Custer’s Last Stand – Marty Two Bulls

Posted By Paul G February 18th, 2019 Last Updated on: February 18th, 2019

Custer's Last Stand – Marty Two Bulls


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It not only makes no sense to me, but it absolutely pisses me off. I would like to correct you on one point. The majority of “White” people 1) have no idea that somewhere in their past is a person of “color,” and 2) they simply don’t care, they are only struggling each day in search of the almighty dollar. If they actually looked up from their screens long enough to see for themselves and not just trusting what their screens tell them, they might actually realize that there is a lot more going on than they were told. Sorry for the run on sentence.

It is not really the White people that are the problem here. It is the thought process and the idology that elects or government. Because it is or government that is doing this. The genocide continues to today.

One day We might set aside or differences, and then One day We might embrace our differences, but until then in all honesty I think that “Heaven” will be a lonely place.

Face it people, as long as you inbrace any “Religion” you are Not following your own Religious beliefs. You are ALL taught the Golden Rule, but you All also believe and scream that your way is the only way to God. That is Not what Jesus said to do, is it? Nor did Mohammed, did he? Absolutely all Good Books tell you to treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated.

So with that in mind…. If you have a single ugly thought towards another individual you are Not “turning the other cheek” persa. Think about every time someone cuts you off in traffic or pulls out in front of you. How about that person you just have to get infont of because they are driving to slow, just to immediately turn in front of them. That causes them to have to slam on the brakes and curse you as well.

Slow down in your lives. That includes on the streets. If you are running late, one you should have gotten started earlier and two you have no Right do indanger anyone or anything just because you are late.

Then Stop, look around and see what you can make better. Does it matter if that thing that can be made better belongs to you or not? Not really, not in the grand scheme of things, just make it better. This is Your responsibility, given to you by your own God. Realize that there is only one God and you call him by different names. That is the only difference.

The world is falling apart all-around you and you either can’t see it or you don’t care, or Maybe you like it this way because you are making loads of money because of the way things are going. If you are one of those then remember what God said, “A rich man can get into heaven as easy as a Camel can fit through the eye of a needle.” Be godly, if you make more than you will ever need, then use that money to help people. All people! I promise you that you will become a whole lot Richer. If your fame has brought you wealth, wonderful. Now use that fame and that wealth to help all people. Become more famous! Be the one that really helps. Not a grandstand show to gain more fame, like so many today. Oh look at me I spent a few thousand dollars to pay off layaways. Aren’t I just wonderful. No not really!

Now let me say another thing…As long as a single Veteran is in need of Anything, this counties people should be ashamed. The problem is that war makes the government money, which in turn makes it’s people money, that is if you are the Right people. It costs a very few citizens a very large price. It’s veteran’s pay dearly. So if you in fact walk with God, then why are there So many homeless Veterans?

I have spoken.

Donna Cramer

As a white woman I can tell you that I think white men are a bit scared. For centuries they have been calling the shots and abusing, killing and disrupting many cultures. There are more people of color in the world than European folks. Oh, oh, karma is here to collect.
I think about all the gifted people the world never had a chance to experience and enjoy because they weren’t white. How obscene is that! It makes absolutely no sense at all.

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