Alexis Nakoda Nation Pow Wow Contest Results

Posted By Becky Hope July 27th, 2014 Last Updated on: July 27th, 2014

Category Name Place
JR. Women's Fancy Waniya Cardinal 1
JR. Women's Fancy Jodetta Bull 2
JR. Women's Fancy Tory Jackson 3
JR. Women's Fancy Wynona Edwards 4
JR. Women's Fancy Teree Lewis 5
JR. Women's Fancy Taley Fineday Littlewolf 1
JR. Women's Fancy Tiony Quinn 2
JR. Women's Fancy Alexy Rain Kootenay 3
JR. Women's Fancy Laziraiah Bull 4
JR. Women's Fancy Gebay Tootoosis 5
JR. Girl's Jingle River Rain Kootiney 1
JR. Girl's Jingle Simone Bearhead 2
JR. Girl's Jingle Josephine Paintedstone 3
JR. Girl's Jingle Shyanne Badger 4
JR. Girl's Jingle Sammy Paul 5
JR. Girl's Traditional Samira Waskahat 1
JR. Girl's Traditional Jomiya Littlwolf 2
JR. Girl's Traditional Jayzlyn Tootoosis 3
JR. Girl's Traditional Nazarene Cook 4
JR. Girl's Traditional Sparrow Littlesky 5
JR. Boy's Fancy Elijah Halfe 1
JR. Boy's Fancy Broxy Morin 2
JR. Boy's Grass Wyatt Bird 1
JR. Boy's Grass Darryl Whiskey Jack 2
JR. Boy's Grass Deacon Joachim 3
JR. Boy's Grass Phoenix Potts 4
JR. Boy's Grass Shaden Kakinoosit 5
JR. Boy's Traditional Jace Young 1
JR. Boy's Traditional Blazing Sky carrier 2
JR. Boy's Traditional Kyson Morin 3
JR. Boy's Traditional Theron Augibelle 4
JR. Boy's Traditional Merrick Carrier 5
JR. Boy's Chicken Sohkrs Belrose 1
JR. Boy's Chicken Keeka Mcnab 2
JR. Boy's Chicken Cody Joilcouer 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Jeremy Cree 4
Women's Golden Age Peggy Gladue 1
Women's Golden Age Marilyn Elmount 2
Women's Golden Age Edna Rain 3
Women's Golden Age Isabel Auger 4
Men's Golden Age Wayne Burnstick 1
Men's Golden Age Dennis Whitford 2
Men's Golden Age Kirby Chalifoux 3
Men's Golden Age Floyd Cardinal 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Jayda Gadwa 1
Teen Girl's Fancy Alicia Cardnal 2
Teen Girl's Fancy Tansha Littlewolf 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Daylynn Paul 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Lyric Lewis 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Tia Wood 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Shayla Badger 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Janessa Gadwa 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Maelan Tsatoke 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Sequon Laroche 5
Teen Girl's Traditional Tatyannah Bull 1
Teen Girl's Traditional Wambue Littlesky 2
Teen Girl's Traditional MoonLady Kimiksana 3
Teen Girl's Traditional Ern Young 4
Teen Girl's Traditional Lexi cardinal 5
Teen Boy's Fancy Drayven Waskahat 1
Teen Boy's Fancy Tristan Lewis 2
Teen Boy's Fancy Dustin Chalifoux 3
Teen Boy's Grass Joshua Quilt 1
Teen Boy's Grass Jamal Quinney 2
Teen Boy's Grass Cash Waskahat 3
Teen Boy's Grass Marlon House 4
Teen Boy's Grass Mathias alexis 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Lakota LittleSky 1
Teen Boy's Chicken Raydon Swampy 1
Teen Boy's Chicken Starr Saskamoose 2
JR. Women's Fancy Waniya Cardinal 1
JR. Women's Fancy Jodette Bull 2
JR. Women's Fancy Tory Jackson 3
JR. Women's Fancy Wynona Edwards 4
JR. Women's Fancy Teree Lewis 5
JR. Women's Jingle Angelin Gadwa 1
JR. Women's Jingle Robin Hunter 2
JR. Women's Jingle Alice Fineday 3
JR. Women's Jingle Lakota Scabbyrobe 4
JR. Women's Jingle Nadna Paul 5
JR. Women's traditional Alanise Wildman 1
JR. Women's traditional Oceania Belrose 2
JR. Women's traditional Miranda Deegan 3
JR. Women's traditional Krissy Chiniquie 4
JR. Men's Fancy Quannah Henry 1
JR. Men's Fancy Marcus Pahtaykan 2
JR. Men's Fancy Nolan Arcand 3
JR. Men's Fancy Dustin Stampe 4
JR. Men's Fancy Dreysen Lewis 5
JR. Men's Grass Kenneth Gadwa 1
JR. Men's Grass Kawi Morn 2
JR. Men's Grass Harold Gadwa 3
JR. Men's Grass Owen Burnstick 4
JR. Men's Grass Terrance Auigbelle 5
JR. Men's Traditional Jerome Pahtayken 1
JR. Men's Traditional Sage Scabby Robe 2
JR. Men's Traditional Jay Cardinal 3
JR. Men's Traditional Fraser Heathen 4
JR. Men's Traditional Nathan Deegan 5
JR. Men's Chicken Shawnarae gabriel 1
JR. Men's Chicken Lyle Tootoosis 2
JR. Men's Chicken Kainan Rattle Snake 3
JR. Men's Chicken Louie Quilt 4
JR. Men's Chicken Cody Rabbit 5
Sr. Womens Fancy Roberta Kakinoosit 1
Sr. Womens Fancy Amanda Gould 2
Sr. Womens Jingle Tina Pete 1
Sr. Womens Jingle Cynthia Jim 2
Sr. Womans Traditional Raylene Hunter 1
Sr. Womans Traditional Orrie Littlesky 2
Sr. Womans Traditional Nadine Deegan 3
Sr. Womans Traditional Sekwin Ahenakew 4
Sr. Womans Traditional Noelle Burnstick 5
SR. Mens fancy Lenny Halfe 1
SR. Mens fancy Felix Lewis 2
Sr. Mens Grass Shawn Waskahat 1
Sr. Mens Grass Darrell Paskemin 2
Sr. Mens Grass Brandon Daniels 3
Sr. Mens Grass Terrance Goodwill 4
Sr. Mens Grass Everette Stone 5
SR. Mens Traditional Donnie Mac 1
SR. Mens Traditional Bobb Hunter 2
SR. Mens Traditional Cecil Sheena 3
SR. Mens Traditional Jamie Saulteaux 4
SR. Mens Traditional Burton Plante 5
SR. Mens Chicken Rod Atcheynum 1
SR. Mens Chicken Paul Partridge 2

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