Attention Native Business Leaders: Pow Wow Pitch Your Way to $20K!

Attention Native Business Leaders: Pow Wow Pitch Your Way to $20K!

Posted By BrittanyLCerny July 16th, 2021 Last Updated on: July 19th, 2021

Are you an indigenous entrepreneur eager to get your business ideas in front of the right audience? Maybe you've tried other avenues or perhaps you just don’t know where to start. Whether you're a novice to the world of entrepreneurship or just want to step up your game, Pow Wow Pitch 2021 is your chance to shine.

What is Pow Wow Pitch?

Pow Wow Pitch is a competition for indigenous business leaders living in Canada, the United States, or Mexico. They will have an opportunity to pitch their idea to a group of judges, who will assess their presentation, execution and motivation in selecting the winners. 

If you meet the qualifications for Pow Wow Pitch and can be convincing and persuasive—go for it! Let the world know about your unique and game-changing business model

7 Reasons to Pitch

Pow Wow Pitch encourages individuals to pitch for these 7 reasons:

  1. $50,000 in prizes ranging from $500 to $25,000 CAD ($19,826.12 USD).
  2. Gain exposure to grow faster.
  3. Become eligible for the Pow Wow Pitch Box Program, where we buy and distribute up to 250 units of your products.
  4. Get access to the Seed Fund to scale up.
  5. Pair up with one of our mentors, committed to your success.
  6. Access free tools and opportunities to grow your business.
  7. Join a community of Indigenous innovators, makers, artists, and builders making a difference in their community.

With those incentives, who wouldn’t want to try?

The Pow Wow Pitch Timeline

The deadline for the application and video submission is July 31, 2021, so get moving! 

On August 9, 150 semi-finalists will be announced, so don’t worry if you think the pitch wasn’t perfect—your chances are great. Just do your best! Between Aug. 16 and Aug. 24, semi-finalists will prepare for the actual Pow Wow Pitch in front of an audience and camera. 

After that, you’ll have some time to chill out until they announce the last 25 finalists, who will pitch again on film Oct. 12. 

By Oct. 20, the episode will be broadcast and the winners will be announced! 

If becoming a successful entrepreneur is your dream and you have a unique, fleshed-out concept, this is your chance to be seen and heard. Remember—your first pitch is due via video submission. If you have a bit of stage fright, fear not! You can practice until your video is to your liking. 

Need some tips on creating your perfect video pitch? Watch this.

By the end of this session, you will be able to prepare and submit your pitch for Pow Wow Pitch and confidently prepare, practice, and master your pitch as you grow your business.

Good luck to those of you who decide to join in on Pow Wow Pitch! 

Follow Pow Wow Pitch on Instagram to stay up-to-date with what they are doing.

Featured image courtesy Pow Wow Pitch

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osiyo wado so much for sharing, tsaliga

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