Beading Beauty: Julisa Quewezance, Ojibwe Beadworker!!!

Posted By PowWows.com January 28th, 2015 Last Updated on: January 28th, 2015

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor


DK:Stunning Beadwork!We are delighted to visit with you! Please tell us about yourself?

JQ: Its nice to visit with you as well, Miss Dawn! My name is Julisa Quewezance, Im an Ojibwe woman from Saskatchewan, Canada.

DK: Your work is so pretty! Do you remember the early days of beading?

JQ: When I first started beading, I was so keen on learning everything! I had piles of onesided projects sitting around and plates of mixed beads from projects unfinished!

DK: Hahahaha! I totally understand! I'm working on projects, but still shopping for more beads!Hahahaha! Who taught you to bead?

JQ: A dear friend of mine, whom I was living with at the time was into it, so I decided I'd give it a go at the time. I've been hooked ever since!


DK: As a Native artist,how does beading bind you to your heritage?

JQ: It's a passion of mine, so I make sure to put love into every last stitch and am proud to show off and send off my work. I've sent my work all the way to Australia, New Zealand and all over US and Canada, just to name a few! I wasn't raised traditionally, but I do value the teachings and traditions as much as the next person. My mother in law has had a huge impact on my want to live more traditionally, since you never stop learning!

DK: Now that you have accomplished international renown, what qualities do you think distinguish an excellent beader?

JQ: Patience! Haha. Patience and positivity and confidence in yourself and your ability.


DK: Always! Tell us about your creative process?

JQ: I try to think out of the box when I am coming up with a piece, and a lot of my customers have given me the creative freedom to do with what I see fit with their orders. With that on the table, I can open up my imagination to all new color palettes and new designs. I love making everything one of a kind, I don't duplicate anything.

DK: Thank you so much for sharing with us! Where can we see more of your beadwork and maybe obtain some for ourselves?

JQ: I have a Facebook page called Little Turtle Creations, I post my work on there and am always taking orders!

DK: We love powwows and beading and we can tell you do,too! Anything else you'd like us to learn about you?

JQ: I love peyote stitch, I also love embellishing and adding my own unique twist to each piece that I make. I take my inspiration from today's trends, and nature, all the way down to the colors on powwow regalia!



DK:Thanks for beading so beautifully!Thanks for sharing with us today!

JQ: Thank you!

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Kimberly yeasley

I would love an Indian beaded cane I use a cane and I would love one I’m Indian please reply back

Lynda Scott

Does anyone know where we can purchase a beaded cane? My sister doesn’t use her cane and she should. I know of she had an Indian beaded cane she would never leave home without it. Thank you, Lynda

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