Beautiful Indigenous Photos Take Over #RealSkins Hashtag on Instagram

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown December 13th, 2017 Blog

TJ Warren (Diné), a chicken dancer based out of Canada, calls himself many things. Father. Artist. Educator.

He also recently tagged himself on Instagram as #realskins, a hashtag that has gone viral in recent days.

In the post below you'll see why.

Help me out 🙃 also following the project by searching #realskins

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Well, people answered the call and there are hundreds of photos of Indigenous folks in their regalia and traditional clothing.

#realskins #creestyle #creenation #nehiyaw #dancer #educator #performer #artist #beader #mother 📸 by @deloriamanygrey

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#realskins #MHA #Dakota #Lakota #Nakoda #Family

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We are alive & thriving ✊🏽#realskins #dinénation #ojibwe #student #sister

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#realskins #dinéasdzáán

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If you scroll all the way through to the end of the #realskins hashtag on Instagram, you might notice some other photos that don't really match up. That's because some Washington Redsk*ns fans also use that tag, which Warren mentions in this follow up post:

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Keep it up everyone and keep using that #realskins hashtag.

I love seeing all the different nations being represented!

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One thought on “Beautiful Indigenous Photos Take Over #RealSkins Hashtag on Instagram

  1. Gilbert says:

    Certainly beautiful pictures. I attend as many Pow Wwos as I can but I have a lot to learn. Some dance styles I reconize and others I do not but all are enjoyable.

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