Could a Native American Finally Win the Tewaaraton Trophy?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown March 11th, 2014 Last Updated on: March 11th, 2014

It's hard to believe that in an indigenous sport like Lacrosse, the Tewaaraton Trophy (equivalent to the Heisman Trophy) has never been awarded to a Native American. In the midst of a successful season, Lyle Thompson just might be the first to do so.

Zack Schonbrun from the New York Times bring us the story of the Thompson family, brother Lyle, Miles and their cousin Ty who are shaking up the world of Lacrosse and leading the way for more Native Americans to play the sport in college.

“The Thompsons, who grew up on a reservation in upstate New York, are more than exceptional athletes thriving in the sport of their ancestors, a sport that is still endowed with deeply spiritual significance to Native Americans. They are trailblazers who have upended the athletic world and reservation life, and their success has ignited a scramble for Native American recruits at lacrosse programs across the country.”

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Check out the Thompson boys in action in this video by NCAA On Campus:

Read more on the story here on New York Times page.

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About time then. I follow the Thompson story. The two younger brothers and their cousin. Lyle deserves it. Any of them do of course.

Drew Waepew-Awaehsaeh

Ironically…………the sport of “La-crosse” has ALWAYS BEEN our #1 sport on our Rez as well. The Menominee have played La-crosse for centuries and is a team-sport there,however…….in the REST of this country,when I mention “La-crosse”…….I always get these ignorant-eyes staring back at me,and LOOKS from people like I’m trying to discuss the latest “soccer” scores!!! (which ALSO is unpopular in this country!!!) Lol. Just sayin………


I’m not Native American or from a reservation for that matter, but lacrosse is big in my Connecticut town as well. It was a shock to learn that it isn’t big everywhere.

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