Crowning of Miss Indian World Video

Crowning of Miss Indian World Video

Posted By Paul G April 26th, 2015 Blog

See your new Miss Indian World Cheyenne Brady win the crown at the 2015 Gathering of Nations!


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5 thoughts on “Crowning of Miss Indian World Video

  1. Just seen this…Congratulations, it is so beautiful to see tradition carry on…KEEP IT GOING! Sorry to see the “white people” comments…some of us have ancestors on both sides and we’re proud of both.

  2. SGM Bob says:

    @ Julia Fern Tieyah Laurenzana: If more “white” people were Indians, there would be much less trouble in this world!

  3. sandra beasley says:

    congrats to all the winner and all the miss indian world contestants. they are all winners!

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