Bodak Yellow Challenge Pow Wow Style

Have you heard Cardi B's song Bodak Yellow?

People have taken up the challenge to lyrics to fit their own life.

Our own Corinne Oestreich took up the challenge – Pow Wow Style!

Check out her version of Bodak Yellow below!


Say Wasiču,
you can’t mess with me if you wanted to.
These expensive, these is moccasins, fully beaded shoes.
Otter ties, I can get em’ both.
I don’t wanna choose.
and that chair that’s an Elder’s seat so don’t get comfortable, look..
I don’t snag now, I make Jingle moves.
Say I don’t gotta snag, I make Fancy moves.
If I see you’n I don’t speak, that means powwow snobs are here,
and my boss, I’m a worker bee and I know the Judge.
Northern Cree, Black Lodge Singers who? Let's find out n’ see.
Cop CDs, you know where I’m at, you know where I be.
I’m in the shade with my Nikon taking pics of friends for free.
I be in and out their face so much these dancers tired of me.
Honestly, don’t give a care ‘bout who in front of me.
Got that zoom lens on my camera get past people tryin’ to see.
Brother Adam is a Crow, don’t let these Crows bother me.
He takes pictures, he say pose. He be who I’m tryin’ to be.
Look, I might just show up too late,
I might just come for the food,
I might just spill on your cape,
our powwow down by the lake,
we want to swim during break I’m like ok,
I get my kids what they want,
ribbon shirts and a new wand,
and a new ring, Greg gunna give me a horse,
Kevin and stewart of course..
I’m the hottest in the streets.
Know you probably heard of me,
got to go to the Grammys,
hope you folks know it ain’t cheap.
And I pay these powwow bills,
I aint got no time to chill,
These hotels be bookin’ fees and run-in’ up my powwow bill.
If you Teen Jingle you get top, you a Fancy you gon’ cop!
Judges come around your way, get that footwork and don’t stop!
And potato dancers come tryin’ to get rich get rich get rich,
I put my hand up on my hip I betchu dip he dip she dip.
We win. We get the money and go,
we buy-in’ gas and cheetos,
pendleton’s savin' our spots,
Instagram all of these shots.
I just pulled up in a volks,
cuzzins with all of these folks.
I just came for the parade, beadwork and horses for days.
I need to let all these Crows know that non of they’re horses are safe!
We countin’ coupe with the State, only the real can relate.
Nataani got rhymes that don’t always pay.
Got to let these Natives know,
in case they colonized your mind,
speak your language know your clan, and then you’ll be decolonized.

Have you taken the challenge?  Share yours with us!

About Corinne Oestreich

Corinne Oestreich (Mohawk/Lakota) has been a writer with since 2014. She lives in the state of CA, and enjoys attending and photographing many of the Northern CA powwows and events. She owns her own photography business and is also a Fellow with Changemaker Initiative in partnership with Ashoka.

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