Alask Native American Tribes

Alask Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

A. Millie Stevens (President)
Craig Community Association (IRA)
Address Craig AK 99921 Phone: (907) 826-3996Fax: (907) 826-3997
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Adlai Alexander (First Chief)
Gwichyaa Zhee Gwichi\'in Tribal Gov\'t [Fort Yukon (IRA)]
Address Fort Yukon AK 99740 Phone: (907) 662-2581Fax: (907) 662-2222
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Aggie Waskey (President)
Village of Stony River
Address Stony River AK 99557 Phone: (907) 537-3253Fax: (907) 537-3254
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Al Cratty (President)
Village of Old Harbor
Address Old Harbor AK 99643 Phone: (907) 286-2215Fax: (907) 286-2277
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Albert R. Williams (Vice President)
Native Village of Mekoryuk (IRA)
Address Mekoryuk AK 99630 Phone: (907) 827-8828Fax: (907) 827-8133
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Alex Ambrosia (President)
Native Village of Ouzinkie
Address Ouzinkie AK 99644 Phone: (907) 680-2259Fax: (907) 680-2214
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Alfred Sahlin (President)
Nome Eskimo Community
Address Nome AK 99762 Phone: (907) 443-2246Fax: (907) 443-3539: http://www.necalaska.org
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Alicia Reft (President)
Native Village of Karluk (IRA)
Address Karluk AK 99608 Phone: (907) 241-2218Fax: (907) 241-2208
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Allen Ticket (President)
Selawik IRA Council
Address Selawik AK 99770 Phone: (907) 484-2165Fax: (907) 484-2226
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Aloysius Aquchak (President)
Native Village of Scammon Bay
Address Scammon Bay AK 99662 Phone: (907) 558-5425Fax: (907) 558-5134: http://[email protected]
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Alvin Owletuck (President)
Native Village of Marshall (aka Fortuna Ledge)
Address Marshall AK 99585 Phone: (907) 679-6302Fax: (907) 679-6187
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Amber Matthews (President)
Skagway Traditional Council
Address Skagway AK 99840 Phone: (907) 983-4068Fax: (907) 983-3068: http://www.skagwaytraditional.org
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Anita Adams (President)
Mentasta Traditional Tribal Council
Address Mentasta Lake AK 99780-6019 Phone: (907) 291-2319Fax: (907) 291-2305
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Anna Kamkoff (President)
Native Village of Hamilton
Address Kotlik AK 99620 Phone: (907) 899-4252Fax: (907) 899-4202
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Annette Ulmer (President)
Douglas Indian Association (IRA)
Address Douglas AK 99801-2917 Phone: (907) 364-2916Fax: (907) 364-2917
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Annie Stalker (Village Coordinator)
Native Village of Point Lay (IRA)
Address Point Lay AK 99759 Phone: (907) 833-2428
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Arnold Brower, Jr. (President)
Inupiat Community of Arctic Slope (IRA)
Address Barrow AK 99723 Phone: (907) 852-4227Fax: (907) 852-4246
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Arthur Heckman (President)
Pilot Station Traditional Village
Address Pilot Station AK 99650 Phone: (907) 549-3373Fax: (907) 549-3301
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Ben Atoruk (President)
Native Village of Kiana
Address Kiana AK 99749 Phone: (907) 475-2109Fax: (907) 475-2180
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Ben Slynn (President)
Village of Chefornak
Address Chefornak AK 99561-0110 Phone: (907) 867-8850Fax: (907) 867-8711
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Bill Martin (President)
Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
Address Juneau AK 99801 Phone: (907) 463-7306Fax: (907) 586-8970: http://www.ccthita.org
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Billy A. Charles (President)
Emmonak Village
Address Emmonak AK 99581 Phone: (907) 949-1720Fax: (907) 949-1384
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Bob Ahgook (President)
Village of Anaktuvuk Pass
Address Anaktuvuk Pass AK 99721 Phone: (907) 661-2535Fax: (907) 661-3925
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Boris Merculief (President)
St. George Traditional Council
Address St. George AK 99591 Phone: (907) 859-2205Fax: (907) 859-2242
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Bosco Olsen (President)
Native Village of Hooper Bay
Address Hooper Bay AK 99604 Phone: (907) 758-4915Fax: (907) 758-4066
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Brenda Schwantes (Chairperson)
Sun\'aq Tribe of Kodiak
Address Kodiak AK 99615 Phone: (907) 486-4449: http://www.sunaq.org
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Carl Jerue, Jr. (President)
Anvik Village
Address Anvik AK 99558 Phone: (907) 663-6322Fax: (907) 663-6357
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Carmelita Nattanguk (Chief)
King Island Native Community
Address Nome AK 99762 Phone: (907) 443-2209Fax: (907) 443-8049
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Carol Abraham (President)
Takotna Tribal Council
Address Takotna AK 99675 Phone: (907) 298-2212Fax: (907) 298-2314
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Carol Martinez (President)
Petersburg Indian Association (IRA)
Address Petersburg AK 99833 Phone: (907) 772-3636Fax: (907) 772-3637
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Caroline Cannon (President)
Native Village of Point Hope (IRA)
Address Point Hope AK 99766 Phone: (907) 368-2330Fax: (907) 368-2332
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Casimero A. Aceveda, Jr. (President)
Organized Village of Kake
Address Kake AK 99830-0316 Phone: (907) 785-6471Fax: (907) 785-4902
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Chariton A. Epchook (President)
Organized Village of Kwethluk (IRA)
Address Kwethluk AK 99621-0129 Phone: (907) 757-6328Fax: (907) 757-6328
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Charlene Lestenkof (President)
Native Village of Nikolski (IRA)
Address Nikolski AK 99638 Phone: (907) 576-2225Fax: (907) 576-2205
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Charlie Williams (First Chief)
Allakaket Village
Address Allakaket AK 99720 Phone: (907) 968-2237Fax: (907) 968-2233
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Chris G. Larson (President)
Native Village of Napaskiak
Address Napaskiak AK 99559 Phone: (907) 737-7364Fax: (907) 737-7039
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Curtis Summer (Chairman)
Native Village of Tanana (IRA)
Address Tanana AK 99777 Phone: (907) 366-7160Fax: (907) 366-7195
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Daniel George (Chairman)
Akiachak Native Community
Address Akiachak AK 99551-0070 Phone: (907) 825-4626Fax: (907) 825-4029
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Darrell Frank (First Chief)
Native Village of Minto (IRA)
Address Minto AK 99758-0026 Phone: (907) 798-7112Fax: (907) 798-7627
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David Eluska (President)
Native Village of Akhiok
Address Akhiok AK 99615 Phone: (907) 836-2229Fax: (907) 836-2209
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David Howard (President)
Native Village of Eagle (IRA)
Address Eagle AK 99738 Phone: (907) 547-2271Fax: (907) 571-2318
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David Osterback (President)
Qagan Tayagungin Tribe [Sand Point]
Address Sand Point AK 99661 Phone: (907) 383-5616Fax: (907) 383-5814
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David Salmon (1st Chief)
Chalkyitsik Village
Address Calkyitsik AK 99788 Phone: (907) 848-8117
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Denise Newman (President)
Rampart Village
Address Rampart AK 99767 Phone: (907) 358-3312Fax: (907) 358-3115
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Dennie Lee (President)
Teller Traditional Council
Address Teller AK 99778 Phone: (907) 642-3381Fax: (907) 642-2072
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Don Kashevaroff (President)
Seldovia Village Tribe (IRA)
Address Seldovia AK 99663 Phone: (907) 234-7898Fax: (907) 234-7865
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Don Stevens (President)
Native Village of Stevens (IRA)
Address Stevens Village AK 99774 Phone: (907) 478-7228Fax: (907) 478-7229
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Donald Adams (Tribal Chief)
Native Village of Tetlin (IRA)
Address Tetlin AK 99780 Phone: (907) 452-8251Fax: (907) 459-3884
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Donald F. Nielsen (President)
Native Village of South Naknek
Address South Naknek AK 99670 Phone: (907) 246-8614Fax: (907) 246-8613
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Dorothy Cook (President)
Native Village of Eklutna
Address Chugiak AK 99567 Phone: (907) 688-6020Fax: (907) 688-6021
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Douglas Wade (Chairman)
Chickaloon Village Traditional Council
Address Chickaloon AK 99674-1105 Phone: (907) 745-0707Fax: (907) 745-7154: http://www.chickaloon.org
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Edgar Jackson (President)
Native Village of Shaktoolik (IRA)
Address Shaktoolik AK 99771-0100 Phone: (907) 955-3701Fax: (907) 955-2352
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Edgar Shangin (President)
Ivanof Bay Tribe
Address Anchorage AK 99518-3263 Phone: (907) 522-2263Fax: (907) 522-2363
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Edward E. Gooden, Jr. (President)
Kobuk Traditional Council
Address Kobuk AK 99751 Phone: (907) 948-2203Fax: (907) 948-2123
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Edward J. Adams (President)
Native Village of Sheldon Point
Address Sheldon\'s Point AK 99666 Phone: (907) 498-4184Fax: (907) 498-4185
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Eleanor R. Amaktoolik (President)
Chinik Eskimo Community (aka Golovin)
Address Golovin AK 99762 Phone: (907) 779-2214Fax: (907) 779-2829
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Elsie Nicholas (President)
Native Village of Kasigluk
Address Kasigluk AK 99609 Phone: (907) 477-6405Fax: (907) 477-6212
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Emerson Moto (President)
Native Village of Deering
Address Deering AK 99736 Phone: (907) 363-2138Fax: (907) 363-2195
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Evans Thomas, Jr. (President)
Native Village of Buckland (IRA)
Address Buckland AK 99727 Phone: (907) 494-2171Fax: (907) 494-2217
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Frank Commack (President)
Native Village of Shungnak (IRA)
Address Shungnak AK 99773 Phone: (907) 437-2163Fax: (907) 437-2183
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Frank Logusak (President)
Traditional Village of Togiak
Address Togiak AK 99678 Phone: (907) 493-5004Fax: (907) 493-5005
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Frank Thompson (Chief)
Evansville Tribe
Address Bettles Field AK 99726 Phone: (907) 692-5005Fax: (907) 692-5006
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Frank Wright, Jr. (President)
Hoonah Indian Association (IRA)
Address Hoonah AK 99829 Phone: (907) 945-3545Fax: (907) 945-3703
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Franklin Benjamin (First Chief)
Shageluk Native Village (IRA)
Address Shageluk AK 99665 Phone: (907) 473-8239Fax: (907) 473-8295
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Franklin Napoleon (President)
Native Village of Paimiut
Address Anchorage AK 99510 Phone: (907) 561-9878Fax: (907) 563-5398
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Frederick B. Murray (President)
Native Village of Elim
Address Elim AK 99739 Phone: (907) 890-2262Fax: (907) 890-3738: http://www.kawerak.org
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Fritz J. Willie (President)
Native Village of Napakiak (IRA)
Address Napakiak AK 99634 Phone: (907) 589-2135Fax: (907) 589-2136
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Fritz Waghiyi (President)
Native Village of Savoonga (IRA)
Address Savoonga AK 99769 Phone: (907) 984-6414Fax: (907) 984-6027
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Gail Alstrom-Beans (President)
Yupiit of Andreafski
Address St. Mary\'s AK 99658-0088 Phone: (907) 438-2312Fax: (907) 438-2512
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Gail Vanderpool (President)
Native Village of Red Devil
Address Red Devil AK 99656 Phone: (907) 447-3225Fax: (907) 447-3226
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Gary Kompkoff (President)
Native Village of Tatitlek (IRA)
Address Tatitlek AK 99677 Phone: (907) 325-2311Fax: (907) 325-2298
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George B. Hooper (President)
Native Village of Tununak (IRA)
Address Tununak AK 99681 Phone: (907) 652-6527Fax: (907) 652-6011
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Gerald Kosbruk (President)
Native Village of Perryville (IRA)
Address Perryville AK 99648-0101 Phone: (907) 853-2203Fax: (907) 853-2230
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Gerald Soonagrook (President)
Native Village of Gambell (IRA)
Address Gambell AK 99742 Phone: (907) 985-5346Fax: (907) 985-5014
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Gilda M. Shellikoff (President)
Native Village of False Pass
Address False Pass AK 99583 Phone: (907) 548-2227Fax: (907) 548-2256
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Glenn Fredericks (President)
Native Village of Georgetown
Address Anchorage AK 99503 Phone: (907) 274-2195Fax: (907) 274-2196: http://www.georgetowntc.com
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Gordon Pullar (President)
Leisnoi Village [aka Woody Island]
Address Kodiak AK 99615 Phone: (907) 486-2821Fax: (907) 486-2738: http://www.woodyisland.com
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Gus Skonbery (President)
Native Village of Chignik
Address Chignik AK 99564 Phone: (907) 749-2220Fax: (907) 749-2220
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Harold D. Johnson (President)
Nelson Lagoon Tribal Council
Address Nelson Lagoon AK 99571 Phone: (907) 989-2204Fax: (907) 989-2233
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Harry Billum (President)
Chitina Traditional Village Council
Address Chitina AK 99566 Phone: (907) 823-2215Fax: (907) 823-2233
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Harry Wassily (President)
Village of Clarks Point
Address Clarks Point AK 99569-0090 Phone: (907) 236-1435Fax: (907) 236-1428
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Harvey Anelon (President)
Village of Iliamna
Address Iliamna AK 99606 Phone: (907) 571-1246Fax: (907) 571-1256
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Helen Kilbuck (President)
Platinum Traditional Village Council
Address Platinum AK 99647 Phone: (907) 979-8220Fax: (907) 979-8178
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Henry Deacon (President)
Organized Village of Grayling (IRA)
Address Grayling AK 99590 Phone: (907) 453-5116Fax: (907) 453-5146
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Henry Forshey (President)
Native Village of Kanatak (IRA)
Address Wasilla AK 99654 Phone: (907) 357-5991Fax: (907) 357-5992: http://www.kanatak.org
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Henry J. Hunter (Chairman)
Orutsararmuit Native Council
Address Bethel AK 99559 Phone: (907) 543-2608Fax: (907) 543-2639
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Herman Kignak (President)
Native Village of Atqasuk
Address Atqasuk AK 99791 Phone: (907) 633-2575Fax: (907) 633-2576
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Herman Nelson (President)
New Koliganek Village Council
Address Koliganek AK 99576 Phone: (907) 596-3434Fax: (907) 596-3462
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Howard Nelson (President)
Levelock Village
Address Levelock AK 99625 Phone: (907) 287-3030Fax: (907) 287-3032
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Howard Paul (President)
Native Village of Kipnuk
Address Kipnuk AK 99614 Phone: (907) 896-5515Fax: (907) 896-5240
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Ida Roehl (President)
Curyung Tribal Council
Address Dillingham AK 99576 Phone: (907) 842-2384Fax: (907) 842-4510
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Ignatti Petruska (First Chief)
Nikolai Edzeno\' Village Council
Address McGrath AK 99627 Phone: (907) 293-2311Fax: (907) 293-2481
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Issac K. Akootchook (President)
Kaktovik Village
Address Kaktovik AK 99747 Phone: (907) 640-2042Fax: (907) 640-2044
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Ivan M. Ivan, Sr. (Chief)
Akiak Native Community
Address Akiak AK 99552 Phone: (907) 765-7112Fax: (907) 765-7512
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Jack Wick (President)
Larsen Bay Tribal Council
Address Larsen Bay AK 99624 Phone: (907) 847-2207Fax: (907) 847-2307
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Jack Wright (Chief)
Manley Village Council
Address Manley Hot Springs AK 99756 Phone: (907) 672-3177Fax: (907) 672-3200
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Jacob Ignati (President)
Oscarville Tribal Council
Address Napaskiak AK 99559 Phone: (907) 737-7099Fax: (907) 737-7428
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James C. Landlord (First Chief)
Asa\'carsarmiut Tribe
Address Mountain Village AK 99632 Phone: (907) 591-2814Fax: (907) 591-2811
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James M. Smith (President)
Native Village of Goodnews Bay
Address Goodnews Bay AK 99589 Phone: (907) 967-8929
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Jeanie Webster (President)
Native Village of Akutan
Address Akutan AK 99553-0089 Phone: (907) 698-2300Fax: (907) 698-2301
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Jeremy Anderson (President)
Native Village of Chignik Lagoon
Address Chignik Lagoon AK 99565 Phone: (907) 840-2281Fax: (907) 840-2217
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Jerry Isaac (President)
Native Village of Tanacross
Address Tanacross AK 99776 Phone: (907) 883-5024Fax: (907) 883-4472: http://alaskanativeresources.com
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Jerry R. Norton (President)
Native Village of Kivalina (IRA)
Address Kivalina AK 99750 Phone: (907) 645-1253Fax: (907) 645-2193
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Jo Ann Polston (First Chief)
Healy Lake Traditional Council
Address Fairbanks AK 99707 Phone: (907) 479-0638Fax: (907) 479-0639
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Joe R. Bobby (President)
Lime Village Traditional Council
Address Lime Village AK 99627 Phone: (907) 526-5236Fax: (907) 526-5235
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John A. Foster (President)
Unga Tribal Council
Address Sand Point AK 99661 Phone: (907) 383-5215Fax: (907) 383-5553
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John F. Madros (President)
Village of Kaltag
Address Kaltag AK 99748 Phone: (907) 534-2224Fax: (907) 241-2208
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John Nelson (President)
Kokhanok Village
Address Kokhanok AK 99606 Phone: (907) 282-2202Fax: (907) 282-2264
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John W. Sharp (President)
Twin Hills Village Council
Address Twin Hills AK 99576-8996 Phone: (907) 525-4821Fax: (907) 525-4822
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Johnny John (President)
Crooked Creek Traditional Council
Address Crooked Creek AK 99575 Phone: (907) 432-2201Fax: (907) 432-2200
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Joseph Alexie (President)
Tuluksak Native Community (IRA)
Address Tuluksak AK 99679-0095 Phone: (907) 695-6420Fax: (907) 695-6932
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Joseph Aparezuk (Tribal Chief)
Village of Bill Moore\'s Slough
Address Kotlik AK 99620 Phone: (907) 899-4232Fax: (907) 899-4461
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Joseph Nukapigak (President)
Native Village of Nuiqsut
Address Nuiqsut AK 99723 Phone: (907) 480-6126Fax: (907) 480-2576
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Joseph P. Mike (President)
Village of Kotlik
Address Kotlik AK 99620 Phone: (907) 899-4326Fax: (907) 899-4790
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Joseph Post (President)
Nightmute Traditional Council
Address Nightmute AK 99690 Phone: (907) 647-6215Fax: (907) 647-6112
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Juanita Nelson (President)
Ekwok Village Council
Address Ekwok AK 99580 Phone: (907) 464-3336Fax: (907) 464-3378
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Julia Dorris (President)
Native Village of Kalskag
Address Kalskag AK 99607 Phone: (907) 471-2248
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Julie Bator (President)
Tazlina Village Council
Address Glennallen AK 99588-0087 Phone: (907) 822-4375Fax: (907) 822-5865
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June Childress (President)
Village of Wainwright
Address Wainwright AK 99782 Phone: (907) 763-2535Fax: (907) 763-2536
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Karen Thompson (Tribal Administrator)
Native Village of Pitka\'s Point
Address St. Mary\'s AK 99658 Phone: (907) 438-2833Fax: (907) 438-2569
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Katherine McConkey (President)
Native Village of Kluti-Kaah (aka Copper Center)
Address Copper Center AK 99573 Phone: (907) 822-5541Fax: (907) 822-5130
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Keith Jensen (President)
Pedro Bay Village
Address Pedro Bay AK 99647 Phone: (907) 850-2225Fax: (907) 850-2221
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Kimberley A. Strong (President)
Chilkat Indian Village (Klukwan) (IRA)
Address Haines AK 99827-0210 Phone: (907) 767-5505Fax: (907) 767-5518
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Larry Nathaniel (First Chief)
Circle Native Community (IRA)
Address Circle AK 99733 Phone: (907) 733-2822Fax: (907) 773-2823
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Larry Sinyon (President)
Cheesh-na Tribe
Address Gakona AK 99586 Phone: (907) 822-3503Fax: (907) 822-5179
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Laura Christensen (President)
Native Village of Port Heiden
Address Port Heiden AK 99549 Phone: (907) 837-2296Fax: (907) 837-2297
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Lawrence A. Widmark (Chairman)
Sitka Tribe of Alaska
Address Sitka AK 99835-7505 Phone: (907) 747-3207Fax: (907) 747-4915: http://www.sitkatribe.org
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Lee Wallace (President)
Organized Village of Saxman (IRA)
Address Ketchikan AK 99901 Phone: (907) 247-2502Fax: (907) 247-2504
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Leff Kenezuroff (President)
Native Village of Belkofski
Address King Cove AK 99612 Phone: (907) 497-3122Fax: (907) 497-3123
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Leona Carr (President)
Portage Creek Village
Address Portage Creek AK 99576 Phone: (907) 842-2564Fax: (907) 842-5462
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Linda Tyone (President)
Native Village of Gakona
Address Copper Center AK 99573 Phone: (907) 822-3497
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Lonnie Tebbits (President)
Noorvik Native Community (IRA)
Address Noorvik AK 99763 Phone: (907) 636-2144Fax: (907) 636-2284
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Lorraine Titus (President)
Northway Village
Address Northway AK 99764 Phone: (907) 778-2311Fax: (907) 778-2220
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Luba Eluska (President)
Kaguyak Village
Address Akhiok AK 99615 Phone: (907) 836-2231Fax: (907) 836-2232
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Lucy Goode (President)
Egegik Village
Address Egegik AK 99579 Phone: (907) 233-2211Fax: (907) 233-2312
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Lucy Simeon (President)
Native Village of Chuathbaluk
Address Chuathbaluk AK 99557 Phone: (907) 467-4313Fax: (907) 467-4113
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Luther C. Komonaseak (President)
Native Village of Wales (IRA)
Address Wales AK 99783 Phone: (907) 664-3062Fax: (907) 664-3062
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Lydia Olympic (President)
Igiugig Village
Address Igiugig AK 99613 Phone: (907) 533-3211Fax: (907) 533-3217
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Marcie Sherer (President)
Native Village of Napaimute
Address Aniak AK 99557
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Margaret Hansen (Chairman )
Native Village of Kotzebue
Address Kotzebue AK 99752 Phone: (907) 442-3467Fax: (907) 442-2162
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Margaret Lekanoff (President)
Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska
Address Unalaska AK 99685 Phone: (907) 581-2920Fax: (907) 581-3644
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Marilyn R. Wagner (President)
Native Village of Port Lions
Address Port Lions AK 99550 Phone: (907) 454-2234Fax: (907) 454-2434
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Marjorie Gemmill (President)
Arctic Village Council (Gwich\'in Artic Village)
Address Arctic Village AK 99722 Phone: (907) 587-5328Fax: (907) 587-5328
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Mark Snigaroff (President)
Native Village of Atka
Address Atka AK 99547 Phone: (907) 839-2229Fax: (907) 839-2269
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Mary D. Charles (President)
Native Village of White Mountain (IRA)
Address White Mountain AK 99784 Phone: (907) 638-3651Fax: (907) 638-3652
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Max Agayar (President)
Native Village of Alakanuk
Address Alakanuk AK 99554-0149 Phone: (907) 238-3419Fax: (907) 238-3429
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Melissa Bockman (President)
Native Village of Council
Address Nome AK 99762 Phone: (907) 443-7649
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Merlin Henry (President)
Native Village of Koyuk (IRA)
Address Koyuk AK 99753 Phone: (907) 963-3651Fax: (907) 963-2353
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Michael Fleagle (President)
McGrath Native Village Council
Address McGrath AK 99627 Phone: (907) 524-3024Fax: (907) 524-3899
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Michael Olanna (President)
Native Village of Brevig Mission
Address Brevig Mission AK 99785 Phone: (907) 642-4301Fax: (907) 642-2099
Return to top.
Michael Stickman (President)
Nulato Tribal Council
Address Nulato AK 99765-0049 Phone: (907) 898-2339Fax: (907) 898-2207
Return to top.
Michelle Sam (First Chief)
Native Village of Alatna
Address Allakaket AK 99720 Phone: (907) 968-2304Fax: (907) 968-2305
Return to top.
Mike Minista (President)
Manokotak Village
Address Manokotak AK 99628 Phone: (907) 289-2067Fax: (907) 289-1235
Return to top.
Mike Savage (President)
Village of Lower Kalskag
Address Lower Kalskag AK 99626 Phone: (907) 471-2307Fax: (907) 471-2379
Return to top.
Miriam Olson (President)
Native Village of Aleknagik
Address Aleknagik AK 99555 Phone: (907) 842-2080Fax: (907) 842-2841
Return to top.
Mitch Demientieff (President)
Nenana Native Association
Address Nenana AK 99760 Phone: (907) 832-5461Fax: (907) 832-1077
Return to top.
Morris L. Nashoanak (President)
Stebbins Community Association (IRA)
Address Stebbins AK 99671 Phone: (907) 934-3561Fax: (907) 934-3560
Return to top.
Moses A. Pavilla, Sr. (President)
Village of Atmautluak
Address Atmautluak AK 99559 Phone: (907) 553-5610Fax: (907) 553-5212
Return to top.
Moses Carl (President)
Newtok Traditional Council
Address Newtok AK 99559 Phone: (907) 237-2313Fax: (907) 237-2428
Return to top.
Moxie Andrew (President)
New Stuyahok Village
Address New Stuyahok AK 99636 Phone: (907) 693-3100Fax: (907) 693-3179
Return to top.
Nancy Nelson (Chairperson)
Native Village of Afognak
Address Kodiak AK 99615 Phone: (907) 486-6357Fax: (907) 486-6529: http://www.afognak.org
Return to top.
Nick A. Carter (President)
Native Village of Eek
Address Eek AK 99581 Phone: (907) 536-5128Fax: (907) 536-5418
Return to top.
Nick Frank (President)
Native Village of Tuntutuliak
Address Tuntutuliak AK 99680 Phone: (907) 256-2128Fax: (907) 256-2080
Return to top.
Nick Isaac (President)
Village of Ohogamiut
Address Marshall AK 99585 Phone: (907) 679-6740
Return to top.
Norman Anderson (President)
Naknek Native Village Council
Address Naknek AK 99633 Phone: (907) 246-4210Fax: (907) 246-3563
Return to top.
Norman Menadelook (President)
Mary\'s Igloo Traditional Council
Address Teller AK 99778 Phone: (907) 642-3731Fax: (907) 642-2189
Return to top.
Olga Changsak (President)
Iqurmiut Traditonal Council
Address Russian Mission AK 99657 Phone: (907) 584-5511Fax: (907) 584-5593
Return to top.
Pat McCarty (First Chief)
Ruby Tribal Council
Address Ruby AK 99768 Phone: (907) 468-4479Fax: (907) 468-4474
Return to top.
Patrick F. Omiak (President)
Native Village of Diomede (IRA) (aka Inalik)
Address Little Diomede AK 99672 Phone: (907) 686-2175Fax: (907) 686-2203
Return to top.
Patrick Norman (President)
Port Graham Village Council
Address Port Graham AK 99603-5510 Phone: (907) 284-2227Fax: (907) 284-2222
Return to top.
Paul John (President)
Nunakauyak Traditional Council
Address Toksook Bay AK 99637-7048 Phone: (907) 427-7114Fax: (907) 427-7714
Return to top.
Paul Theodore (President)
Knik Tribal Council
Address Wasilla AK 99687 Phone: (907) 373-2161Fax: (907) 373-2161
Return to top.
Penny Carty (President)
Village of Salamatoff
Address Kenai AK 99611 Phone: (907) 283-7864Fax: (907) 283-6470
Return to top.
Percy Lolnitz (First Chief)
Koyukuk Native Council
Address Koyukuk AK 99754 Phone: (907) 927-2253Fax: (907) 927-2220
Return to top.
Pete Kompkoff (President)
Native Village of Chenega
Address Chenega Bay AK 99574-8079 Phone: (907) 573-5132Fax: (907) 573-5120
Return to top.
Peter Captain, Sr. (1st Chief)
Louden Tribal Council
Address Galena AK 99741 Phone: (907) 656-1711Fax: (907) 656-1716
Return to top.
Peter Merryman (President)
Native Village of Tyonek (IRA)
Address Tyonek AK 99682-0009 Phone: (907) 583-2271Fax: (907) 583-2442
Return to top.
Peter Tuluk (Chairman)
Chevak Native Village
Address Chevak AK 99563 Phone: (907) 858-7428Fax: (907) 858-7812
Return to top.
Phillip Booth (President)
Native Village of Noatak (IRA)
Address Noatak AK 99761 Phone: (907) 485-2173Fax: (907) 485-2137
Return to top.
Pius Washington (President)
Native Village of St. Michael (IRA)
Address St. Michael AK 99659 Phone: (907) 923-2304
Return to top.
Ralph Angasan, Sr. (President)
King Salmon Tribe
Address King Salmon AK 99613-0068 Phone: (907) 246-3553Fax: (907) 246-3449
Return to top.
Richard G. Encelewski (President)
Ninilchik Traditional Council
Address Ninilchik AK 99639 Phone: (907) 567-3313Fax: (907) 567-3308: http://www.ninilchiktribe-nsn.gov
Return to top.
Richard J. Peterson (President)
Native Village of Kasaan (IRA)
Address Ketchikan AK 99950 Phone: (907) 542-2230Fax: (907) 542-3006
Return to top.
Richard Jackson (President)
Ketchikan Indian Community
Address Ketchikan AK 99901 Phone: (907) 228-5230Fax: (907) 225-5217: http://www.kictribe.org
Return to top.
Robert Ekstrom (President)
Ugashik Traditional Village Council
Address Anchorage AK 99503 Phone: (907) 338-7611Fax: (907) 338-7659
Return to top.
Robert Heyano (President)
Native Village of Ekuk
Address Dillingham AK 99576 Phone: (907) 842-3842Fax: (907) 842-3843
Return to top.
Robert J. Henrichs (President)
Native Village of Eyak
Address Cordova AK 99574-1388 Phone: (907) 424-7738Fax: (907) 424-7739: http://www.nveyak.com
Return to top.
Robert Melovidov (President)
Aleut Community of St. Paul Island
Address St. Paul Island AK 99660 Phone: (907) 546-3223Fax: (907) 546-3254
Return to top.
Roland P. Andrew (President)
Kongiganak Traditional Council
Address Kongiganak AK 99545 Phone: (907) 557-5226Fax: (907) 557-5224
Return to top.
Ronald Wassillie (President)
Newhalen Tribal Council
Address Newhalen AK 99606 Phone: (907) 571-1410Fax: (907) 571-1537
Return to top.
Rosalie A. Tepp (Chairperson)
Kenaitze Indian Tribe
Address Kenai AK 99611-0988 Phone: (907) 283-3633Fax: (907) 283-3052: http://www.kenaitze.org
Return to top.
RoseAnn Timbers (President)
Solomon Traditional Council
Address Nome AK 99762 Phone: (907) 443-7526Fax: (907) 443-5189
Return to top.
Roy S. Ewan (President)
Gulkana Village
Address Gulkana AK 99586 Phone: (907) 822-3746Fax: (907) 822-3976
Return to top.
Russ Akers (President)
Chuloonawick Native Village
Address Chuloonawick AK 99581 Phone: (907) 949-1384
Return to top.
Ruth Birky (President)
Village of Aniak
Address Aniak AK 99557 Phone: (907) 675-4349Fax: (907) 675-4456
Return to top.
Selina Petruska (Chief)
Beaver Village Council
Address Beaver AK 99724 Phone: (907) 628-6126Fax: (907) 628-6815
Return to top.
Shelly Yatchmeneff (President)
Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove
Address King Cove AK 99612 Phone: (907) 497-2648Fax: (907) 497-2803
Return to top.
Shield Downey, Jr. (First Chief)
Native Village of Ambler
Address Ambler AK 99786 Phone: (907) 445-2196Fax: (907) 698-2181
Return to top.
Simon Agnus (President)
Umkumiut Native Village
Address Nightmute AK 99690 Phone: (907) 647-6213
Return to top.
Steve Abruska (President)
Sleetmute Traditional Council
Address Sleetmute AK 99668 Phone: (907) 449-4205Fax: (907) 449-4203
Return to top.
Steven D. Nikolai (First Chief)
Telida Native Village Council
Address McGrath AK 99627 Phone: (907) 524-3550Fax: (907) 524-3163
Return to top.
Sven Paukan (President)
Algaaciq Native Village [St. Mary\'s]
Address St. Mary\'s AK 99658 Phone: (907) 438-2932Fax: (907) 438-2227
Return to top.
Ted Charles (President)
Village of Dot Lake
Address Dot Lake AK 99737-2279 Phone: (907) 882-2695Fax: (907) 882-5558
Return to top.
Thomas P. Olemaun (President)
Native Village of Barrow
Address Barrow AK 99723 Phone: (907) 852-4411Fax: (907) 852-8844: http://www.nvbarrow.com
Return to top.
Timothy Gillen (President)
Wrangell Cooperative Association
Address Wrangell AK 99929 Phone: (907) 874-3481Fax: (907) 874-2918
Return to top.
Tommy J. Andrew (President)
Native Village of Kwigillingok ( IRA)
Address Kwigillingok AK 99622 Phone: (907) 588-8114Fax: (907) 588-8429
Return to top.
Tommy Obruk (President)
Native Village of Shishmaref (IRA)
Address Shishmaref AK 99772 Phone: (907) 649-3821Fax: (907) 649-3821
Return to top.
Toni Bitonti (President)
Hydaburg Cooperative Assn. (IRA)
Address Hydaburg AK 99922-0349 Phone: (907) 285-3666Fax: (907) 285-3470
Return to top.
Troy Turner (First Chief)
Holy Cross Village
Address Holy Cross AK 99602 Phone: (907) 476-7124Fax: (907) 476-7132
Return to top.
Veronica Nicholas (President)
Native Village of Cantwell
Address Cantwell AK 99729 Phone: (907) 768-2591Fax: (907) 768-1111
Return to top.
Victor Seybert (President)
Pilot Point Traditional Council
Address Pilot Point AK 99649 Phone: (907) 797-2208Fax: (907) 797-2258
Return to top.
Victor Wellington, Sr. (Mayor)
Metlakatla Indian Community
Address Metlakatla AK 99926-0008 Phone: (907) 886-4441Fax: (907) 886-3838: http://www.metlakatla.com
Return to top.
Victoria L. Demmert (President)
Yakutat Tlingit Tribe
Address Yakutat AK 99689 Phone: (907) 784-3238Fax: (907) 784-3595: http://www.ytttribe.org
Return to top.
Vincent Kvasnikoff (President)
Native Village of Nanwalek (aka English Bay)
Address Nanwalek AK 99603 Phone: (907) 281-2274Fax: (907) 281-2252
Return to top.
Virginia Aleck (President)
Chignik Lake Village
Address Chignik Lake AK 99548 Phone: (907) 845-2212Fax: (907) 845-2217
Return to top.
Wally Frank, Sr. (President)
Angoon Community Association (IRA)
Address Angoon AK 99820 Phone: (907) 788-3411Fax: (907) 788-3412
Return to top.
Walter John (First Chief)
Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government (IRA)
Address Venetie AK 99781-0080 Phone: (907) 849-8165Fax: (907) 849-8097
Return to top.
Wassilie Bavilla (President)
Native Village of Kwinhagak (IRA)
Address Quinhagak AK 99655 Phone: (907) 556-8165Fax: (907) 556-8166
Return to top.
Webster Demmert, III (President)
Klawock Cooperative Assn. (IRA)
Address Klawock AK 99925-0430 Phone: (907) 755-2265Fax: (907) 755-8800
Return to top.
William Derendoff (First Chief)
Huslia Village
Address Huslia AK 99746 Phone: (907) 829-2410Fax: (907) 829-2409
Return to top.
William Dushkin, Sr. (President)
Native Village of Pauloff Harbor
Address Sand Point AK 99661 Phone: 907) 383-6075Fax: 907) 383-6094
Return to top.
William Johnson (President)
Native Village of Unalakleet (IRA)
Address Unalakleet AK 99684-0270 Phone: (907) 624-3622Fax: (907) 624-3402
Return to top.
William Thomas (President)
Chilkoot Indian Association
Address Haines AK 99827-0490 Phone: (907) 766-2323Fax: (907) 766-2365
Return to top.
William Trefon (President)
Nondalton Village
Address Nondalton AK 99640 Phone: (907) 294-2220Fax: (907) 294-2234
Return to top.
Wilmer Beetus (First Chief)
Hughes Village
Address Hughes AK 99745 Phone: (907) 889-2239Fax: (907) 889-2252
Return to top.
Winston James (First Chief)
Birch Creek Village
Address Fort Yukon AK 99740 Phone: (907) 221-2211Fax: (907) 221-2312
Return to top.
Zechariah C. Chaliak, Sr. (President)
Native Village of Nunapitchuk (IRA)
Address Nunapitchuk AK 99641 Phone: (907) 527-5705Fax: (907) 527-5711
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