Cree Love Song Will Leave You Weak in the Knees

Cree Love Song Will Leave You Weak in the Knees

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 17th, 2017 Last Updated on: July 25th, 2018

Earl Lambert serenades us with a love song and teaches a few Cree words as well.

Earl is a motivational speaker and storyteller.

From EarlLambert.com:

He's a Certified Life-Coach who attended the University of Northern British Columbia, where he majored in General Business with a double minor in First Nations studies and Political Science. He’s worked as an Executive Director for a First Nations non-profit organization, a College Instructor of Business, a Life-Skills, Employment and Business Facilitator, an HIV/AIDS Educator, an Advocate, Fundraiser and Events Coordinator for various homeless initiatives and lastly, as a Programs Developer and Group Facilitator for an Aboriginal Child and Family services organization.

Earl has had his share of adversity. He was raised in a single-parent home at the level of poverty, where he was exposed to alcoholism and various forms of multigenerational abuse. Spending his earlier years in and out of foster-homes, he often felt displaced due to widespread racism and discrimination toward Aboriginal people in the community. At the age of nine his father died a tragic death, which was followed by a number of family suicides. From a very young age Earl began to abuse alcohol and drugs, resulting in several sentences in juvenile detention centers and the earlier part of his adult life in correctional facilities.

Learn more about him!

From Earl's original post:

NEE-CHEE-MOOS: Plains Cree word meaning “Lover/Sweetheart”

MUSS: Abbreviated form of “Musawe”…Plains Cree term meaning “Make Love”

LOST: What happens when a native has no lips.(Nothing to point with) ?

BEAR GREASE: Medicinal salve used for healing purposes

Hahaha! Awesome job there Earl.

Let us know if any of you guys out there have luck serenading someone with this song.

Earl Lambert Facebook Page

See some of his other videos:


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Jo Ellen

What a good looking guy. His song was beautiful.


Hahaha! Awesome.


This young man has eyes and a smile that could charm the birds out of the trees. Lovely paraphrase of a great song🌞⚘🎶🎵🎶


thank you so much for your song. your voice is beautiful young man and what warms my heart most is the intimacy at the very beginning of the video as you find your center and look at the camera and whisper that question. I hope this song takes you to wonderful places and i am so glad that i was able to experience this heart song.


Would love to always be updated about anything regarding this site.

Paul G

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