Ancient History Encyclopedia Announces Partnership with Chickasaw.tv

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown October 27th, 2014 Last Updated on: October 27th, 2014

screenshot of footage from CN Homeland shoots.

Thanks to the Internet, a lot more people are exposed to Native American culture. The world gets to see we're a living and breathing culture, not just a chapter in a Eurocentric history book. It's nice to see Native communities taking ownership of their images with websites, radio stations and television channels in which they can create their own content and share their stories.

It was recently announced that Ancient History Encyclopedia, a nonprofit, digital humanities website focused on ancient history, have begun a strategic content sharing agreement with the Chickasaw Nation Video Network. The collaborative agreement will make digital content on Chickasaw.tv, the official video network of the Chickasaw Nation, available to Ancient History Encyclopedia readers. Chickasaw.tv is the first video network to provide Ancient History Encyclopedia with educational multimedia content about the ancient Native American civilizations of North America and the history of the Chickasaw people. This collaboration coincides with the recent addition of videos to the Ancient History Encyclopedia website, and Chickasaw.tv’s contribution has played a significant role in unveiling this new feature.

“Pre-Colombian history is too often brushed over in history class, possibly because teachers don’t have enough material to work with,” explained Jan van der Crabben, CEO & founder of Ancient History Encyclopedia. “We are so happy that the Chickasaw Nation Video Network can provide us with material directly from the people whose ancestors built amazing civilizations in the heart of North America. Also, in Europe these civilizations are not very well known, and we hope to do our part to raise awareness of this exciting period in ancient history.”

The ancient sites, stories and traditions that define the Chickasaw Nation and characterize the cultural landscape of the Chickasaw people are now available to explore on Ancient History Encyclopedia’s website at http://www.ancient.eu.com/user/ChickasawTV/.

Congratulations to Chickasaw.TV. So glad that these positive images and stories will be shared on this new platform and throughout the world.

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