Bear Claw Casino Pow Wow 2014

Posted By Becky Hope November 9th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 9th, 2014

Category Name Place


Sr. Mens Traditional Tobias Provost 1


Sr. Mens Traditional Patrick Mcnabb 2


Sr. Mens Traditional Howe Thomson 3


Sr. Mens Traditional Faron Tanner 4


Sr. Mens Traditional Gene Quellete 5


Sr Mens Grass Ron Mcnab 1


Sr Mens Grass Byron Goodwill 2


Sr Mens Grass Kevin Nahnet Powisk 3


Sr Mens Grass Michael Andrew 4


Sr Mens Grass Angus Mcadam 5


Sr Mens Fancy Sim Thunderchild 1


Sr Mens Fancy Rerence Brown 2


Sr Mens Fancy Dennis Taylor 3



Sr Mens Fancy Keth Tanner 4



Sr Womans Traditional Andrea Redman 1


Sr Womans Traditional Lolita Redman Brown 2


Sr Womans Traditional Violet Naytowhow 3



Sr Womans Traditional Edna bad Eagle 4



Sr Womans Traditional Bernice Thompson 5


Sr Womens Jingle Jolene Redman 1


Sr Womens Jingle Melinda Goodwill 2


Sr Womens Jingle Rowena Roberts 3


Sr Womens Jingle Bernantte Badger 4


Sr Womens Jingle Sandra Razor 5


Sr womens Fancy Irene Dakes 1


Sr womens Fancy Lisa Ewack 2


Sr womens Fancy Christine Deter 3


Sr womens Fancy Nora Mcadam 4


JR. Men's Chicken Alwyn Foureysis 1


JR. Men's Chicken Tj Warren 2


JR. Men's Chicken Rooster Topsky 3


JR. Men's Chicken Lance Mcnab 4


JR. Men's Chicken Cody Rabbit 5


JR, Men's Traditional Ardel Scalplock 1


JR, Men's Traditional Eli Snow 2


JR, Men's Traditional Vee WhiteHorse 3


JR, Men's Traditional Keth Tacan 4


JR, Men's Traditional Rising Sun Kaysaywayemat 5


JR. Men's Grass Dusty Hanska 1


JR. Men's Grass Elijah Provost 2


JR. Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 3


JR. Men's Grass Aj Redman 4


JR. Men's Grass Terrance Mcnab 5


JR. Men's Fancy Kenny Pratt JR 1


JR. Men's Fancy Lance Yazzie 2


JR. Men's Fancy Teddy Bison 3


JR. Men's Fancy Jason Taylor 4


JR. Men's Fancy Terrance Brown JR 5


JR. Women's Tarditional Tierra Labell 1


JR. Women's Tarditional Tara White Horse 2


JR. Women's Tarditional Brayden Ben Joe 3


JR. Women's Tarditional Natasha Nesbit 4


JR. Women's Tarditional Tashena Bison 5


JR. Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 1


JR. Women's Jingle Mallory Oakes 2


JR. Women's Jingle Ashlegh Bonase 3


JR. Women's Jingle Elisse Lavallee 4


JR. Women's Jingle Amanda Ironstar 5


JR. Women's fancy Laryn Oakes 1


JR. Women's fancy Nadina Obey 2


JR. Women's fancy Tatyana Brown 3


JR. Women's fancy Ashlyn Mcarthur 4


JR. Women's fancy Kaley Redman 5


Teen Boy's Chicken Skyler Yellowhar 1


Teen Boy's Chicken Brayden Severight 2


Teen Boy's Chicken Levi Kinistino 3


Teen Boy's Chicken CJ ThunderSpirit 4


Teen Boy's Chicken Jack Peyachew 5


Teen Boy's Tarditional Teddy Yuzicappi 1


Teen Boy's Tarditional Kelsey straBalnker JR 2


Teen Boy's Tarditional Stephen Bunn 3


Teen Boy's Tarditional Morley Taylor 4


Teen Boy's Tarditional Wyatt Brown 5


Teen Boy's Grass Anden Daniels 1


Teen Boy's Grass CJ Kaswatum 2


Teen Boy's Grass Serrain Yellowchair 3


Teen Boy's Grass Elijah Poorman 4


Teen Boy's Grass Isaac BitterNose 5


Teen Boy's Fancy Kaanji Noon 1


Teen Boy's Fancy Darian Brown 2


Teen Boy's Fancy Brenden Patrick 3


Teen Girl's Traditional Kaliegh Starblanket 1


Teen Girl's Traditional Alexis Isnana 2


Teen Girl's Traditional Jaydeen Bill 3



Teen Girl's Traditional Danetta Brown 4


Teen Girl's Traditional Jessica Friday 5


Teen Girl's Jingle Faith Ketchemona 1


Teen Girl's Jingle Kyla Henry 2


Teen Girl's Jingle Dominque Kaswatum 3


Teen Girl's Jingle Clara Ironstar 4


Teen Girl's Jingle Kendra Bellegarce okane 5


Teen Girl's Fancy Oke-Twsha Robert 1


Teen Girl's Fancy Suraya Yuzcapi 2


Teen Girl's Fancy Prairie Rose Mcadam 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Chereese Mckay 4


Teen Girl's Fancy Dayna Rayne Morn 5


Men's Golden Age Royce King Biro 1


Men's Golden Age Mike Laliberte 2


Men's Golden Age Donny Mckay 3


Men's Golden Age Roy Crazy Horse Bison 4


Men's Golden Age Wilson Roberts 5


Women's Golden Age Dianne Goodwill Mckay 1


Women's Golden Age Sharon Roberts 2


Women's Golden Age Donna Pratt 3


Women's Golden Age Elsie Wuitunnee 4


Women's Golden Age Beverly Yuzicappi 5


Junior Boy's Chicken Deo Topsky 1


Junior Boy's Chicken Muh Jutheen Roberts 2


Junior Boy's Chicken Isiah Kaswatum 3


Junior Boy's Chicken Kwyn YellowHair 4


Junior   Boy's Tradiotional Isiah Mcnabb 1


Junior   Boy's Tradiotional Boson Peters 2


Junior   Boy's Tradiotional Quanah Bellegrade Okane 3


Junior   Boy's Tradiotional Blaze Standing Ready 4


Junior Boy's Grass Raynen Mcnab 1


Junior Boy's Grass Rylan Bellegarde 2


Junior Boy's Grass Dj Wajanta 3


Junior Boy's Grass Louie Peters 4


Junior Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan 1


Junior Boy's Fancy Vicent Obey 2


Junior Boy's Fancy Cole Partick 3


Junior Boy's Fancy Logan Taylor 4


Junior Boy's Fancy Elijah Waditaka 5


Junior Girl's Fancy Landis Roan 1


Junior Girl's Fancy Harmony Spedel 2


Junior Girl's Fancy Kaylen Topsky 3


Junior Girl's Fancy Deimaye Meeches 4


Junior Girl's Fancy mikwaria Harris 5


Junior Girl's traditional Tessa Holds The Enemyiab 1


Junior Girl's traditional Shundeen Whitehorse 2


Junior Girl's traditional Amya Goodeagle 3


Junior Girl's traditional Penny Campeau 4


Junior Girl's traditional Aurora Nelson 5


Junior Girl's Jingle Yanabah Whitehorse 1


Junior Girl's Jingle Serene Oakes 2


Junior Girl's Jingle Chante Speidel 3


Junior Girl's Jingle Emma Missyabit 4


Junior Girl's Jingle Candy Campeau 5


Junior Boy's Grass Colter Cook 1


Junior Boy's Grass Mu-Juhteen Roberts 2


Junior Boy's Grass Peyton whiteBuffalo 3


Junior Boy's Grass Laz Nepoose 4


Junior Boy's Grass Tai Ty Bird 5


Men's Golden Age Traditional Timothy Eashappeie SR 1


Men's Golden Age Traditional Mike Lauberte 2


Men's Golden Age Traditional Garry Sinclair 3


Men's Golden Age Traditional Dennis Francis 4


Men's Golden Age Traditional Cecil Nepoose 5


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