Canadian Children’s Book Teaches Natives Willingly “Moved out” For Europeans

Canadian Children’s Book Teaches Natives Willingly “Moved out” For Europeans

Posted By Jazmyn Espinoza-Church January 30th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 30th, 2018

Facebook erupted after one mom brought an issue to the public's attention.

She bought her 8 year old an educational book on Canadian curriculum and was horrified at what she found.

The section on Canadian history wrongfully explained that when European settlers landed in the Americas they needed a place to stay so “the first nations people agreed to move” and willingly gave up their land.


Hundreds of years of oppression, genocide, and forced removal of Firsts Nations people says otherwise.

The post, taking in thousands of shares and hundreds of disgusted comments read:

“…….Excuse me. Why are companies able to publish such blatant LIES in children’s Notebooks?!?! Not impressed at all.  I had to explain to an 8 year old why I was so uneasy about this.

How many more books,lessons etc are out there – like this!?

This is why the MAJORITY of people are so clueless when in comes to the reality of the suffering, oppression and INJUSTICE that First Nations (Aboriginal) Peoples have been subjected to for DECADES!

How are people suppose to begin TRYING to heal when the future leaders of our country are being exposed to this non-sense… a biased, minimized account of an on going issue that holds so much pain.”

Clarification : This is not given by schools. (Nor did I say it was) It is sold in multiple places as a “supplement” to be worked on outside of the school setting. Still not okay. Something to be brought to the attention of the publisher .

For anyone looking to contact the publisher:

Popular Book Company (Canada) Limited

15 Wertheim Court
Units 602-603
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3H7

Tel: (905) 731-9827
Toll-free: 1-(844) 731-9827

Fax: (905) 731-8499
Toll-free Fax: 1-(844) 731-8499

E-mail: [email protected]

Misrepresentation of the history of First Nations and Native American people is a huge issue.

What are your thoughts on the publication of this?

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Children’s Book Teaches Natives Willingly “Moved out” For Europeans

    • Kevin says:

      This is a clear indication to the word “systemic” when used in reference to an overall bias or stereotype, against Indigenous Peoples. Every level of government, education, and organized authority in Canada is to some degree, “steeped” in their ignorance of the Truth of what Indigenous people have gone through for over 400 years! (This didn’t begin with Residential schools, it reaches much farther back than that.) It’s up to our people and those who support us, to teach and support Truth and Reconciliation. However, There is good reason to Hope! Governments, Education and many individuals have begun to do many good things to change this, but together, we have a long way to go! Let’s keep pushing past these oversights and Teach! Teach! Teach! @Asonkanihkewak

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