Coffee Anyone? Enjoy a cup while on the Pow Wow Trail

Posted By Shawnee Bear September 24th, 2012 Last Updated on: September 24th, 2012

It’s a cold and breezy night at the powwow.

There are specials going on and you are freezing!

What is the first thing that you would want?

A cup of Coffee!!

Well at least this Powwow Mom does!

When you are away from home, and away from your favorite coffee shop, sometimes powwow coffee doesn’t meet the need. So what I’ve learned to do is to take my coffee with me!

If I know that I will be away from coffee shops and in to the wilds of powwow land then I bring my k-cup machine.

Keurig Coffee Maker

I use this one. It brews a cup of coffee in less than three minutes.

The good thing about using a k-cup machine vs. a regular coffee maker is — that the coffee comes ready to pop in the machine. You use bottled water – toss a cup under the spout and press brew. It is that simple. You don't have to carry bags of coffee, filters, etc.  Just the small cups.

The k-cup come in many varieties – you can purchase flavored coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and many more.  Try buying a sample pack!

But wait you say – how do I power the coffeemaker?? I use a car charger adapter.   Buy an adapter to turn your car's lighter plug into a regular wall outlet.

BESTEK 75w Dual USB iPad Charger Power Inverter

However – I do want to make a note that I turn my car on while I’m brewing so I don’t wear my battery down. But it just plugs in the cigarette lighter and you plug your k-cup machine in and voila! Tasty Coffee on the go!

And I’m always carrying a coffee mug so there we go. We have solved the problem of how do you get quality coffee while in the wilds of powwow land. You simply bring it with you. So don’t fret about not having coffee at the next cold powwow – you can now just go to the car and brew up a cup!!!

See you on the caffeinated Powwow Trail!!!!

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Everett Pascascio

Would love one of these :)?


Organogold is the coffee that pay you to drink it


Organogold is the coffee that pay you to drink it it healthier then this coffee

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