Apache Angel: Native Tattoo Model Maya Vildosola!

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Stunning Maya Vildosola is one of the most popular personalities on social media all over the world.  Currently, she resides in Northern California, where she works and also does freelance modeling. She was recently featured in NINK magazine which is the first ever all-Native tattoo magazine.  She has also written articles for Native Entertainment Magazine and done promotional work for Strength N Pride Apparel Company. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with  family and attending art and music festivals.

Maya Vildosola!!!

Maya Vildosola!!!


True N8v Beauty...Tattoo Model Maya Vildosola!

True N8v Beauty…Tattoo Model Maya Vildosola!

Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, PhD, Native American Culture Editor

Twitter: @mayalavish

Twitter: @mayalavish

Q) You are stunning and certainly one of the most recognizable Natives in Social Media. What do you hope to share with your thousands of followers?
A) When people come to any of my social networking sites I want to challenge their preconceived notions about Native tattoo models. I try to convey strength and unity between native women and how we deal with each other. There is so much negativity and judgment throughout social media that I think it’s important to distance yourself from that. When people come to my page they will see a lot of humor, tattoos, current events and encouragement.


Q) What a wonderful way to look at life!  Who inspires you? Whom do you hope to inspire?

A) (Smile ) The people that inspire me are the ones that have come across difficult situations and managed to come out stronger. I admire Wilma Makiller , Maya Angelou , Radmilla Cody , Lozen (Apache Warrior) and Assata Shakur. These are all women from different walks of life who because of extraordinary circumstances became leaders, I love that. I hope to inspire all people young and old you to hold on to their individuality and to keep pursuing their dreams no matter what.

Maya influences THOUSANDS of followers on Social Media! See why at: @mayalavish on Instagram!

Maya influences THOUSANDS of followers on Social Media! See why at: @mayalavish on Instagram!

Q) Well, for the thousands of people that you inspire on social media, you are a shining example of Native values and beauty! What is the biggest blessing that your tribal heritage has brought to your life? How do you celebrate your native culture in every area of your life and career?
A) The biggest blessing my heritage has brought me is acceptance of who I am. For many years in my youth I was on a dark and dangerous road , I really credit my father with pulling me back to the creator when I was about 16 years old ( talking about this makes me tear up ). For a long time in my life I felt like I was nothing important so I didn’t care about people or life the same way I do now. I celebrate my native culture through my tattoos and promotion of native art (artwork/music) I love showing other races the creativity and beauty that we as natives possess. I originally never thought that sharing Native tattoos/artwork would get me any personal notice, I did it because I saw a lack of Native presence in tattoo magazine and on the internet in

Follow Maya on Facebook at: mayalavish.facebook.com

Follow Maya on Facebook at: mayalavish.facebook.com

Q) Thank you for your courage! What are you passionate about these days? Why?
A) I’m passionate about so much!! Haha ! I’d have to say that I’m really passionate about photography, not just being in front of the camera but actually taking the pictures. I enjoy the whole process from beginning to end its very soothing to me.
Q) You are so modest, but I know that you are passionate about being a role model for our young Natives, too. Take some time and encourage our Native youth. What do you want to share with our beautiful future?


A) I want to encourage our youth to be leaders and not to forget that each action causes a reaction. Staying away from drinking and doing drugs might not be the cool thing nowadays but the benefits our amazing. I’d like to encourage our Native youth to be innovators! Don’t wait around for someone to do it for you get out there and make it happen. I guess my point is I want the youth to stay hopeful.

maya 5

Follow Maya at mayalavish.tumblr.com too!

Q) Thank you so much for sharing with us here at Powwows.com!

A) Thank  YOU! Please follow me on these  Social Networks :

Facebook : mayalavish.facebook.com
Instagram: @mayalavish
Tumblr: mayalavish.tumblr.com
Twitter: @mayalavish
[email protected]

TO book this amazing Native Model, contact: mayalavish@gmail.com

TO book this amazing Native Model, contact: [email protected]

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Bill Hudson

Straight Dancers don’t dance on Victory Songs. John Lone Chief(Otoe/Kaw)stated, Victory Song is a woman’s song, they sang to the warriors when returning therefore: in honor of the Women we stand in place to honor their Victory songs they sang to us returning!!!

Thomas Machuca

As a Elder Apache I for one don’t like to see are youth with tattoo’s because I see the paleface showing them self in the fashion.
My grand father always said respect your self because you’re an Apache and the only time we paint is for war…

Sonya vildosola

I agree with u but I have some tattoos but they are sentimental to me. But this girl Maya ain’t really Indian I know for a fact cuz the one she is calling her father is my real father. And it really makes me up set that someone that ain’t blood is taking over my grandmothers name, when her real grandkids what to take it cant. Its a same for my sprem donator to raise someone else’s child but can’t even raise his own or let alone tell them their back ground. But have a nice day. Love the real Maya Vildosola aka sonya vildosola

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