Amber Midthunder in X-Men TV Pilot “Legion”

Amber Midthunder in X-Men TV Pilot “Legion”

Posted By Charlie Ballard February 25th, 2016 Blog

Native Actress – Amber Midthunder just snagged (not that kind of snag) a tv role on the X-Men TV Pilot, “Legion” , to be televised on the FX channel.  “Amber is an enrolled tribal member of the Ft. Peck Sioux Indian Reservation” (IMDB)

Amber Midthunder in X-Men TV Pilot "Legion"

“Legion” , which is a TV spinoff of the X-Men franchise, is about the illegitimate son of Professor Charles Xavier, David. David is plagued with childhood mental illness and is ready about to give up on life when he meets another patient and learns that the voices in his head are real. (deadline)

Amber Midthunder will play Kerry, a woman of action with a childlike sense of wonder.  A true savant, Kerry has lived a sheltered, but never dull life.

Some of you may know Amber's dad, David Midthunder, whose been seen in many movies.  Looks like acting and good looks run in their family!

Amber Midthunder in X-Men TV Pilot "Legion"

Good luck Amber!

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