5 Reason Columbus Day Has To Go!

5 Reason Columbus Day Has To Go!

Posted By Paul G October 11th, 2015 Last Updated on: October 11th, 2015

Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey lays out just a few reasons Columbus Day has got to go.


Columbus Was a Genocidal Rapist

Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey lays out just a few reasons Columbus Day has got to go.

Posted by MTV Issues on Friday, October 9, 2015

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[…] News Primetime” segment in which hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Jesse Watters defended Columbus Day and depicted indigenous people as violent alcoholics who are dependent on the […]

Brooke Wood

@Gary Makus our history books in Oklahoma said he was looking for India that’s why the Natives were called Indians. I don’t think Indigenous Peoples day is silly I think its necessary for people to learn the truth about our “white washed” past.

Craig Apelbaum

Washington D.C. Should get rid of Columbus Day altogether.
And make INDIGENOUS PEOPLE`S DAY. Or NATIVE AMERICAN DAY. And that`s the bottom line.
Craig Apelbaum .

Gerlinde Carmack

Terminate Columbus Day as he viciously terminated the Indigenous People who were already settled here for many years. Lincoln was also an advocate of genocide. Mount Rushmore is a disgrace. Built in the Sacred Black Hills of the Lakota Nation is just another slap in the face. If the creator had wanted us all to be the same he would have made us so. But he didn’t. We committed a great injustice and now we need pay our dues!!!!!!!

Nancy Halstead Fuller

An “Indigenous Peoples Day” might be silly (and is) to Native Americans, as you have been here on this continent for tens of thousands of years, but the white man doesn’t think beyond his next meal or when his rent/mortgage is due. As a ‘white person’, I believe that making an Indigenous Peoples Day might draw the attention of the ‘dead heads’ in this country and help them realize what we threw away; the incredible minds and culture, the wisdom and beauty of millions of people across North America. Anything that can contribute to understanding helps all of us.
When I was young, growing up in upper New York State, we built models of the Long Houses and studied the Five/Six Nations. I still remember that and it gave me an avid interest in what came before us. Our children (white children) do not get the chance to learn about something that was so great and so strong that they are the losers for this.
And by the way, the educational Pow Wows help.

Aimee Mettal

Dear Bob, Sounds like you have never heard of white privilege or know what it is like to be invisible. I suppose you don’t celebrate your birthday, I mean you were already born how many years ago and why redo that? What would we be anyway?

Dan Pierce

I have been saying this for years that Columbus was a genocidal cruel callous terrorist and there is no reason to celebrate him and enshrine his memory with a holiday. We don’t celebrate Hitler Day, Stalin Day, or Charles Manson Day and Columbus was in reality no different in stature and brutality. The Native Americana have so much to offer us and given our history it is time to enshrined and celebrate their history and culture and start to recognized them as the first discoverers of the Americas plus celebrate all then gifts they gave to the world, yes, gifts such a democratic values, dozens of foods and so much wisdom on a more viable way to live on this Planet, something we really need at present. Their communities also need a hand up as they are still recovering from the near destruction of their cultures and communities. Please no more Columbus!

Gary Makus

I thought it was in the history books. Columbus discovered the islands by PR. He thought it was China and was looking for gold. It appears the history books need to be more accurate.

Bob Smith

I believe Columbus was a POS and Columbus day should be rescinded but “Indigenous Peoples Day” is silly. What would we be commemorating, the first people on the continent? What’s the point in that? They didn’t have a land deed, baby. Just get rid of of CD & then shut up. And btw, I was born here so I’m a native American.

Jonathan Effemey

Although not 100% proven yet, It is largely believed that Columbus brought back syphilis. Starting in Genoa, and then through Spain and into Italy and then England. Everybody blamed it on the another nation. It was a kind of aids with no cure until antibiotics arrived at the end of World War 2. This was the revenge of the native Americans. I have heard reports of around a third of the English population may have had it. Hence the “beauty spot”
George Monibot estimates that around 100 million native Americans died as a result of direct and indirect inter action with Europeans. They had no immunity to many of the diseases brought over.

In the middle ages, again I remember there was a choice of who to make a patron saint in England. Was it going to be the saintly and Godly St Edmund or Saint George, who was a blood thirsty mercenary, from some where around modern day Turkey. They choose St George


Make sense!

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