Cut The Rug Video Contest – Win An American Dakota Rug

Posted By Paul G May 25th, 2015 Last Updated on: July 5th, 2015

NOTE – Contest has been cancelled.  

You can now enter the American Dakota Raffle for a chance to win one of these rugs!


Have you seen the amazing rugs from American Dakota?


Here's your chance to win one!

Show us how you “Cut a Rug”.  

In your outfit or in street clothes…singing with a group or by yourself…just do it with style!

Chicken, Jingle, Hand Drum, Fancy Feather or Fancy Shawl – cut the rug and show us your best moves!

Whether you sing or dance, show off and record it!

Record yourself or your group cutting a rug and upload the video.  You can upload the video to Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook.  Fill out the entry form below.  Video must have an upload date after today – May 25, 2015.

Just record a clip of you dancing or singing and share it with us!

Be sure to use our hashtags!


Entries are accepted until June 30, 2015.

Follow us on Instagram:


1st Place – 8′ Round Rug
2nd Place – 5×8′ Rug
3rd Place – 5×8′ Rug
4th Place – 5×8′ Rug

Winners will be decide by voting.

Photo by Jocy Bird

Photo by Jocy Bird

Enter now!


Be sure to make your video public.

Rules subject to change! Must have 10 entries to hold contest.

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Can we do other styles of dance besides traditional Native American dance in our video? Thanks!

nick matta

Did I win??

nick matta

Absolutely beautiful work hokahey washte


Do I need to be Native American to enter this contest?

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