Cleveland Indians Fan In Redface Meets A Native American

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown April 7th, 2014 Last Updated on: April 7th, 2014

Wouldn't you love to know what was said between these two?

This photo comes to us from Deadspin via twitter user Cleveland Frowns. Just goes to show that all this mascot talk is not getting through to some people.


Photo via Keith Good

Earlier this week there was a lot of talk amongst fans about “de-chiefing” their Cleveland Indians gear, or removing the Chief Wahoo patch. Instead of “de-chiefing”, this guy went full Wahoo on us.

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The caricature Chief Wahoo is a racist symbol itself. It is like looking at a Red Sambo. Check out the article at Cleveland Frowns website…stay proud Native people


Hey Phil, Do you think it would resolve the issue if the teams would pay a royalty to Native Americans and hire authentic Native Dancers to produce real celebration dances at the fields? Perhaps this sort of exposure could be used to educate the masses. Respectfully, Kirk


Hey Phil, Do you think it would resolve the issue if the teams would pay a royalty to Native Americans and hire authentic Native Dancers to produce real celebration dances at the fields? Perhaps this sort of exposure could be used to educate the masses. Respectively, Kirk


Hi Kirk,
I believe there is some benefit of exposure or reminder of the Native American people even as mascots just to keep them in the conscious of the American people, but yes, it seems a royalty combined with sustained respect and awareness would be a beautiful thing.You could probably see it as clearly as I can. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? The mascots backed by true Native American resurgence in some respect. I’d truly love to see that and that is the team I’d root for… it would be so American and so right. As I said before though, these fat cats won’t do the right thing until they are forced to … and they could do it on their own so easily…


If natives are going to get mad about names that have been around for hundreds of years.They should have fought this hundreds of years ago. It’s only a mascot. The natives should be proud of that Everybody could bitch about something.If it bothers the natives that bad don’t go to the game. I’m not saying it in a bad way but for cripes sake let it go


Hi Wildstyle,
It goes much deeper than that,,,you have to know the history and the result of the history…not just what you learned in school. I know it doesn’t affect you and youre tired of hearing about it, but trust me they do have a beef. They should have a say so on how their race is portrayed. At the very least, it’s honor…but it’s also business. This is a step to owning their identity. Hey, why don’t any of these filthy rich entities offer to pay for the rights…they can pay every year and lease the image or name…that’s just doing business. I’m sure they could figure it out,,,and they will eventually, when they have to.


There is a mindset where fans think Native Americans (Indians)are cool and feel close to their mascot…Like “hey my mascot is an Indian and that’s so cool”. They celebrate like the Braves where the Chief runs out of the Tipi every time a homerun is hit..as a young fan myself it seemed so exciting and I thought of him not as a clown, but such a cool ndn. That being said, it Native Americans ( and I have the blood) are offended, and they are, then they should get the same respect as any other race would get…they changed the Aunt Jemima syrup bottle…the name of Sambos restaurant and countless other things including a small river in Alaska…so as not to offend African Americans. This is so obvious about what should be done and it will take the continued voice of all Native American tribes to join together and continue to build and organize. I see that day coming, but it takes a huge crowbar to lever big money and politicians.It’s like the late Anna Mae Pictou Aquash said, The whole country changed with only a handful of raggedy ass pilgrims that came over here in the 1500s. It can take a handful of raggedy ass Indians to do the same and I intend to be one of those raggedy ass Indians.


I’m Canadian and I so sorry about the dumb white people. We should in brace natives since they were here first and never been treated right. Nothing we can do can make any thing better. Just learn from the mistakes . And apologize repeatedly . And so sorry


Hi Key, It’s ignorance Key…but yeah, they don’t know how dumb they sound.


I have to support the natives here. This is insulting to all natives. The native guy in the photo us proud and is standing tall. It goes to show who the better person is. Natives have had to put up with so much crap from wasicu and in the 21st century, it should, by now, be stopped. Come on America, after all they are the First Nation.


Good for you Graham, well said.


The native community is sick and tired with what’s now become a typical motto amongst the majority of people that claim to be of mixed heritage witch is ” I’m half Cherokee/Native American and I don’t find this offensive” or ” Get over it nobody cares” it’s this kind of arrogant dismissal to issues such as cultural appropriation and racist commodification that is incredibly infuriating and damaging as it keeps us divided and compromises our efforts to resolve these far-reaching dilemmas.


Hi Pineda, Exactly and there lies the lack of compassion. My family has Cherokee in our blood, but I’m the only one out of all my siblings that has embraced it. I’ve read about many tribes histories and a great in depth book on The Trail of Tears which really enlightened me to all the history out there the average person has no idea about.It takes more than a bit of blood, it takes an education, otherwise all you get is a bunch of ignorance. These people that say get over it, well, it doesn’t affect their lives and not giving Native Americans respect doesn’t cost them a dime…because as a special interest, Native Americans aren’t powerful enough yet. I do believe it’s coming though, I’m excited to see all the support sites like this one get. When you think about, the Native American is the most marketable, embraceable race there is in this country and that’s power, as long it can be harnessed. This is a step in harnessing that power..take it out of the hands of those who don’t have our best interest at heart.


This is stupid, he is just a fan of a sports teams, which happens to be called the Indians, wouldn’t you all be more disgruntled if he had a real head dress on and the whole get up, in the stadium chugging beers, everybody is worried about the native names for teams just for money, but there are far bigger problems on reservations that people should be worried about


Some of these post are so ridiculous and way more ignorant than the pic. I’m Norwegian and I surely don’t take offense that the viking fans run around with horns on their heads or act like barbarians. Who cares!! All of u leaving negative post are the reason this country can’t get past racism. If I was native I would be honored that people want to dress like a true native american. And even more honored that sports teams want to represent our country and represent those brave natives who originally created this country.I live in spokane, wa and we have a minor league hockey team and guess what people their name is the spokane chefs, and we proudly represent our fellow neighbors the spokane Indian tribe. We also have a minor league baseball team called the spokane indians. Get over yourself and stop being racist!!!!


Maybe you don’t take offense, but I do! Dress like a true Native American? Honored?? I can’t believe you said “Dress like a true Native American” Wow, honored to act like that. You said it, “if I was Native”…that explains it all. God Bless you, Joe, the norwegian.


“Dress like a true Native American”?? Are you serious? You know nothing of our history or you would not have said something so incredibly stupid. The guy is not dressed as a Native American, his costume is a poor mockery of traditional dress.

Vikings were thieves in a boat, pillaging the seas and distant lands; not exactly in the same league as Native Americans.


ahahahahahah joe you crack me up hahahah i dont like when people dress up as a “SO CALLED” native american but it is considered an insult to us because this person had no mind and tried to dress up like us and look like a complete fool and that made us look bad. and lets say this nobody came to this land looking to help. what they did was hateful and poor choice now i hate those immigrants. they only came here to boost their profits didn’t care and didn’t give a damn.


Hi Joe, I understand your perspective, but the big picture rests in the true history of what happened to the Native Americans in this country and how it still affects them today. I really believe if you read about the broken treaties and all the deceptions these honorable, capable warriors endured,along with their families,then you would become more understanding. It’s not so much losing a battle on the field, because they respected that…treaties were born out of the skillful warriors who stood their ground against a more advanced opponent…the US military. So they sat down at tables, shook hands and were defeated with lies on top of lies. This has parts of a once proud civilization still in much pain,with sorrow in their heart and anger in their blood. They want respect, just like any other race , gender based, or sexual orientation special interest group enjoys today. They deserve it the most and get it the least, so now, they are demanding it.

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