2015 PowWows.com People’s Choice Award Winners

Posted By Paul G February 16th, 2015 Last Updated on: February 23rd, 2015

The People’s Choice Awards are a way for the visitors of PowWows.com to recognize and honor the outstanding events, dancers, and singers of 2014.

Below is the list of winners as voted by the readers of PowWows.com.

Best Pow Wow
1st – Gathering of Nations
2nd – Shakopee
3rd – Morongo

Best Contest
1st – Denver March Pow Wow
Hunting Moon
San Manuel
(3 way tie for 1st)
2nd – Gathering of Nations
3rd Morongo

Best MC
1st -Ruben Littlehead
2nd -Wallace Coffey
3rd – Vince Beyl

Best Arena Director
1st -Randy Medicine Bear
2nd -Rusty Gillette
3rd -Clifton Goodwill

Best Overall Male
1st -Randall Paskamin
2nd -Julius Not Afraid
3rd -Rusty Gillette

Best Overall Female
1st -Amber Cleveland
2nd -Alva Fiddler
3rd -Joyce Bird

Best Southern Drum
1st -Omaha Whitetail
2nd -Buc Wild
3rd -Cozad

Best Northern Drum
1st -Northern Cree
2nd -Young Spirit
3rd -Midnite Express

Pow Wow with the Best Food
1st – Gathering of Nations
2nd -Morongo
3rd -Pechanga

Best Vendor
1st -Little Crow Trading Post
2nd -Nibble My Ears
3rd -Canyon Records

Pow Wow with Best Vendors
1st -Gathering
2nd -Denver March
3rd -Shakopee

Best Northern Cloth
1st -Alva Fiddler
2nd -Delmarina One Feather
3rd -Angela Hinsley

Best Southern Cloth
1st -Chaylene Toehay
2nd -Dee Dee Goodeagle
3rd -Rebecca Nevaquaya

Best Fancy Shawl
1st -Amber Cleveland
2nd -Tanski Clairmont
3rd -Beedoska Stonefish

Best Jingle Dancer
1st -Tonia Jo Hall
2nd -Anika Topsky
3rd -Rowena Roberts

Best Southern Buckskin
1st -Danita Goodwill
2nd -Toni Tsatoke-Mule
3rd -Alice Young Bear

Best Northern Buckskin
1st -Alva Fiddler
2nd -Tosha Goodwill
3rd -Vera Kingbird

Best Chicken
1st -Rooster Top Sky
2nd -Nelson Baker
3rd -Isaiah Steward

Best Grass
1st -Julius Not Afraid
2nd -Rusty Gillette
3rd -Randall Paskemin

Best Fancy Dancer
1st -Isaiah Bob
2nd -Wayne Silas Jr
3rd -Spike Draper

Best Northern Traditional
1st -Terry Fiddler
2nd -Wendell Powless
3rd -Ardell Scalplock

Best Straight Dancer
1st -Erwin Morris
2nd -Jacquin Hamilton
3rd -Lewis Perkins

Best Tablulators
1st -C&T Tabulators
2nd -Melonie Mathews
3rd -Carl and Debbie Whiteman

Best Golden Age Male
1st -Terry Fiddler
2nd -Jim Red Eagle
3rd -Lewis Cozad

Best Golden Age Female
1st -Irene Oaks
2nd -Madilynn Goodwill
3rd -Alta Swiftbird

Best Sound
1st -Hoka Sound
2nd -Gathering of Nations
3rd -Comanche Fair

Best Youtube Channel
1st -LisaMoose
2nd – Pow Wow Friends
3rd -AmigoKandu

Read more: http://www.powwows.com/2015/02/16/2015-powwows-com-peoples-choice-award-winners/#ixzz3RwVvtp1P


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i like to hear some old school powwow music from early 1900’s to 1950 be play cause i a music lover

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