Native American Cast Adds to Reasons to Watch ‘Prey’

Native American Cast Adds to Reasons to Watch ‘Prey’

If you haven't seen “Prey,” get it on your calendar ASAP.

The new prequel to “Predator” doesn't fit the prototypical prequel mold. It provides a scintillating new chapter to the “Predator” franchise, yet it stands on its own in a way that makes you forget you're watching an addendum to the iconic series.

Viewers agree. “Prey” is the #1 premiere on Hulu to date, including all film and TV series debuts. It's also the most watched film premiere on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ under the Star Banner in all other territories.

The movie takes place in 1719 in Plains territory, following the protagonist, a young Comanche woman named Naru, along with her loyal dog, Sarii. Naru dreams of becoming a warrior but her efforts are repeatedly stonewalled by patriarchal norms. Her brother, Taabe, and the other male members of her tribe, continually dismiss and demean her, which only serves to fuel Naru's fire.  

Not only is “Prey” an outstanding film, but it also represents Native Americans well. It's composed almost entirely of Native actors and, in a historic first, the movie is available to be streamed entirely in the Comanche language.

If you're on the fence about it, here are a few reasons to watch “Prey,” without giving too much away. 

Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

‘Prey' protagonist is both fierce and bewitching

Early on in the film, the Predator touches down in a spaceship (which Naru witnesses), setting up its transformation from basic alien into a vicious and technologically advanced killing machine. 

Naru, played by Amber Midthunder, is unlike other protagonists in Native films; she is one of a kind and a force of nature. Something about her exudes tenacity and endurance no other character in the film portrays. Throughout the movie, Naru’s passionate yearning to prove her loyalty and strength to her tribe is apparent in everything she does. From consistent training to become a better warrior and keeping up with (and going above and beyond) her male peers to the dynamic between she and her dog, it's hard not to root for Naru.  

The details within ‘Prey' represent Natives well

Dan Trachtenberg, director of “Prey,” contacted a citizen of the Comanche Nation to help better understand and accurately portray the Comanche people in the movie. He says in an interview with Indian Country Today, “The film was an idea I had so I reached out to the Comanche Nation to ensure authenticity. That’s when I connected with Jhane Myers.”

The storyline follows Naru on a rite of passage as she takes on the warrior role by defending her tribe against Predator. As the movie progresses, you’ll notice several ways authenticity shows itself. As you watch “Prey,” pay close attention to the relationship between the Comanche people and nature, the interactions between the young adults, the encounter with French trappers and traders, and the skilled ways the tribal members hunt and fight. Watching everything play out is enlightening, fascinating, and genuine.

It’s worth watching to the end

We won’t give away any spoilers, but you need to watch it for yourself. The end of “Prey” is thrilling and fantastic! Not only does the Predator evolve, but so does Naru, in the most riveting way possible. You may need to bring out the tissues. In the end, viewers are left with probing questions: will there be another movie that follows Naru? Will more Predators come to earth and wreak havoc on Native land?

We’ll have to wait and find out! 

Prey” is now available on Hulu in the U.S., and viewers have the option to watch it entirely in the Comanche language.

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  • Avatar for Eleanor Hotchkiss

    Eleanor Hotchkiss


    Would like to see that but haven’t got cable so don’t get any TV at all

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      It is on Hula – streaming not cable.

      • Avatar for Eleanor Hotchkiss

        Eleanor Hotchkiss


        Thank you But don’t even have Hula

  • Avatar for Anna



    Watched this a couple nights ago and Loved it. It made me feel that everyone involved in this movie worked hard to make this believable. Cast was amazing1

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