Canyon Records Newest Native American Superstar: Jonah Littlesunday!

Posted By PowWows.com October 12th, 2015 Last Updated on: October 15th, 2016

Jonah Littlesunday!

Jonah Littlesunday!



Native American flutist Jonah Littlesunday has joined famed Canyon Records as a recording artist! A full-blooded Navajo from Grey Mountain, Arizona, Jonah Littlesunday has been playing the Native American Flute since the age of 14. Jonah gained media attention when he journeyed to Los Angeles to audition for NBC's America's Got Talent Season 10. The experience refocused Jonah on his musical career and since then he has performed across the country. Most recently he performed at the Gathering of the North American Flute in Flagstaff, Arizona alongside fellow Canyon artists Grammy-nominated R. Carlos Nakai and Tony Duncan and shared the stage with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. Canyon Records reports that they are “honored to be working with Jonah and look forward to bringing Jonah's artistry to a wider audience.” Jonah Littlesunday joined us to share the excitement!!!

Canyon Records' Newest Talent!

Canyon Records' Newest Talent!

Q)How do you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it yet? What gives your music such a powerful sound?

A) My music, started out meditational. Then I changed it to up beat and uplifting. Mostly because I perform a lot for children. Which led me to Flute Comedy.

Q) When did you first perform for an audience? What are some of your best, performing memories?

A) I never planned on doing anything with my music. I was content with doing small things. I was invited to perform for the 2015 Navajo Presidential Inauguration. Huge Press was there. A giant Jumbo tron. Like a sold out NBA Basketball game. –I forgot my name and threw up afterwards. lol. Then found out later by a reporter in my hometown that it was on live tv. Not my Vomit. But certaintly when my mic dropped and I forgot to shake the new Vice President and President's hands!!! Navajos are big on Hand shaking! Haha!

Q) How did you know that music was your passion? Who taught music to you?

A) I was fourteen. When I picked up my flute and started to immediately make sounds that appealed to my animals. I grew up in two places. The Navajo Reservation and Flagstaff, Arizona. Grey Mountain, was the place I lived. We had what you would call a Navajo Ranch. Horses, cattle, sheep, small crops, chicken and lots of bugs. I loved it. I had a horse, who was a pain. I her name was Sandy. A 3 old, green-bronc, Quarter Horse. After a few weeks of playing for her, I had a saddle and was riding her. Before she was pretty aggressive. I, herd sheep a lot. Okay, I was a sheep-herder. Only my wife found it sexy. I am self-taught on the Flute. But my first exposure and inspiration of another flutist, is Robert Tree Cody.

Q) Legendary flute player! How did he impact your music?

A) Northern Arizona University, had a Powwow. I was invited along with my family. They brought Robert Tree Cody from California, for me to meet him. It was astounding. I even got to perform with him. I was honored with a new flute, grocery, toys for my kids. Before, going to the Powwow, I was really embarrassed to attend. I felt I let everyone down. But once the MC, Rick Yazzie, told about Robert Tree Cody. I could not miss it.

Q) How does Native American identity and culture appear in your music? How does Native tradition shape your songs?

A) The sound and styles of the Flute pretty much identifies itself. Playing the Native American Flute can be transcendent. It uses, can be used on animals, patients in hospitals, anxiety, and even mourning. Especially meditational. Living on the Rez, being among my people and all the ceremonies, is normal for me. When I play the flute, it’s my past, present and future. It’s a part of me. I can only express myself, my grandparents and my people.


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