Are You Buying His Argument For Wearing This Headdress?

Are You Buying His Argument For Wearing This Headdress?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown September 21st, 2015 Blog

One of our readers brought this singer to our attention and we thought you might find his choice of headgear very interesting. His name is Richie Giese and his musical project is Social Repose, listed under the Electronic Dance Pop genre. Now this post isn't about his music, it's about his outfit and why he chooses to wear this headdress. It seems that many people have approached him about the headdress, saying that it was offensive to Natives and he shouldn't be wearing it. So many in fact that he feels the need to justify his use of the headdress in this video.

Take a listen below:

Why I choose to wear the headdress (and whys its ok).Share this with your franzzz

Posted by Social Repose on Saturday, August 1, 2015

So it seems that he has made up his mind and is not budging on the issue. He's even selling t-shirts to his fans that have a cartoon version of his likeness with the headdress on, so I'm assuming he's not taking this off any time soon. What would you say to him if you met up with him in person? Feel free to sound off on his fan page at

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65 thoughts on “Are You Buying His Argument For Wearing This Headdress?

  1. Guemesbill says:

    If I was to meet this person..I wouldn’t say much..but what I would do is another issue..and I know his thoughts would be to never wear a headdress again. And that cheesy smile would be gone..

    • Craig Apelbaum says:

      The headdress should not be worn at all. Only full blooded Native American men or women that hold the office of Chief can wear this at special occasions only with their families.
      Or to be displayed in your home. That`s it.

      • just stop… Not everything has to be politically correct and it is a country where your are free to do a lot of things under certain rules, and Richie is not breaking any laws nor do actual native Americans take offense to it so don’t even defend something your not it’s like when stupid young liberals defend Isis and the first thing Isis would do if they took over is kill everyone who’s not them pretty much

        • Stephen Godfrey says:

          You have actually spoken to Native Americans and they say they are not offended by his wearing the headdress. Right?

          I am Choctaw and I am GREATLY offended by him wearing the headdress and showing lack of respect to Native American customs.

        • Haloke says:

          That’s funny because Social Reject got so triggered after I left comments telling him not to wear a headdress a couple years back that he made a video about it after blocking me in a huge circlejerk comment chain with his underage female fans crapping on natives. So talk about political correctness.. your gay emo boytoy is a shining example of being offended at everything so much that he has to get his mentally stunted fans to defend him over it.

      • dontbdumb says:


        I am a card carrying Native American and I do take offense to him wearing it. It has nothing to do with laws. (Hint: if you would actually educate yourself on Native Americans, you would find that they didn’t really feel like laws and ownership where necessary. Part of why they were wiped out so quickly and ferociously. That and the blankets covered in disease to which they were not immune.) It isn’t about breaking a law. It is about dishonoring a heritage. It is about thinking your need for uniqueness and attention is more important than another’s inherited identity. MY family were forced to give up their lands that stretched from NY to deleware. MY family was forced to move to Oklahoma and live on reservations. I suffer from offensive stereotypes used as sports mascots. He doesn’t have the right to say MY heritage isn’t worth his “looking cool”. And you don’t have a right to state that MY concern over MY heritage isn’t worth anything because “it doesn’t break any laws”.

        • Garrison Bennett says:

          i agree with you beacause im a native americans (navajo) and i respect my ways of being a navajo and its not right for other people who dose things like that and my people was taken from our land and walked back. a lot of my people died on that walk and in the came that we stayed and leave native alone want to reach me at [email protected]

        • William Muse says:

          Sorry for your family’s tribulations. But this young kid didn’t cause them. I doubt if you can honestly say you have ever seen a native american in a duck feathered headdress.
          His look should not threaten your conception of your own heritage.
          Stop being a big baby.

        • hatethewhites says:

          Thank you so much for this comment. I’m a Choctaw Native and he had recently been invited to AnimeMidwest. The fact these fucking people have the audacity to have him as a guest and have him wearing his disgusting offensive “costume” has me gagging. Hope he rots.

      • Atoli Silversky says:

        If it were an actual headdress I would agree with you. But it’s not. It’s a bunch of plastic with feathers on it in the likeness of a headdress. Where is all the social rage when teenage girls buy slutty Native American costumes for holloween? There isn’t any because it’s not actual headdresses just a costume in the likeness of headdresses. Find something to do with your life that makes you so busy you have less time to judge other people and more time to just do you.

      • Brooke says:

        Gtfo no one cares. He’s allowed to wear what he wants. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    • It is okay for him to wear what ever he wants due to the fact America is a free country. More so the only similarities with a traditional native American headdress is the shape, NA headdresses are never black for the means death and they are made of eagle feathers and his is made of duck (aND egale feathers are illegal to own) all in all he has the right to wear a headdress if he pleases and you can dress like a basic bitch.

      Thanks for reading.:3

    • Colin says:

      Have any of you ever won a medal for a race, or a sport or anything? If you have, You cant wear it, because it offends me. As a Vet, wearing anything that resembles a medal is dishonorable to fallen soldiers everywhere, of every color. You see how ludicrous this has gotten? He states in his video, it is NOT a traditional headdress. There are many pictures OF NATIVE AMERICANS wearing NON-NATIVE headdresses as well. The point comes full circle. He is not going around, making pow wow jokes and yelling “HOW” at the top of his lungs, playing cowboys and Indians. He is a kid, wearing a headdress, THAT RESEMBLES traditional headdresses. If he was dawning a traditional headdress, I would fully agree with the fact that he shouldnt wear it. Problem is, he isnt doing anything to offend NA culture. And it shouldnt be taken as such. We need to stop being a world of “Offense”. Everything now a days is offensive, and not politically correct. Does that mean everything is okay? No. But it sure as hell means we should give this kid his 5 minutes to explain himself, and not sell ourselves as a bunch of ignorant asshats that cant look past our own ego. This is America. If you dont like it, Dont support it. You dont have to. You do have the right to talk about it, and be offended, and not agree with everyone. But you also should use that freedom to understand that there are two sides to every coin. Despite one side may be dirtier than the other.

      • dontbdumb says:

        You may want to ask your daddy about this because you are obviously too young, but these are the same arguements for not giving women sufferage, for using jim crow laws, and for pushing proposition 8.

        One day you will realize how careless and hatefilled you are and it will probably be a day of shame for you. I only hope that you learn from it and try to make a mends. Because otherwise, I won’t be the only person who pities you.

        • Oh please! Leave it to liberals to call people “young” to try to defend their pansy ass “everybody that’s not a leftist is pure hate” BS! The guy said he is a veteran, so he’s obviously not a kid. And not to mention, one’s age doesn’t necessarily define his or her wisdom or knowledge. Why do liberals ALWAYS, ALWAYS use this in an argument? Is it because all of your candidates these days are old and falling apart that you view anyone who defies the leftist agenda as “too young to know any better”? It’s like snot nosed kids on the playground pitting over each other about “who’s park it is” because I’m “this many” and the others don’t have enough fingers up. It’s childish and weak. People who use that in arguments shouldn’t be taken seriously because of the fact that they resort to these childish tactics. With that being said, stop with the politically correct self-censoring BS. It’s doing nobody any favors. You’re probably in that same camp of people who get offended whenever a non-native asks you something along the lines of “do you get free money and checks?” or “did your people live in tepees?”. We all know how bad we are misrepresented as a group of people, ethnicities and cultures in the general media and popular belief, we all know that the school system, media, and most history books don’t do much in our favor when it comes to educating non-natives about who we are. So why get butt-hurt when someon asks these sorts of questions? They don’t know any better because they’ve never dived into native cultures enough to really understand, when they know is from the sources I’ve mentioned above. We need to be patient with these people and educate them ourselves when these situations arise. I’ve never been offended by these questions, and if anything, I’m honored to be put in that position to be able to tell them first hand, from the source. Don’t hate, educate. And it ain’t just white people who ask these questions (as the buzzfeed video on YouTube would blindly lead people to believe), I’ve been asked this by black people, asians, and especially latinos.
          Cut the liberal “I’m offended” shit and grow up and take some initiative and responsibility for your people.

        • so I’m guessing they same people that say it’s ok for him to wear the headdress would be ok for just ANYONE wearing a Military Uniform who didn’t not earn the right to do so !!!!

  2. I guess one question would be to ask: Would you, as a Native American, care if you would be caught wearing it? So then we can compare it to someone wearing a black-dyed rhinestoned velvet bishop/Pope’s hat, or wearing a polyester ripped and tie-dyed US Army looking General’s jacket with plastic metals. Though all three are regalia and uniform in their own right, taking all three so far that they become a mere derivation of the original is just artistic endeavors and just offends one taste. Not so much a tribal national, or religious uproar, but a point of individual offense.

    Certainly there’s an element of disrespect, as much as wearing a suite and President Obama mask for Halloween could be disrespectful in someones eyes. It’s not clear whether you’re mocking someone or some culture or showing a sense of fervor, pun and satire for something that interests you.

    But in all the arguments, I lean on the side of the same ideals behind the American Flag Code to paraphrase:

    1) If to represent a headdress, it must follow certain means of design and function as would be set out by that tribe. (If not, then it doesn’t get deemed to be called a NA headdress but merely a hat or derivation of a headdress) i.e. a flag with 13 green and yellow stripes and 50 balloons does not represent an American flag.

    2) Anyone disfiguring what is considered a proper tribal headdress, by dying, colouring, advertisement, tearing, marring, etc shall be subject to fines.

    3) Any representation of a headdress, that emulates the headdress but as part of any other construct, such as apparel, banners, bunting, car mirror hanging objects, etc., and can be discerned to be that of a headdress or relative to one, shall be considered equal to a headdress and must follow proper protocol when necessary to remove or destroy.

    and so on….. why wouldn’t a tribe, if so endured when seeing someone non-native and non-chief wearing a headdress, then come up with a Headdress Code. (unless that actually exists, then more power to you).

    Of course, then the US Flag codes continues
    — the Flag shall not be worn as apparel — well that’s never been enforced.
    — the Flag shall never be held horizontally. — Well, we see that flagrantly done at many national football games.
    — or, how about, the Flag shall not be used in advertisements. Well forget the store ads on the 4th of July. Arrest all the Marketers.

    So it seems, sometimes things are done in admiration, if even dis-respectfully seeming to mock one individual or 5000 individuals. Wearing a Native American costume at Halloween, for instance, is just stupid, mocking and has no bearing toward admiration of a race or tribe.

    But, if it’s seemingly done in derivation of a dress or regalia, not mocking the dress on a majority of opinion — and it seems that a large minority in Facebook doesn’t seem to be offended by this guy whose gone to lengths to far remove the contruct of his cosplay to have similarities to a Native American headdress, Edward Scissorhand and Marilyn Manson and just an overall Goth-Emo kind of Steampunk look — then it’s more beneficial and “Native aware” than disrespectful.

    Of course, any more than 10% of people against anything is enough to create a never ending issue, so there’s no good resolve to the debate.

    • I disagree, now David answer this; Would you say this to a Muslim for wearing their outfits? Would you wear a Tallit or Kippah that belonged to the Jews?

      This are a sacred piece of clothing to us is like that of the Jews or Muslims.

      a disrespect is a disrespect not matter how small.

      • Robin Lee says:

        I wish people would respect other people cultures and think they can do as they please. shame on him

      • Michael Michalson says:

        Oh don’t get started with the Muslim stuff!
        Which “traditional dress” of theirs are you referring to? Because Islam is a religion, not a race, and it’s not necessarily even a culture in its own, though it definitely influences whatever culture the follower or followers are from (ie Saudi Muslims as opposed to Indonesian Muslims, or West African Muslims as opposed to Chechnyan Muslims). Stop defending such a hateful group of people with love, for the majority of them hate you even if they smile in your face (see “Taqiyya”).

      • It. Isnt. Authentic .

        The colors, the materials, the construct. It is a representation. And people wear representations of things so often. Like the lead singer of Ghost, and his ‘pope’ hat. Bdsm and authority/ss/cop hats. Kimono. Sari. Headwraps. The list goes on

        Some people hate genuine fur, so faux fur exists. It imitates the look of genuine fur but it, itself, is not genuine. It isn’t the same, regalia is not fur, but you get where I am going.

        If it were a true tried and blue war bonnet then yes that would be much more problematic.

  3. Kate McLaney says:

    Sometimes less is more. If you would have said less, it would have said more. Here’s your basic argument. Its a style. And the come back to any NA who is offended should be “So should I be offended by what you are wearing?” Because it is MOST LIKELY that she and every other NA with a bitch about your STYLE CHOICE is wearing WHITE PEOPLE clothing…..every last stitch. Unless they designed, wove the fabric then had it made by a NA, they are asking to have it both ways. On your point about the headdress being a sign of honor, I came to NC and went to the Cherokee Reservation before the days of the Casino that now pays their bills, and I was offended by the “clown” outfits the Cherokee were prancing about in trying to entice tourists into their shops. There was no dignity, it was pure theater. People get indignant when it suits them. How does that old saying go….people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. And another one….. let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Thats all I have to say about that.

      • Michael Michalson says:

        He never referred to a people as clowns, he said they were dressed as clowns, so they kinda brought that onto themselves to be fair. Why are people so gung ho on “what can I find that will offend me today”? You people sniff out any traces of anything that you can consciously and purposely take out of context JUST to say that you’re offended so you can get a free ticket to a bitching session.

    • WHITE PEOPLE clothing???? No clothing I’ve ever purchased at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s or Target has cultural or spiritual significance. Your argument kinda missed the mark.

    • Sabrina says:

      “White people clothing” That just made my day and was such a pathetic excuse of an argument (if you can even call it that) that my i.q just dropped from reading.

  4. His total lack of consciousness is degrading. The photo is so ugly. It hurts my heart to look at it because of the degradation intended…or not.

  5. Lynn Martin says:

    Look,if won’t show proper respect.Then.don’t excuse your ignorant behavior.With the same old tired,”manifest destiny,”lie! It is NOT!your devine right.. To grab anything you see as your own.Then say it,”for the sake of art!”in case you didn’t catch on.euro-descended people.Of today,are doing their cooperate and understand.We as original citizens.Do NOT NEED our culture and history.. misused any,whether you do ,or do not respond.Is as irrelevant.As that long-winded excuse you recorded.

  6. People don’t even know who this guy is e.g., only 14,095 Views lol. I believe he is using this as a futile attempt to obtain publicity.

  7. I personally find the miss use of any culture to be offensive. Now I work in many professions and meet people’s from all walks of life and xome from a very dicerse background but I can’t understand behaviors like this or the people who defend it. Why is ok just because he believes he’s expressing himself creatively? I cannot stand people like this, taking something drom a culture he knows nothing about and perverts the significance of it for his own gain. That goes for all instances of it. Native and non native occurrences alike. When working at night clubs, bars, hosted events, and other customers service professions great and small I have always refused services to anyone who crosses that line. I would encourage others to do the same and when they learn that they cant get service because of their poor judgment and short sighted, insensitive, actions then we will be making progress towards really understand one another, and that some line’s shouldnt be crossed.

  8. There was a time when blackface makeup, ie Al Jolson, was a popular thing among entertainers but now it would be disgraceful. Same thing here, it doesn’t matter if the headress is not the same as those used by Native Americans it’s what is associated with the symbol. This young man wouldn’t wear blackface makeup and so for the same reason shouldn’t be a caricature of Native Americans. Both are offensive!

    • Sinopa says:

      But blackface directly is a mockery. I have never come across a posit I’ve performance of an entertainer in blackface.
      Rich or whoever, isn’t a mockery. His name isn’t blackfoot repose. Or social seneca. He isn’t trying to assosciate or represent himself as anything native related.

  9. This is not cool. You should respect other peoples culture, not exploit it as if it is a gimmick. Their beliefs and customs are their heritage. Look into your own heritage and see if there is something more appropriate for you. It has gotten you the attention you craved, but shouldn’t you be known for your music and not this. If you have talent it has now taken a backseat to your disrespect that’s all people see now.

    • Colin says:

      To those mad about the “headdress”:

      I think the main problem you guys are not realizing is a very simple one. You are mad someone is wearing what resembles a headdress. Who you should actually be upset with if you want to “take up arms” against anyone, are the people making the fake “headdresses”. Now I could agree we you on the point that if this was a traditional headdress then, he would in fact, have no right to wear it. And you could be outraged. You could protest. But the fact that something resembles one thing, does not make it the other. I am sorry. I am sorry you are so sensitive, that when someone across the world looks at a Native American headdress, and sees something beautiful, they want to recreate it in their own way. You can be mad at the manufacturer then. This kid, he’s not the only one that owns one of these. In fact you are probably bringing more light to the creator of these feux-headdresses then anything, bringing them more business. He is a minor celebrity. He is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yet you chose to waste your time and energy getting upset at a kid who you, will never meet, will never see again, maybe wont even ever read this article again. You cant tell someone what they can and cannot wear. You cant tell someone their opinion is wrong either. I can say this isnt a real headdress all day, but some of you still wont expand your mind beyond that ignorant little bubble. Did you ever earn a medal for anything? Well now you cant cause it offends me. See how ridiculous that sounds. Do you drive cars? Well you cant have on anymore cause it offends the french and any decendants of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, The man who invented the first steam driven, self propelled Vehicle.

      Now if Ive made my point clear enough. Let’s stop all this craziness. In the end, this isnt an NA headdress, it wasnt made by any NA, its not worn by any NA, in which case we can all agree, its not a headdress, but a piece of clothing that resembles such. Fashion statement, art, call it what you want. If you still have a problem with it, contact the manufacturer, cause obviously hes not the first to buy one, and he wont be the last. This is really absurd. Let’s just grow up out of this ignorance people.

      • TheRaptor says:

        I was looking for a damn response like this. My exact mind. Thank you for existing against this craziness.

  10. Franklin Two Crows says:

    I will not try to offend you by saying you’re all idiots instead I will try to help you understand the meaning behind the headdress, when a boy turns 12 he becomes a man from that time on his “heroic deeds” can earn him a feather not for dressing up but as badge of honor, we hold Pow Wows to show the beauty of our leather and bead work.
    But for us the headdress is still and always will be spiritual. “It should never mocked”

  11. Gene Peck says:

    First I am not First Nations. However I am involved with the First Nations community in the Four Corners. I feel that only First Nations People who have earn the right to wear a headdress should be allowed to. Nobody else! As much as I have been involved with the People I would never even consider this! It’s called respect plain and simple!

  12. Please, give him NO attention. Let him be- this way we can identify those with no values or compassion. Maintain our focus on people with TALENT, along with authentic values and compassion; not an impostor with a self-aggrandizing ego. Sad really.

  13. W.D. Greathouse says:

    It’s all about RESPECT. Traditionally, it takes years for a person to EARN every feather in their headdress and those feathers are received in ceremony for highly gallant selfless acts that are done above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak. It doesn’t matter where these are made! or YOUR purpose for wearing them. You don’t live in Taiwan, Sri Lanka or any other southeast asian country, you live in the U.S. you live on Turtle Island! This is not an issue that you can just write off to a constitutional right, it doesn’t apply with this country’s indigenous people or OUR constitution, which BTW is upheld by the Superior Courts. Now if you’d care educate yourself, be accepted in a tribe or nation, go through ceremony, be recognized and experience what it’s like to earn every one of those feathers then MAYBE you will allow yourself to wear yours. However, you might see it differently at that point and think twice about the wearing of headdress. If you’re an honest, respectful human being that is. Your behavior is that of an adolescent child, a juvenile know it all. In fact you’re most likely a descendant of the guy in Village People! Stop defiling our spirituality and heritage boy!

  14. Don’t you just love being “educated” by such an enlightened, intelligent and insightful being? So over attention seeking people willing to use anything to get more views on their youtube channel or blog. Dude you don’t get to tell us why you should get to “do your thing” on our dime. Check your privilege at the door and try some humility and compassion next time you try and convince those who have lost so much as to why they should be okay with you trying to take even more.

  15. I really like Richie’s style. I think the headdress comes with his style. I can see how people don’t like it but it’s his choice to wear it and I think it suits him and his character.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So, I can’t wear a faux hat because it offends you?

    The hat he wears is technically not considered to be an actual Tribal-Indian Headdress. His hat holds no spiritual significance; If it was that troublesome, surely it would have been handled appropriately by officials. To say that you are offended, is to note your acknowledgement of the false fact that deems his hat to be oriental in some way.

    The style, color, feathers, composition, meaning, etc. are completely different! They uphold no value or symbolism, unlike the real thing. He is not representing the Natives or associating himself with them. I, myself, have relatives that have deep connections with our dear Natives. But do I find this in any way to be desecrating to the people! Absolutely not.

    Anyway, if you don’t like the things he does, then pay no mind to it. If you go off and rant about how disrespectful he is, you essentially drag attention to him. Thus, comprehending your opposition in fueling his viewers.

  17. Okay my opinion not that it really matters is that even the American Indians, native Americans SELL THEM THEIR SELVES. TRADITIONS CHANGE! CHANGE I agree with richie sorry. But if they are selling them, their selves then y’all can shut up!

  18. Just throwing this out there. This is America, deal with it. Be offended if you want you are only hurting yourself. No one gets to tell someone what they can or can’t wear, fact. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to support it, you can take to the Internet and complain that’s your right, but you can’t force someone to think and act as you’d like them to. If you are threatening them you are wrong.

  19. You can buy a headdress here indianheaddress dot com which I bet is where he got his. I LOVE my headdress and do not believe it’s disrespectful at all. I am Metis, and fully understand the meaning of a headdress. However, I think there is a huge diff between wearing a ‘fake’ one and wearing one of native value and pretending to have earned it. I do not claim I ‘earned’ my headdress.. nor do I say it’s a “native’ headdress cause it isn’t. It’s not the same as ‘stolen’ valour because I’m not claiming anything or representing Native people. I’m simply have some good looking duck feathers plopped on my head. 🙂 lol In the end, I do believe it’s nobody’s right to point and say what a person can or cannot wear. it happens in every culture and religion.. people will do what you don’t like. Really though it’s non of your business because right now there is no law and of course the whole freedom of speech argument.

  20. Speaking as a “pure white” non-native, family roots to the DAR (sigh) I think that anyone with cultural appreciation should avoid mis-using a cultural icon.

    It’s like the assholes who want to cause pain to others embracing Nazi icons and practices. “Let’s wear a german SS uniform for halloween!”


  21. ColdBear says:

    To the people saying:

    – “Native Americans should get over it”
    – “It’s ok, cause it’s not the same colors”
    – “Oh, you guys are just easily offended” and
    – “It’s a constitutional right”

    Wouldn’t the same arguements apply if I lit the flag on fire?

    • Absolutely. And I’m a veteran. I fought for people freedom to be insensitive and stupid.

  22. Johannes Knoops says:

    Greetings —

    I would love insight on a quick question.

    Our Boy Scout camp is turning 90 next summer.
    President FDR founded the camp. When he visited in 1933 he was given a headdress.
    You can see this at:

    We would like to issue a commemorative patch depicting FDR. Would it be wrong to use a historical image with FDR wearing that headdress.

    Please help–

  23. I am a white person and I think him wearing the headdress is completely inappropriate like if a christian saw someone dress as goth Jesus or something they’d flip their shit but since it’s not linked to a mainly white belief no one cares

  24. Cherie Harlow says:

    I feel that even though it’s fake, it’s still an insult to our Native brothers and sisters. I do feel that feathers are earned and blessed, by each tribe. I don’t care what he may think that he’s doing – it’s still insulting. Even as today, growing up meeting Native American Indians (as I call my friends) I think those old tv shows cowboys and Indians are insulting, because there was no real Natives in that. Except The Lone Ranger, (Tonto)

  25. incredible. look at the amount of obvious non-native people coming to this site meant for native people and telling them how they should feel. what an extraordinary amount of disrespect for native americans. native people deserve so much better.

  26. Sylvia says:

    So sad…….as people we have digressed (is that a word?) to lower than dirt slinging… truly saddens me to see people b so angry, uncaring, ugly , insensitive, etc……I was raised in the “baby boomer” generation, which has its good and bad traits…….on one hand we have the peace generation thought line….but on the other it seems as though we have become the “its all about me and mine” way of thinking………….maybe we should go back and “Give Peace A Chance ! “…….sounds to good to b true, huh ?

  27. Drakens22 says:

    I don’t see why everyone fusses over his head dress. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m part Native American, and I’m not offended by it, and I’m pretty sure other Native Americans aren’t offended by it either. It doesn’t matter what he wears. If that’s how he wants to dress let him. It’s really none of our business what he does or what he wears. It’s his business. I know there will be people who will judge him for what he wears. I wouldn’t judge him, because it’s wrong. Plus he looks really cool in that attire. Keep being you Richie, and don’t let the haters get to you. You Rock!! 🙂

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