Actress Zoe Saldana producing film on MMIW

Posted By PowWow Articles September 10th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

A new documentary is in the works to highlight and bring attention to the missing and murdered indigenous women of First Nations Canada.

With over 4,000 cases, Saldana feels that a film like this deserves as much attention as we can get.

“If this exact same story were being told in a country in Africa, I think we would be paying attention to it and we would be donating money to it,” said Leslie Owen, the American producer-director behind Gone Missing. “But because it’s in Canada, a first world nation, we don’t want to see it in our own backyard.”

Click here to read more about the upcoming film.

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[…] people are working to raise awareness of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women […]

Noreen Schaan

Thos is such a great film that the public needs to be aware of. As I write this we in my community of Hope, British Columbia Canada are searching for another 28yr old young woman named Shawnee Morita Inyallie who has been missing now for 2 months to the day. Her family and friends and others from our town are now organizing another search along the Fraser River to see if they can find her body. We all hope that she will soon be found safe and sound but with each passing day it gets harder to keep this hope. All the same the family needs closure and want to bring Shawnee home now. I have know this family and this young mother now for almost her entire life and it hurts to not see her smiling cheerful face when I’m in town now. She was always happy and had lots of hugs and love each time we saw each other. I know her family just needs to bring her home badly. The sorrow and emptiness that I see in the eyes of her mother and siblings and many other relatives is heartbreaking for me. This is another case of the MM IW here in Canada and the USA . So important for our women that no longer have a voice. I miss ypu Shawnee my dear young friend please come home.😔💔

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