Christopher Columbus: Doctrine of Genocide

Posted By Paul G October 7th, 2018 Last Updated on: October 19th, 2018

 Christopher Columbus: Doctrine of Genocide

Read more about the Truth of Christopher Columbus.

Wikipedia describes some of the atrocities he committed:

According to the report, Columbus once punished a man found guilty of stealing corn by having his ears and nose cut off and then selling him into slavery. Testimony recorded in the report stated that Columbus congratulated his brother Bartolomeo on “defending the family” when the latter ordered a woman paraded naked through the streets and then had her tongue cut out for suggesting that Columbus was of lowly birth.[85] The document also describes how Columbus put down native unrest and revolt; he first ordered a brutal crackdown in which many natives were killed and then paraded their dismembered bodies through the streets in an attempt to discourage further rebellion.[86] “Columbus's government was characterised by a form of tyranny,” Consuelo Varela, a Spanish historian who has seen the document, told journalists.[85] “Even those who loved him had to admit the atrocities that had taken place. – Wikipedia

Many cities and states have moved to celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day.


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