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Posted By PowWows.com August 2nd, 2015 Last Updated on: August 2nd, 2015

Emmy Frencheater

Emmy Frencheater

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor

Cree Lady Creations!

Cree Lady Creations!

DK: Your beadwork is stunning and very popular on the powwow trail! Please introduce yourself to us???

EF: I'm from Red Deer, Alberta My name is Emily Shortneck/Frencheater! I'm 25 years old.

Popular on the Powwow Trail!

Popular on the Powwow Trail!

DK: Beadwork is such an important part of powwow life! What does beadwork mean in your tribal ways?

EF: To be honest, I grew up in the city so never had an elder really teach me any of the teachings. I just knew I was Native and should know how to!

DK: What lessons have you learned from beading that apply to other areas of your life?

EF: Beading is my own form of therapy, it's calming relaxing and I've been able to live comfortably with this second income! Hard work pays off and it's always great seeing strangers, woman and children around wearing my beadwork!

DK: Where can we see more of your creations or even order some? What are your favorite pieces to make? Why?

EF: You can find me on Facebook, Cree Lady Creations, where I always have giveaways for a chance to own a pair of my earrings! So, come support like and check out my page!

Stunning Cree-ativity!

Stunning Cree-ativity!

DK: Great! Tell us about your beading journey!

EF: I've tried beading a couple times when I was younger but was never into it and never had any patience to learn! But someone tried to teach me how to bead hoop earrings, but wasn't the style I liked, so I taught myself how to make flat earrings. I watched a few YouTube videos, but I caught on very quick! My first ones weren't that great, but with practice I've gotten a lot better!

DK: How would you describe your skills now?

EF: I've learned to love it! I've become a bead hoarder! Haha !
DK: What would you say to someone who wants to start beading? Why do you think it's important to pass beading down to the next generation?

EF: Go for it! It's rewarding once you get a hang of it of it!

DK: I think beadwork works like a language. It tells stories and speaks to people as they gaze on it when we wear it in the powwow arena or in daily life. What do you hope your beadwork says to others?

EF: Our culture is so beautiful! Our way of life is beautiful so absolutely think our traditions should be passed down. I started beading with my son (a 4 year old) of course, we used bigger beads but it teaches kids patience and they love showing what they accomplish! He wears his medallions I've made him with pride.

DK: Thanks for visiting with us!

EF: Thanks! I'm off to buy more beads!!!

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