American Wizarding School Founded By Native Americans in Upcoming Harry Potter Film?

Posted By Paul G June 9th, 2015 Last Updated on: June 10th, 2015

The next movie from the Harry Potter world is set to debut in November 2016. “Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them” will take place in the United States.

The story will chronicle the adventures of Newt Scamander 70 years before Harry Potter's birth.

Harry Potter fans have been craving details about the story. They wait with great anticipation for every word from JK Rowling about the new story.

One question that fans have been curious about is where are the wizarding schools in America?

This week JK revealed that the American school will have ties to Native American culture.

“Indigenous Magic” played a role in the founding of the school she claims.

According to Variety, there will be 4 characters in the new movie that are Native American.

Will the school founders be Natives? Which tribes will be involved?

I'll admit I am a huge Potter fan.  I've read and listened to the books multiple time, went to every midnight movie premiere, and listened to the podcasts.

Hearing that there is a tie to Native culture in the new series is both exciting and scary.

Please JK don't tarnish the amazing world you have created with stereotypical portrayals of American Indians.

Look to examples like Longmire, hire a Native consultant to help you.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

How do you think JK Rowling and the movie producers will handle Native culture?


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Defamation? Good medicine is good medicine so long as it is balanced! Nature holds all of these things within her. I’m a Potter fan and a My family is First Nations (don’t get me wrong,I’m no expert) however, I’m pretty sure that the “school” was divided by natural born/full blooded “practicers of magic” & 1/2 breed “magical practitioners” ….. to me, in MY humble opinion,… In many First Nations cultures we are all born with our connection to the great creator and the earth….I doubt defamation would hold up…. But then again it all depends on the representation in the alleged movie- personally, I like the idea!


Native Americans were never or will be ever take part in witchcraft and wizardry. That is not who we are or ever were. Law suit maybe for defamation?


i think it’s a wonderful idea of adding native american traditions and beliefs in nature’s magical lore….. I can’t wait till the movie comes out…..im excited!


I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan – my midnight releases were for the books not the movies due to a pact with my movie friends – and am looking forward to this. After reading your article, I too have similar concerns about how the Native Americans will be portrayed. She does mention tribes, so more than one will be involved/represented, I hope beyond hope that JKR and Warner Brothers invest in good consultants to provide accurate or at least respectful history, tradition, and character for the movie.


I have been developing a RPG that takes place in America. It starts with a dragon who influences a young boy who was infected with dragon blood by an Evil Wizard during the occupation of the Romans in Great Brittan to open up a magic school around 900 AD to 1000 AD. After the creation of Hogwarts, the young boy, now a man travels to the Americas with the help of the Vikings. He also later on invites Slithering, Gryffindor and Raven claw to join him. Over the years other Master Wizards will join and create other house names: Native Americans, Egyptians, Africans, and other houses from the world, with over 8 house located at the school. Some house will have been destroyed over time or at least it seems that they have. Although the school will be built in Canada, other entries will permit a student to enter from other parts of America, i.e.: the cities of Salem. The schools of America are a little more serious than Hogwarts. Why would anyone eat some kind of candy that taste like earwax? Students aren’t there just to learn magic for fun but to prepare for the outside world of various evils that exist like Demons, Vampires and etc.. Just reminder, that not all evils are evil and not all good entities are good. Teachers will not shy away from teaching the “Dark Arts” that should be taught in the first class as protection from the “Dark Arts”. There will still be Quidditch but most students will want to be a Master dullest in a completion. They will become the protectors of the Muggles. Teachers and Ministry of Magic of the Americas are not so ditzy compare to the Harry Potter World. There will have been several equivalences of Voldemort over the centuries in the Americas. The Americas will have at least one or more Voldemort equivalences in less than a decade throughout the century. Students will also have the opportunity to become Werecreatures of there choice. They could become Tigers, Ravens, Snakes, Wolves, and after a certain amount of time, Legendary creatures. Gnomes and Elves and other supernatural creatures could attend this school. There will also be a graduate level program. Students don’t have to regulate themselves to a wand; they could pick some other focus to channel their magic. They could select staffs, amulets, tattoos and so on. As a student you can have other familiars other than a owl. They could be cats, dogs, birds, and other supernatural creatures. Summer School will also be available to get you caught up or surpass your peers. Students will also have opportunities to work a part time job. I will also have a semi story where the player characters meet Harry, Hermione, and Ron. In this story Harry has been ask to visit the school and give a class on Wizard dulling but the end result is that the player Characters have more practice than Harry. Another Story will involve what happen to Slithering and the other Master Wizards. One of the stories will also deal with Harry Potter destroying the Elder Wand, which transfer the power to another wand(s)? Your wand as for the player characters will have its own personality traits. The wand or artifact could be over a thousand years old and may have other spells that the player character does not know or the wand decides it does not want to cast a spell against something or cast a spell that the character didn’t want to cast. You could increase you artifact power with experience points or your own character. Sometimes, its cheaper to increase your artifact.


Who ever they get as a Consultant, I hope its not the same one they got fro the Lone ranger

Rev. WD Allan, MA, CAGS

Personally as an avid fan of the Harry Potter films and stories, I think that the foray into the American Magickal School is wise. I just hope and pray and J.K. Rowling is as wise by doing as you so suggested, hire a Native American Consultant to try and keep continuity of ideals and beliefs of the vast community, in the lest way honored, when tied into the “Magick World.” In other words, whatever tribe and locations that are used, and for some reason I suspect that to keep herself safe and mystical, she just might use the “Anasazi” of New Mexico. Safe, applicably mystical, and entirely open-ended in terms of possibilities. We’ll see. I do know that I personally have too much respect for the Native American culture to see it injured in this. But not to fear! All will be well!

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