After Columbus Day Here’s Some Native American Humor

Posted By Charlie Ballard October 13th, 2015 Last Updated on: October 15th, 2016

Christopher Columbus Day always puts us in a bad mood, here are some quick reminders to our communities of why we should always stay healthy & happy!!

20 seconds look for the non-native guy dancing to his own beat. At the end of the video, he's escorted off by security to see if he's drunk and he wasn't, as it turns out, he was just really moved by the spirit of the drum. This guys wins our prestigious, “Best White Guy Dancing at Powwow to His Own Rhythm Award” !

Funny Guy Dancing Away at Powwow

WeRNative is a collaborative health resource network for Native youth to promote positive experiences in our Native communities! They make really wonderful videos, informative, educational, and some silly. www.wernative.org

Life is a Powwow. Make a Grand Entry.

The 1491's are a very popular Native Comedy Sketch group who have made comedy video's over the years, heres a classic from them!

A Day in The Life Of A Powwow Emcee

There are quite a few Natives out there making some great Native themed comedy videos, heres one from Tyler Jacobs!

Teaching Womens Jingle Dress Dance

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