2015 Denver Art Museum Pow Wow Head Girl Elizabeth Thiyozanzan Mato Najin!

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2015 Denver Art Museum Powwow Head Girl Dancer!

2015 Denver Art Museum Powwow Head Girl Dancer!


Youth in the Spotlight!

Youth in the Spotlight!

DK: You're so radiant! Please introduce yourself to us?

ES: My name is Elizabeth Thiyozanzan Mato Najin.

DK: Such a gorgeous name! Would you please tell us what your name means?

ES: My name means Standing Bear Light in the Lodge.

DK: Lovely! Sure does suit you! How old are you now?

ES: I'm 9 years old.

DK: Oh, it's fun to be nine! Share your tribal heritage with us please?

ES: I am federally recognized with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Sicangu Oyate. I am also Oglala and part Navajo.

A Lovely Little Lady!

A Lovely Little Lady!

DK: What a noble legacy! How do you live out your culture in your life?

ES: I dance Northern Traditonal Cloth and one day want to Dance northern Traditional buckskin when my mom makes me one.

DK: Excellent! We love seeing young people walk in the traditional ways! What do you like about your dancing?

ES: What I like about my dance is that my great grandmother danced these categories.
What I also like best is that I can wear Traditonal beaded designs that my mom beaded for me.

DK: Great reasons to dance! I am thrilled that you are honoring your ancestors by dancing and wearing your mom's creations.  Your beautiful mother made my jingle dress and my moccasins, so I know how magnificent Rhonda Standing Bear Kozma's talent truly is! How did you choose your dance style?

ES: I chose this dance style because as soon as I saw a picture of my great grandmother that I was named after, Elizabeth “Neva” Standing Bear Light in the Lodge, I wanted to be just like her. That's how I chose my dance style. My grandpa Calvin Standing Bear says that back in the day when the men came back from battle the women had a dance for them, Traditonal Dance. They wore buckskin dresses, later they wore cloth.

Grandmotherly inspiration!

Grandmotherly inspiration!

DK: Thank you so much for teaching us about your dance style! It's so refreshing to see a young lady following in such honorable footsteps! How do you feel when you dance?

ES:  When I dance at powwows I get nervous but when I start listening to the drum and the songs, I am not nervous anymore and I start to think of all my ancestors, my grandpa who is an Air Force Veteran and my dad Joseph who had also come home from the Army and I feel proud when I dance. Like I am dancing that they all came home from battle. I am happy to have my grandpa and my dad.

Calvin Standing Bear is an  inspiring Grandfather!

Calvin Standing Bear is an inspiring Grandfather!

DK: Of course! I think it is delightful when youth appreciate Elders!

ES: I do! My grandpa says all my great grandfathers were all Chiefs. Chief Luther Standing Bear, Chief Henry Standing Bear and Chief Silas Standing Bear Light in the Lodge.

Honoring her Ancestors!

Honoring her Ancestors!

DK: Beauteous! As you carry on their traditions, what do you like best about powwows?

ES: What I like best about powwows is getting ready with my brother Eugene and my cousins to dance.


Our beautiful future!

Our beautiful future!

DK: Family is a fun part of every powwow! Is there anything you would tell other yonng people to inspire them to enter the circle too?

ES: I want to tell other young people that want to dance that it's good to learn now so we don't forget who we are.

DK: You are a beautiful soul! Anything else you want us to know about you?
ES: I am very thankful for my grandpa Calvin who helped me with my giveaway and my new friend Richard Goodface who honored me with plumes when I was brought into the powwow circle recently.

Head Girl Dancer at the 2015 Denver Art Museum Powwow!

Head Girl Dancer at the 2015 Denver Art Museum Powwow!

DK: Great! Thank you so much for sharing with us today!

ES: I was also honored to be the 2015 Denver Art Museum Powwow Head Girl! Wopila Tanka!

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