Attention Native Artists: Design Your Own Wool Blanket, Win $30K In Prizes!

Attention Native Artists: Design Your Own Wool Blanket, Win $30K In Prizes!

Posted By Jared McKiernan May 26th, 2021 Last Updated on: May 26th, 2021

Ever wanted to try your hand at designing your own wool blanket? Well, Eighth Generation, a Seattle-based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe, is handing out $30,000 in prizes for the very best wool blanket designs from Native artists. 

Eighth Generation also held the contest in 2017 and 2019, but this is its biggest one yet. This year, Eighth Generation—the first Native-owned company to offer wool blankets—is choosing not one, but three, artist designs for three separate wool blanket categories.

The three grand prizes will have an Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of $10,000 each, which includes monetary compensation of $3,000 for creating a custom wool blanket design with Eighth Generation and 30 blankets with an ARV of $7,000.

“Our third contest will be an unparalleled virtual gathering of Native artistic talent,” said Serene Lawrence (Ojibwe/Hopi), Eighth Generation’s Chief Operations Officer. “In addition to selecting three winners, we will dedicate our resources to highlighting as many artist submissions as possible. The contest is our way of sharing our success with the community.”

This contest, which is open to indigenous artists living in the United States and Canada, kicked off May 25, 2021, and ends July 6, 2021.

Here are more details:

Wool Blanket Contest Details

3 Blanket Categories

  1. A Warrior Blanket—to honor the people who sacrifice for our way of life 
  2. An Elder Blanket—to honor those who laid the groundwork for future generations
  3. A People's Choice Blanket—designed by a community-engaged artist

The Warrior Advisory Committee and an Elder Advisory Committees will assist in the selection of the winner for their respective categories. The People's Choice blanket will be selected with the help of members of the community. 

How To Apply

  • You do not have to create a new blanket design to submit.
  • Upload a design that best represents the artistry you're most proud of.
  • Upload any of your existing art for one category: Warrior, Elder or People's Choice.
  • Entries will be accepted via this form.
  • Submissions will not be accepted through any social media accounts.
  • Images should be no more than 2 MB in size.

Winner Selection

Winners will be announced in August 2021.

General artist entries will be highlighted on Eighth Generation's social media platforms throughout the contest. Finalists will be announced via Eighth Generation's blog and on social media.

Past contest winners include David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian), Jared Yazzie (Diné) of OXDX, and Geo Neptune (Passamaquoddy at Indian Township), who have all gone on to create additional products with Eighth Generation after their wool blankets launched.

With a flagship retail store in Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market—Eighth Generation provides a strong, ethical alternative to “Native-inspired” art and products through its artist-centric approach and 100 percent Native-designed products. Its Inspired Natives™ Project, anchored by its tagline “Inspired Natives™, not “Native-inspired,” works to build business capacity among cultural artists while addressing the economic impact of cultural appropriation.

More information regarding the prize and any other exceptions can be found in the Official Rules.



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