27th ANNUAL He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate

Posted By Becky Hope June 11th, 2014 Last Updated on: June 16th, 2014


Category Name Place



JR Girl's Fancy Wahpos Topsky -MT 1



JR Girl's Fancy Alexa Oldmand 2



JR Girl's Fancy Emaree Iron Hawk-SD 3



JR Girl's Fancy Rosie Goodeagle 4



JR Girl's Fancy Wakinyela Clairmont-oo 5



Jr. Girl's Jingle Yanabah Whitehorse -Sas 1



Jr. Girl's Jingle Jazlea Arooren- so 2



Jr. Girl's Jingle Malia Falls-so 3



 Jr. Girl's Jingle Cree Delorime-sask 4



Jr. Girl's Jingle Lilly Mae Smith-so 5



JR. Girl's Traditional Tessa Holds The Enemy- AB 1



JR. Girl's Traditional Sparrow Littlesky-AB 2



JR. Girl's Traditional Leelee Baker-ND 3



JR. Girl's Traditional Kenya Scabby Robe- WA 4



JR. Girl's Traditional Skye Hayes -SO 5



Jr. Boy's Fancy Brenden Patrick 1



Jr. Boy's Fancy Max Sevier- SO 2



Jr. Boy's Fancy Adlai Cleveland- WA 3



Jr. Boy's Fancy Deshau uses Arrow-ND 4



Jr. Boy's Fancy Cole Patrick 5



Jr. Boy's Grass Wamboi Clarmont-CO 1



Jr. Boy's Grass Muh Jutheen Roberts-OK 2



Jr. Boy's Grass Hunter Street-ND 3



Jr. Boy's Grass George Gillette- VA 4



Jr. Boy's Grass Wakiyan Cuny -SD 5



Jr. Boy's Traditional Ruben Littlehead JR.-MT 1



Jr. Boy's Traditional T.J Good Nature-ND 2



Jr. Boy's Traditional Kooreis Herman – SO 3



Jr. Boy's Traditional Cetan Growing Thunder 4



Jr. Boy's Traditional Wamboi Growing Thunder 5



Women's Golden Age Gracie Her Many Horse-N 1



Women's Golden Age Denise One Star- SO 2



Women's Golden Age Carmen Clairmont- CO 3



Women's Golden Age Bevlarve Medhang 4



Women's Golden Age Berlene M Sulturan-SO 5



Men's Golden Age Mike One Star 1



Men's Golden Age Terry Fiddler- MN 2



Men's Golden Age Qary Richards 3



Men's Golden Age Joe Lafferty- SD 4



Men's Golden Age Darrel Grant 5



TEEN Girl's Fancy Oke- Twsha Roberts-OK 1



TEEN Girl's Fancy Kenicia Tootoosis-Sask 2



TEEN Girl's Fancy Miracle Spottedbear-SO 3



TEEN Girl's Fancy Katie Weddell -SO 4



TEEN Girl's Fancy Roxy Pushetonequa-SO 5



Teen Girl's Traditional Katrina Her Many Horse 1



Teen Girl's Traditional Wambue Littlesky-AB 2


Teen Girl's Traditional Kansas Mark- Morley AB 3



Teen Girl's Traditional Gracie Curley 4



Teen Girl's Traditional Elyza Robertson -Mandre 5



Teen Boy's Fancy Sonny Littlehead- MT 1



Teen Boy's Fancy Jessup Yazze-SO 2



Teen Boy's Fancy Sonny Mean SD 3



Teen Boy's Fancy Kasen Street-ND 4



Teen Boy's Fancy Koy Bearstail-ND 5



Teen Boy's Grass Misun Mills- SD 1



Teen Boy's Grass TherienPaskemn- UT 2



Teen Boy's Grass Jai Knight- SD 1



Teen Boy's Grass Elias Her Many Horse-Co 2



Teen Boy's Grass Casey Smith -HM 3



Teen Boy's Grass Dakota Sky-NM 4



Teen Boy's Grass Arrow Heart Iron Cloud 5



Teen Boy's Traditional Lakotal Little Sky-AB 1



Teen Boy's Traditional Brand White Eyes- SO 2



Teen Boy's Traditional Talon WhiteEyes -ONT 3



Teen Boy's Traditional Theodore Yuzicappi- SASK 4



Teen Boy's Traditional Wesley New Holey Jr-SD 5



JR. Women's Fancy Keya Clamont 1



JR. Women's Fancy Tanksi Clarmont- CO 2



JR. Women's Fancy Jocy Bird- SO 3



JR. Women's Fancy Kellie Ledeau-Janis-So 4



JR. Women's Fancy Crystal Cleveland- WI 5



JR. Women's Jingle Jennifer Young Bear- NO 1



JR. Women's Jingle Ahneekah Topsky- MT 2



JR. Women's Jingle Winona King Bird- ND 3



JR. Women's Jingle Tona Jo Hall- NO 4



JR. Women's Jingle Calsee Has No Horse- SO 5



JR. Women's Traditional Krisya Marie Goodwill- SO 1



JR. Women's Traditional Tosha Good will- SO 2



JR. Women's Traditional Delmarina One Feather-S 3



JR. Women's Traditional Tara Whitehorse- SASk 4



JR. Women's Traditional Khadijah Meeches- MB 5



JR Men's Fancy Spike Draper -NM 1



JR Men's Fancy White Coyote Holy Bull-S 2



JR Men's Fancy Mitchel Baker -ND 3



JR Men's Fancy Doug Good Feather-Co 4



JR Men's Fancy Sky Medicine Bear- CO 5



JR. Men's Grass Randall Paskmin 1



JR. Men's Grass Julius Not Afraid- SO 2



JR. Men's Grass Buck Spotted Tail-So 3



JR. Men's Grass Trae LittleSky-So 4



JR. Men's Grass Wambu Charging Eagle 5



JR. Men's Traditional Nowi Runs Above-SO 1



JR. Men's Traditional Reuben Crow Feather-MN 2



JR. Men's Traditional Chasike Leblanc-SO 3



JR. Men's Traditional John Richard -SO 4



JR. Men's Traditional Wendall Powless-WI 5



Platinum Men Fred Stand- So 1



Platinum Men Dale Draper- SO 2



Platinum Men Clark Zepher 3



Platinum Men Larry Brewer 4



Platinum Men Ronn Eagle Chasing-SO 5



Platinum Women Madonna Thundr Hawk-So 1



Platinum Women Delores Hayes-So 2



Platinum Women Millie Black Bear 3



Platinum Women Mabel Ann Phillips-SO 4



Platinum Women Lila Uncberg- MN 5

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