5 Native Women to Know

Posted By Charlie Ballard October 9th, 2017 Last Updated on: October 10th, 2017

Happy Native Heritage Day/Month/Year/Life !!!  Here at Powwows.com, Native Heritage Day is everyday so we've decided to celebrate notable Native women thru a photo series campaign called, “5 Native Women to Know” ! These ladies have made significant strides in their respective disciplines and represent many of our at-large leaders in Indian Country.  We know we can't possibly give props to everyone so …. we ask all of you to take a moment to go on Facebook and personally recognize all the awesome Indigenous women who've made a positive impact in your lives!

In case some of you missed our, “5 Native Women to Know” , photo campaign on our social media platforms, heres a quick recap!

Bethany Yellowtail (Northern Cheyenne & Crow) CEO/Designer, is the next big break out fashion designer coming out of Indian Country, picked by Anna Wintour, “to attend a panel discussion on diversity within the fashion industry” . Bethany, “encourages Indigenous people to be proud of their identity and fight for positive change” , (latimes.com). Make it work Bethany! #byellowtail #nativedesigner #fashionista #nativebusiness

Photo credit: Echo+Earl

Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska (Couchiching First Nation) Attorney/Activist, is currently the National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, an organization that address the needs of the Native environmental movement, most notably she was one of the faces/speakers for #NODAPL #honortheearth #nativeactivist

Earlier this year, Sarain Fox (Anishnabe) Actress/Dancer/Activist, was catapulted into everyone's home living room as the host of the VICE network series called, “Rise” , which explored different issues facing contemporary Indigenous people. When she's not busy reppin her people, you can find her modeling and working as an up-and-coming clothing designer. #nativeactress #nativeinspired #firstnation#aboriginalbeauty

Joy Harjo (Muscogee) Poet/Musician/Teacher, there's a good chance if you studied Native American Literature in college, you came across the distinctive prose of Joy Harjo, whose literary work has influenced new Native writers & artist alike. In one of her most famous poems, “She had some horses” , she uses the horse to represent the endurance and resilience of Indigenous women. #aho #nativewriter #educator#nativeinspired

Kandi Mossett (3 Affiliated Tribes) Advocate/Activist/Educator, has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and has used every ounce of that education to fight for the #NODAPL movement, she's passionate, motivated and gives a voice for all those who can't speak. #nativeactivist #7thgeneration #waterislife #mniwiconi #earthwoman

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Rose Avila

Great women it nice to know who we should look for on facebook and know their names and where they come from and what heritage they come from

Craig Apelbaum

Very good.

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