Adorable Mi’kmaq Girl Goes Viral Over The Holidays

Adorable Mi’kmaq Girl Goes Viral Over The Holidays

Posted By Paul G January 14th, 2020 Last Updated on: January 16th, 2020

After all of the winter holiday magic has disappeared, families and friends have dispersed back to their normal lives, and everyone is thinking about the next holiday, you can be left feeling kind of down.

Post-holiday depression actually is a thing.

The holidays may be over with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the wonderful and adorable events that happened a few weeks ago.

Get ready for cuteness overload!

Seven-year-old Serena Kingbird of Esgenoôpetitj First Nation scored hundreds of views when a video was posted on Facebook by her mother. Serena did a beautiful job singing Jingle Bells in Mi’kmaq for all to see and hear; her mother stated that her daughter takes great pride in being able to speak their Native language and she wanted to share that with the world.

Watch Serena Sing

You even get to meet Winston, her cat, who apparently has no issues with dancing around with Serena as she serenades us all.

Image Source / CBC.ca via Facebook

Serena currently takes Mi’kmaq classes and has a mentor from the community who has been helping her learn the language. It is often difficult for adults to learn two languages at once, but children tend to pick up language more easily.

After her video spread across social media, she was tickled to find out that the audio of her singing Jingle Bells made it on the radio!

Serena is obviously a sweet little girl who is full of life and love for her language…and animals! She has been positively encouraged by her family and Native community to learn the language of her people and to spread joy to others through social media.

This better have made you smile and feel all warm inside during this chilly January month!

Check out her reaction to all the attention!

CLICK HERE to read the original CBC article and to watch another video of Serena as she discovers that her Mi’kmaq version of Jingle Bells is on the radio.

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