Beaded VEST Native American Rose and Tepee design Apache Plains beadwork style – eBay Find of the Week

Posted By PowWow Articles April 23rd, 2014 Last Updated on: April 23rd, 2014

This is a small to medium sized vest. It has a black wool trade cloth back and the back is lined with black satiny fabric.The measurements are:
20″ from one armpit to the other straight across the front
17″ from top of shoulder seam to front bottom of vest
22″ circumference of each arm hole (very roomy)
15 3/4″ from scooped back neck seam to back bottom

This vest is the work of 3 ladies, Debbie K., Chippewa did the rosettes at the bottom,Dee M., Papago & Azteca, did the rose and leaves, Osalita, Cherokee/Choctaw did the Tepee with a warm fire inside and smoke coming from the top, plus the ‘rope' design beading along the edges.

This type of beading is mostly Apache Plains style, and the Plains Apache did make their homes in the form of a tepee. The rope style of beading on the edges of often seen in Apache beadwork. This vest is about 8 years old.

This leather is creamy colored and softly tanned sheep hide, and the tie closures at the front are brain tanned buckskin, also very soft yet durable.

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