Canada’s new television series “Taken” focuses on Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

Canada’s new television series “Taken” focuses on Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

Posted By PowWow Articles October 1st, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

A new television series Taken brings focus to the many missing and murdered Indigenous women throughout Canada. The series is hosted by Lisa Meeches and each episode focuses on a different woman's story.

Click the link below to see more info on the series and where to tune in.

About Taken:

Riveting, spine-chilling, important television, Taken confronts, head-on, the clues that link the stories of these missing and murdered women and the hope of all Canadians to resolve this tragic reality for Indigenous women, and for our nation.

The host, Lisa Meeches is a recognizable presence across Canada, having produced numerous projects to critical acclaim, including The Sharing Circle, Canada’s longest running Indigenous television series.

Lisa has also been the recipient of many local, regional, and national awards for her exemplary contributions in culture, media, and entrepreneurship.


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Viney Loveland

I would love to see this series…..I live in New Hampshire, USA.

Arlene Stone

Will “Taken” be available in The United States via Spectrum Cable?

I live in Ashland Oregon and would love to be able to watch this series!!

William Gouveia

We visited Indian Brook Reserve In Nova Scotia last month and were shocked to see the poor condition of the grave of Anna Mae Aquash, who was a Micmac native campaigner for native women’s rights and for her efforts was murdered. We emailed the chief of the reserve as well as the Grand Chief who chaired this year’s conference in Fredericton during which he acknowledged the need to meet the crisis of missing and murdered native women. TO date we have not received any reply from either chief. We need to act and not just talk about this crisis. Honoring Anna Mae with a fitting memorial could be a symbol of that commitment or change.


A’ Ho! Anna Mae deserves, at the very least, a fitting memorial. I would travel from Boston to attend a memorial service to honor her.

Louise McDonald

Hello my name is Louise and my GrandFather was Mi’kmaq Indian he came from Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. Anna Mae Aquash could be a member of my family my GGGrandParents were full Blood Mi’kmaq Indians. My DNA tells me I have Mi’kmaq Indian in me also.GrandFather came to America in the early 1900’s by Ship I believe by gum point he was made to get on that Ship along with his Brother and Sister all Mi’kmaq Indians, there last name was changed from GooGoo! to Chaumable then to Martin to sound more American. I ‘m sorry to hear about Anna Mea Aquash she must of been a very strong Beautiful women who loved her People. I live in Iowa. I hope I’ll be able to watch your TV Series Taken! I wish you all the luck in this Wonderful place we call Home Mother Earth. Your Friend Louise


Is this series available in the states? i am in New York, and have managed to see many Canadian shows-hope to include this one.


This looks so great, I’m in Sydney and was wondering how I might be able to view this? Be happy to pay for privilege.


Renea, I couldn’t reply directly to your comment – you can share this article on FB and other medias you belong to. Tell them they should be able to watch this on the internet. I agree that this information is not known in the states.

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