2018 Gathering of Nations Online Giveaway

Posted By Paul G April 4th, 2018 Blog

Thank you for watching our live webcasts!  Thousands of you have watched our live streams for years, and we appreciate all the support.

As a small thank you, we are giving you a chance to win some prizes including Pendleton Blanket, a ticket to Gathering of Nations, gas money and more!

The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win!

During the 2018 Gathering of Nations live stream, you'll have more chances to win.  Check back often for new ways to enter, and watch live for special ways to enter.
2018 Gathering of Nations


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77 thoughts on “2018 Gathering of Nations Online Giveaway

  1. Rod Sizemore says:

    You all are awesome, I lov e the pendulum blanket ! All the pow wows I’ve watch , I thank you for being here ! Quidini,,, -TN.

  2. Nicholas Karas says:

    Fyi,my wife and me would like to attend the gathering since we went to a pow wow in techmecha and Morongo tribe in Calif I was told this was the best gathering. Plus we thinking of this gathering when we were going on our trip.tks

  3. Vickie Girgus says:

    I Love Pow Wows my Daddy was a Full Blooded Navajo Indian he and my Mama and Me always went to Pow Wows I adore Indian music my house is in Indian decor that belonged to my Mama And Daddy they both dead 11 days apart from each other My Mama dead August 27th 2018 we buried her September 2nd them My Daddy dead September 13th 2018we buried him September 19th 2018 we was fixing to go to a Pow Wow when my Mama dead

  4. Billie Sturgis Sr says:

    I’ve been a follower for a while now.
    The web sight is awsome!! If anything I’d be very proud to wear a tee shirt from pow wows .thank you for your time.

      • Can you send send one of the pictures,that has four ladies dancing together. I can’t get a very good of powwow. I was just thinking it be possible if you send can send a copy so, use it for my use. I really like. Your pictures, because they are really clear and. bold.
        Thank you putting bright and beautiful pictures.

        Thank you,
        Fredreca Stiffarm
        4212 Roberta St.
        Rapid. City, SD

  5. as a born native American member of the Montana Blackfoot (Piegan) band , I grew up in both worlds of Blackfoot heritage and European culture ,both sides of my family..

  6. Bob Upton says:

    I have been watching your ads and pow wow info for some time now-I enjoy entering the contest-never won but it is fun to think about winning-prayers to all-Wado

  7. Darlene Harris says:

    I love your site. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

  8. Leslie Browning says:

    A really great website. A tee-shirt would be a great way to spread the word about Powwows.com. Thank you for contacting me!

    Cheers to all! Leslie

  9. I enjoy learning from your videos and all the beauty the dancers bring with each performance. While performing I tend to become one with them feeling all they bring to each step. As well as learning from the bow and arrow makers, the intricate designs of the basket makers and all you share with each and everyone. I have always wanted too attend the gathering of the nations, I just figured it would never be possible, now I have hope. Thank You

  10. Wayne Jeffery Weaver says:

    I also would be very proud to ware one of your T-Shirts. If I was to win anything else I will probably donate it to The St. Labre Indian School.

  11. Alice Arroyo Hartshorn says:

    I love all the info I get from Indian Country. It’s great to hear about all the wonderful things the young people are doing.

  12. Rachel says:

    I am american indian and very very proud of my ancestors and would wear anything to continue our heritage.

  13. Ronald Giddens says:

    I greatly appreciate your site. We will be attending as many pow-wows as we can this season.

  14. Raymond Poe says:

    Paul been following you for years. Thank You. Keep up the good work.

  15. Alice Perez says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful blanket…This gathering is on my bucket list since i haven’t had the means to go…but love to watch it live… Thank you…

  16. Ann Marchegiano says:

    I have always wanted to attend a POW Wow and bring my Grandchildren. I’ve been trying to find one that’s close to where we live , but I’ve been having a difficult time finding one close to where we live. Cloud you possibly help me find a POW Wow. We live in Rochester Ny. Thanks for your help.

  17. I live for powwows. I have a lot that go on around me. I used to be able to dance but now i can no longer do that. I love watching my brothers sisters aunties uncles nieces nephews and other family dance.

  18. Roland says:

    I got to enjoy a dance at de Anza once , our group camping out once a month on the reservation love to listen to the drumbeat. It would be an honor to winn

  19. donna Malone says:

    I hhope I win the blanket. Chief Joseph Bryant is my cousin. That would be awesome

  20. Karhleen Monzon says:

    We love going to the Gathering of The Nations Pow Wow Every Year 😉😊God bless you ☝🏼❤

  21. Hey thanks for the opportunity and for those of us who can’t travel anymore, We sure love our pow wows, love our pendletons and love to dance.

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