After years of tears, why is TV’s “Kind Hearted Woman” finally smiling?

Posted By PowWows.com June 30th, 2014 Last Updated on: July 1st, 2014

Kind Hearted Woman captures the scandal and strength surrounding a powerful Native woman and her family!

Kind Hearted Woman captures the scandal and strength surrounding a powerful Native woman and her family!

by Dr. Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor

Why is Robin Poor Bear smiling???? She's overcome scandal with strength!

Why is Robin Poor Bear smiling? She's overcome tragedy with triumph!!!

PBS Documentary “Kind Hearted Woman” kept TV viewers riveted to their screens.  This powerful real-life drama depicted the struggles of a courageous Native woman, who struggled to sustain herself, her children and her soul. Viewers cheered as magnificent Robin Poor Bear overcame addiction, abuse and attacks in order to achieve her goals.  As the onslaught of tragedy turned into triumph, viewers came to care about this Spirit Lake Native and her children.

Since the film was completed, Robin Poor Bear spends her time sharing her story with conferences, groups and individuals. A sought after speaker, this marvelous role model is now turning her attention to helping those who have been brutally abused, as she was.  Rather than wallow in the despair of a difficult life of abuse, Robin Poor Bear is raising funds to repair lives through a center for healing.

“Tipi Wakan Omani, which translates into Sacred Journey Lodge,  will be a long term lodge for women and children of domestic violence, sexual assault and chemical dependency', assures Robin Poor Bear.  This Survivior stresses that “the lodge will incorporate equine therapy canine therapy into Western therapies such as counseling and parenting classes.”   “It will also include our traditional ways of the such as sweat lodge ceremonies and other traditional teachings,” Robin Poor Bear smiles.  As she shares her vision for this reviving retreat, it is evident that she has truly exchanged scandal for strength.


“The hope will be that people will leave with new coping skills to enhance their lives as a family,” she explains.  Family is foremost in Robin Poor Bear's life, which fans of “Kind Hearted W0man” will recall. Robin Poor Bear tirelessly tried to keep her own family together amidst daunting odds, and now wishes to help others to save their own families.  “We will be having a Walk/run/horse ride event starting on the Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota August 12th – 18th,” she says as she invites everyone to attend, ” that's four days of running/walking/riding  on August 12,13,14,15 and August 16th is a  rest day. She continues eagerly, “August 17th is the building of sweat lodge, which is very special. Then, on August 18th we'll end with a small pow-wow, in order to honor our culture and traditions.”

“Kind Hearted Woman” touched hearts and soothed spirits. Robin Poor Bear is preparing to start a center that will do the same.  Moved with compassion? Robin Poor Bears asks for assistance through donations to



Tipi Wakan Omani at Bremer Bank


PO Box 690
Fort Totten ND 58335


Please call 701 368-1990

Robin Poor Bear has great reasons to smile now!

Robin Poor Bear has great reasons to smile now!

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Dr. Betty Velma Banda

WELCOME HOME Robin Poor Bear!!!!!!
I remember when you started this journey, and I commend you for all your triumphs. I give you many Blessings in the name of Grandfather and our Ancestors who watch as we all come through this together, we will prevail!!!!

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