Attention: Marvel Casting Call for Native Talent

Are you looking for a chance to get your foot in the door and be on a popular series watched worldwide? 

This is your chance to get involved in something new and exciting and show off your talent. Marvel Studios is currently holding a casting call for Native American talent who are competitive pow wow dancers, singers, and more to snag a spot on the company’s new series called “ECHO.”

That sound like you? Read on for more details!

‘ECHO’ Casting Call Details 

Unsure if you’re ready for this monumental step in your career or aren’t sure if you can work out the logistics of being involved? Before you click away from this page, get the details of this opportunity. 

Not only will you gain the experience in the field and get to put Marvel Studios on your resume, –– you’ll also be compensated for your talent. Hotel and travel will be also be provided to those involved. 


Both Midthunder and Freihofer Casting are working with Marvel Studios to cast Indigenous actors as extras and background performers. Previously, they have cast for productions including “Reservation Dogs,” “Longmire,” “Killers of the Flower Moon,” and “American Underdog.”

This casting call is seeking out local and non-local Native talent who can dance, sing, or perform as royalty, and need extra parts filled as well.  


“ECHO” will film outside of Atlanta, Georgia. To travel to this location, the production will compensate those cast up to $350 each way. They will also help with lodging expenses, which is a valuable bonus! 


If you’re interested, go ahead and mark your calendar for the end of July and early August (specific dates to be set soon), and make sure you’re available for two to three weeks. 


Native talent may apply by submitting the ECHO Pow Wow Casting Application Form or by emailing with the information listed on their site

Bookmark this page and share this article with others! Don’t waste too much time thinking about it –– you don’t want your big chance to fly by! 

Apply today! 

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  • Joseph Whitebird


    Show me the way. I am interested

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