Cedar High School Redmen Drill Team’s Dance Performance

Posted By Paul G March 15th, 2016 Last Updated on: March 15th, 2016

Unfortunately Native appropriation continues this month in a high school in Utah.

The Cedar High School Redmen Drill Team performed at a basketball game recently.  The performance included Native American styled costumes.  The performance included Native music, braided wigs, and dance shawls.

The school met last year with the Piaute tribal council.  The school claims this meeting gave them permission to perform in the costumes.  Tribal council claims that they asked to preview any performance and expressed concerns.  The school never followed up with the tribe.



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Running Doe

really enjoyed all of the dances was wonderful, really like them very much,


Kind of DUMB looking. Now they want to copy some other
culture and take away. (Just like our Lands).

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