Cherokee student’s ID rejected by University Security!

Posted By PowWow Articles May 29th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

A tribal identification card is a federally recognized form of ID, but that wasn't enough for this Maramount University Security Officer. He claimed that the student was presenting a fake ID and even went so far as to threaten calling the police on the student!

Click below to see the video of this confrontation.

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Tom Mathews

As a white person I am shocked the an officer acted so hostile over an ID card. The young man presenting it seemed very calm and did nothing to antagonize the so called officer. What a jerk. This guy needs some PR training or needs to be fired. He isn’t right for this job. As for the ID card, that is new to me. I didn’t know about tribal ID cards. This is a great article.

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