr. Mens Grass Byron Goodwill 2


Sr. Mens Grass Ron Mcnab 3


Sr. Mens Grass Jonathan Windy Boy 4


Sr. Mens Grass Ron Mcnab 5


Sr. Mens Traditional Sheldon Wuttunee 1


Sr. Mens Traditional Kevin Haywahe 2


Sr. Mens Traditional Mike Lauberte 3


Sr. Mens Traditional Elvin Nictonie 4


Sr. Mens Traditional Partick Mcnab 5


Sr.Mens Chicken Sheldon Scalplock Sr 1


Sr.Mens Chicken Brian Waskewitoh 2


Sr.Mens Chicken Roda Atcheynum 3


Sr.Mens Chicken Claude Friday 4


Sr.Mens Chicken Dale Mckay 5

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